Learn More About Boys24’s Contestant Sunghyun: Full Profile, Fun Facts, and Latest News

sunghyun boys24 profile

Everything You Should Know About Boys24’s Kim Sung-hyun

There is no easy journey to realizing your dream as a K-pop idol. There is so much competition that occurs when someone decides to start his career as an idol in South Korea. Various approaches are taken with, of course, hard work over the years so that they can become successful idols.

However, there are also some idols who have had a tough time after their debut that required them to take a break and make other decisions to start their careers again. The same thing happened to one of the contestants from the survival show Boys24 who successfully debuted as a member of IN2IT.

Who is he? Let’s find out more detailed information about Boys24’s Sunghyun in the article below!

Boys24’s Sunghyun’s Full Profile

sunghyun boys24 profile

Real Name: Kim Sung-hyun (Hangul: 김성현)

Stage Name: Sung-hyun (Hangul: 성현)

Birth: March 16, 1996

Star Sign: Pisces

Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs)

Height: 187 cm (6’2″)

Blood Type: A

Official Site: Instagram ( @ss0_0hh )

Boys24’s Sunghyun’s Fun Facts

sunghyun boys24 profile
  1. Boys24’s Sunghyun was added to Unit Purple, Unit Red, and Unit Black
  2. Boys24’s Sunghyun was eliminated on episode 8 but came back through fan voting, and he was brought back twice through the survival show
  3. Boys24’s Sunghyun’s fandom name in ‘Boys24’ was chyu-ik, and he also has a light stick formed in the shape of a paw
  4. Boys24’s Sunghyun started listening to Bigbang, Wonder Girls, and SNSD when he was 12 years old
  5. Boys24’s Sunghyun spent a lot of time listening to music and decided that one day he wanted to try becoming a K-pop idol after puberty
  6. Boys24’s Sunghyun started learning how to dance and ended up performing a dance cover at a school festival
  7. Boys24’s Sunghyun considers making music an important trait of an artist since he also enjoys listening to music
  8. Boys24’s Sunghyun has a huge family who all lived in the same house
  9. Boys24’s Sunghyun doesn’t have siblings, but he has a younger cousin who treats him as a younger brother
  10. Boys24’s Sunghyun would like to introduce his cousin to Boys24’s Isaac because he is still innocent and kind-hearted
  11. Boys24’s Sunghyun likes to tease the older members a lot, especially Jiahn
  12. Boys24’s Sunghyun likes to pinch his friends’ cheeks
  13. Boys24’s Sunghyun can drink one bottle
  14. Boys24’s Sunghyun has a different way of laughing when he’s excited
  15. Boys24’s Sunghyun’s fandom’s nickname for him is Big Baby
  16. Boys24’s Sunghyun used to be a YG Entertainment trainee and had IKON’s Bobby as his rap mentor before joining MMO
  17. Boys24’s Sunghyun ranked in the 44th position as a contestant of Produce X 101
  18. Boys24’s Sunghyun sat by his subway ads several times to meet his fans
  19. Boys24’s Sunghyun announced that he was leaving IN2IT for personal reasons on September 5, 2019
  20. Boys24’s Sunghyun wanted to support his family financially but wasn’t able to, so he left the music industry for a while at the end of 2019
  21. Boys24’s Sunghyun held a fan meeting on June 27, 2020, in Hongdae Alive Hall organized by event company Kevin&Phillip’s
  22. Boys24’s Sunghyun published a book with self-written poetry that was included in Day & Night fan meeting packages
  23. Boys24’s Sunghyun advertised as Peter for Pizza Hut Korea on Instagram and TikTok
  24. Boys24’s Sunghyun’s ideal type is someone that loves him for a long time and protects him

Boys24’s Sunghyun’s Visuals

sunghyun boys24 profile

K-pop idols, of course, must have many aspects that support their appearance in front of fans and be able to display their skills for many people. Besides that, you must have noticed that every K-pop idol has visuals that look unreal and perfect, right? Likewise for one of the idols who made their debut from the survival show Boys24, which is Kim Sung-hyun!

To get to know Boys24’s Sunghyun more, let’s get to know Boys24’s Sunghyun visually in the session below!

Boys24’s Sunghyun had the aura of an idol ever since he joined the survival show Boys24. Not only that but Boys24’s Sunghyun has also been a contestant on another survival show, Produce X 101. He tried so hard to be the best contestant, and he finally debuted as a member of IN2IT. His smile looks very cute, and he also looks very gentle while smiling, right?

sunghyun boys24 profile

It was not uncommon for Boys24’s Sunghyun to show his aegyo side to fans at high-touch events which were usually held during Boys24 episodes. In the picture above, we can see Boys24’s Sunghyun pouting his lips as if he was sulking even though he was only showing his cuteness to the fans.

sunghyun boys24 profile

In the next picture, Boys24’s Sunghyun again provided fanservice by showing his cute side to fans. One of the members who was born in 1996 is not shy in showing his charms in front of his fans. He even wore a flower crown and sucked on a toy pacifier to make his charm look even more like a baby boy.

sunghyun boys24 profile

Not only good at showing his cute side but Boys24’s Sunghyun also sometimes looks cool with some poses like the picture above. He seemed to tease fans with manly poses when the camera was pointed at him.

sunghyun boys24 profile

Boys24’s Sunghyun is also one of the contestants who often provides the best fan service. An example is a moment that was captured when Boys24 held a high-touch event where fans could directly interact with their favorite contestants. You can see in the picture above Boys24’s Sunghyun wearing a flower necklace made by a fan and looking straight into the eyes of the female fan in front of him. Who wouldn’t melt when being looked at directly by Boys24’s Sunghyun like in the picture above, right?

sunghyun boys24 profile

One of the members who has a gummy smile is also known to be very friendly with his fans. One time, he even took the time to go to the subway to see his birthday ads where there were quite a few fans, and he didn’t even hesitate to interact directly with the fans who took pictures of him and had autographs signed. He is so kind, right?

What do you think about Boys24’s Sunghyun’s visuals?