Learn More About Boys24 Contestant Jingyu: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Etc.

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Everything You Should Know About Boys24 Contestant Tak Jin-gyu

Boys24 is a program that was aired in 2016 filled with 27 members in the group and formed by CJ E&M. Through this program, there were several units that have been prepared to promote and also released songs. Boys24 had a lot of participants and also attracted the enthusiasm of many people right up to the final episode. Do you guys know Boys24?

If not, this article will provide information and also introduce you to one of the members of Boys24, which is Tak Jin-gyu, who is equally talented and handsome as most K-Pop idols. Are you ready to get to know Jin-gyu up close? Without waiting too long, let’s take a look at Boys24 participant Jin-gyu in this article below!

Boys24’s Jin-gyu’s Full Profile

boys24 jingyu profile

Real Name: Tak Jin-gyu (Hangul: 탁진규)

Stage Name: Jin-gyu (Hangul: 탁진규)

Birth: February 2nd, 1994

Star Sign: Aquarius

Height: 182 cm (5’11”)

Weight: 65,4 kg

Nationality: Korean

Official Site: Instagram (takyu_u)

Boys24’s Jin-gyu’s Fun Facts

boys24 jingyu profile
  1. Boys24 Jin-gyu was in the unit Red and Sky
  2. Boys24 Jin-gyu’s nicknames are Tak Imo (means Auntie Tak), Takjo, Kkyu, Kamani
  3. Boys24 Jin-gyu is a former member of boy group A.T.O, before the group disbanded in 2015
  4. Boys24 Jin-gyu used to be a part of FNC’s Neoz School
  5. Boys24 Jin-gyu was eliminated once and was revived through fan voting
  6. Boys24 Jin-gyu was a model at the 2017 F/W Seoul Fashion Week with Park Yong-kwon
  7. Boys24 Jin-gyu was the leader of Unit Red

Boys24 Jingyu’s Visual

boys24 jingyu profile

To get to know the visuals of Boys24 Jin-gyu, let’s take a look at the detailed information about his visual in this section below!

When on stage, the visuals of Boys24’s Jin-gyu look very shining and also charming, right? The member who was born in 1994 looks mature and also represents Boys24 very well when on stage. Beside that, the outfit worn by Jin-gyu also looks very suitable and even makes his persona look very clear.

boys24 tak jin gyu profile

Not only is the visual that fans can enjoy on stage, but Boys24 Jin-gyu is also very handsome and can look even cuter when he poses for a selca. Monolid eyes and hair that deliberately covers his forehead make his visual look even cuter, right?

boys24 tak jin gyu profile

Visuals that look handsome and charismatic are also the hallmark of Boys24 contestant whose real name is Tak Jin-gyu. Even when he was present at fan meetings, he interacted very often with fans. One of the photos he took also showed his cuteness when wearing round glasses and watching his fans.

boys24 tak jin gyu profile

Not only were some of the photos taken by fans when Jin-gyu was on stage, but if you visit Jin-gyu’s Instagram, you can also find many selcas that he uploaded there. For example, in the mirror selca he posted, fans can see Jin-gyu taking a photo wearing his favorite soccer jersey. Who here is also a fan of football?

boys24 tak jin gyu profile

Behind the mask he wears, can fans still be able to spot Tak Jin-gyu? The casual outfit he wears also always looks like a fashionista, so maybe if he walks on the streets he can easily be spotted as a K-Pop idol. What do you think about Boys24 Jin-gyu’s appearance in a casual outfit?

boys24 tak jin gyu profile

Tak Jin-gyu is also getting more and more diligent in exercising. If you look at the photo above, are you aware of the changes in Jin-gyu’s body, which is increasingly muscular and athletic? Usually, K-Pop idols who debut have bodies that tend to be slim and also have enough abs to tease fans. However, after Boys24 ended, Tak Jin-gyu continued his activities to stay in shape and became more diligent in exercising, so that his body transformation would look even better!

boys24 tak jin gyu profile

Maybe many don’t know that Tak Jin-gyu has successfully completed his military service. The photos above that were shared via Instagram include a selca of Jin-gyu at the base camp with his friends and also a mirror selca showing the army uniform he was wearing. Being a K-Pop idol also doesn’t mean you can’t exclude yourself from joining the military. This photo also proves that K-Pop idols can still look radiant while serving in the military.

What do you think about Boys24 Jin-gyu’s visual?

Boys24’s Jin-gyu’s Focus Fancam

To get to know Boys24 Jin-gyu more closely, let’s find out more about his focus fancams in the section below!

On January 22nd, 2017, Boys24, who were holding a high-touch event, met their fans through this event. In the focus fancam above, you can spot Jin-gyu who is in the middle of the three members and also interacts with fans there. Besides doing high touches and shaking hands, Jin-gyu also doesn’t hesitate to smile and chat with his fans even if it’s only for a moment.

On July 27th, 2017, Boys24 Jin-gyu was spotted doing a rehearsal by singing one of the singles made popular by MAMAMOO, which is “Decalcomanie”. In his rehearsal, Jin-gyu is seen singing his heart out to the chorus of an acoustic guitar instrument. Jin-gyu also wore a casual outfit and black bucket hat while staring at the camera that shot him during his rehearsal.

On September 25th, 2016, Jin-kyu was spotted having a performance with the group while bringing “Spotlight” on the stage. In this very short focus fancam, fans can see Jin-kyu’s appearance on stage which looks sensual with the choreography that is delivered and his charisma that is clearly visible when wearing the same outfit together with the other members, which is an all-in-white suit.

On July 20th, 2017, Boys24 Jin-kyu was spotted at the Unit Red fan signing event with several members promoting there as well. Jin-kyu, who once held the most important position as leader of the Unit Red, seemed to show his expertise in leading the members and also interacting with the fans who were there as well as playing games and interactions through quizzes.

In another focus thread, you can also enjoy the interactions of Tak Jin-gyu when he comes to the fan meeting. Very friendly, he even took time to chat with fans one by one. Even though the duration was very short, Jin-gyu tried to keep in touch with each fan and used the time to interact with every fan who had taken the time to come to the high-touch event.

What do you think about Boys24 Jin-gyu’s focus fancams?

Jin-gyu’s Appearance In Boys24

boys24 tak jin gyu profile

Tak Jin-gyu joined the pre-debut boy group that was formed by CJ E&M as a contestant who successfully promoted in several different units. His position as a temporary leader of Unit Red was assigned because Jin Sung-ho voluntarily left his position of leader of Unit Red. Tak Jin-gyu was also one of the contestants who received the highest number of votes on August 10th–15th, 2017, before he finally was added to the Unit Sky.

Well, that was all the information about Boys24 contestant Tak Jin-kyu: starting from his full profile, fun facts, to getting to know him better from his visual, focus fancams, and appearance in Boys24. Tak Jin-kyu is one of the contestants who always gave their best throughout the event until now he is undergoing his daily activities before continuing his work in the entertainment industry.

Whatever his decision in the future, let’s continue to support Tak Jin-kyu, especially for his career! If you like this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and stay tuned for more interesting articles from Channel-Korea!