Learn More About Boys24’s Contestant Sungho’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, and His Latest News

boys24 sungho profile

Everything You Should Know About Boys24’s Chin Sung-ho

Boys24’s Sungho is known as one of the contestants on the survival show that was held by CJ E&M and was the leader of Unit Red. However, the member who also participated in the MIXNINE survival show turned out to not be a fit for the boy group that was planned to debut, IN2IT. As time went on, BOYS24‘s Sungho kept trying to get a chance to debut as a K-pop idol, and he finally managed to debut as a member of 1TEAM in 2019.

Let’s find out more detailed information about Boys24’s Sungho while he was still a contestant of Boys24 that you should know and that is provided in the article below!

Boys24’s Sungho’s Full Profile

boys24 sungho profile

Real Name: Chin Sung-ho (Hangul: 진성호)

Stage Name: Sungho (Hangul:성호)

Birth: July 18, 1994

Star Sign: Cancer

Height: 174 cm (5’9″)

Blood Type: O

Official Sites:

Boys24’s Sungho’s Fun Facts

boys24 sungho profile
  1. Boys24’s Sungho’s units while joining the survival show were Unit Red, Green, and Black
  2. Boys24’s Sungho made it to the final episode and had a spot to debut with IN21T
  3. Boys24’s Sungho decided to leave before debuting with IN2IT on August 14, 2017, because there was a difference in music style
  4. Boys24’s Sungho’s nickname is Jinshasha (Shy Shy Shy)
  5. Boys24’s Sungho was born in Texas, USA
  6. Boys24’s Sungho placed in the 7th rank with 42.77 points
  7. Boys24’s Sungho was the leader of Unit Red and was in the top 7 ranks with 89.3 points
  8. Boys24’s Sungho was eliminated on the show but was brought back twice through fan voting
  9. Boys24’s Sungho was the 2nd member to join Unit Black, but he left due to rumors
  10. Boys24’s Sungho used his official greeting when he joined the show by saying, “It’s ya boy BC,” and it became his trademark after his appearance on Boys24
  11. Boys24’s Sungho also participated on MIXNINE and placed in rank #15
  12. Boys24’s Sungho debuted in a different group, 1TEAM, under the stage name BC
  13. Boys24’s Sungho made his official debut with 1TEAM on March 27, 2019, with the song “습관적VIBE”
  14. Boys24’s Sungho debuted in the boy group I-REX in the past under the stage name Ra.E, but the group only released one song before disbanding
  15. Boys24’s Sungho’s favorite drink is iced Americano
  16. Boys24’s Sungho has two younger sisters
  17. Boys24’s Sungho has about 9 tattoos
  18. Boys24’s Sungho was a backup dancer for the girl group named Unicorn
  19. Boys24’s Sungho’s favorite food is protein-rich food
  20. Boys24’s Sungho’s hobbies are listening to music, driving, writing songs, and feeding his cats
  21. Boys24’s Sungho’s specialties are composing, singing, rapping, and writing lyrics
  22. Boys24’s Sungho’s favorite musicians are Post Malone and blackbear
  23. Boys24’s Sungho’s role models are Tablo, Simon Dominic, Wiz Khalifa, and Jay-Z
  24. Boys24’s Sungho wanted to be a veterinarian if he didn’t debut as a singer
  25. Boys24’s Sungho has a special way of holding his pen
  26. Boys24’s Sungho’s favorite color is red
  27. Boys24’s Sungho’s favorite film is Titanic
  28. Boys24’s Sungho works out a lot at night to relieve stress
  29. Boys24’s Sungho went to a dance academy in Gwangju
  30. Boys24’s Sungho’s fandom name during BOYS24 was Andante

Boys24’s Sungho’s Visuals

boys24 sungho profile

Boys24’s Sungho has a pretty good appearance when appearing on stage, and his performances always shine. He has a slim and well-proportioned body. Besides that, he has sharp eyes, and sometimes, he appears with cute expressions too, just like in this picture!

boys24 sungho profile

His side profile looks perfect, and you could say he has above-average good looks if you just look at his face. However, maybe some people think his appearance looks a bit cold. But, behind it all, Boys24’s Sungho looks charismatic, right?

boys24 sungho profile

At a glance, Boys24’s Sungho resembles a K-pop idol that debuted first and promoted as one of the members from B2ST. Do you get any hints of that? Yes, Boys24’s Sungho slightly looks like Jang Hyun-seung, right? Especially, if we pay attention to his eyes which look cold, but he is actually powerful enough with his charisma.

boys24 sungho profile

Besides being charismatic, Boys24’s Sungho also looks cute with the accessories given by his fans during a hi-touch event where every fan can directly meet their favorite contestant of Boys24. You can see how cute Boys24’s Sungho looks while wearing cat ears as an accessory.

boys24 sungho profile

One of the members who was born in 1994 has quite a mature look and doesn’t play with expressions too much. However, his personality shows his charm as well as his charismatic looks. The picture above shows the side of Boys24’s Sungho’s face who seems to be looking at something very carefully.

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Boys24’s Sungho’s Focus Fancams

On October 8, 2016, Boys24 held a festival that was broadcasted on tvN10 and performed one of their songs titled “Time Lapse.” In the focus fancam above, you can watch Boys24’s Sungho dancing on stage with the other members and looking very focused on doing his performance with maximum effort.

On April 8, 2017, Boys24’s Sungho attended a hi-touch event with other members. On this occasion, fans could watch every contestant of the survival show, especially Boys24’s Sungho who looked very playful along with the other contestants. At the beginning of the fancam, he was drinking mineral water and distributing it to the other contestants before fans came and lined up to greet him in turns.

On March 5, 2017, Boys24’s Sungho held a performance on the semi-final episode with his team, which was Unit Red. In the focus fancam, which only is a few seconds, Boys24’s Sungho interacted with other contestants on stage while wearing a street outfit that made his appearance look cool and rebellious at the same time!

On the same day, Boys224’s Sungho greeted his fans again through an encore in the semi-finals with several other contestants on stage. This moment was recorded very well even though it was only for a few seconds. It can’t be denied that Boys24’s Sungho looks very touched at this moment.

The semi-final episode is one of the episodes that fans can’t forget, especially Boys24’s Sungho’s fans because there are lots of focus fancams that recorded his performance during the semi-final episode. The fancam above also shows his dance moves while performing “Candy Shop” with his team.

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Sungho’s Appearance in Boys24

boys24 sungho profile

Boys24’s Sungho, also known by his real name Chin Sungho, became one of the contestants who made it to the semi-finals of the show and also got a position to debut with IN2IT, a boy group that contains the final line-up of contestants who previously participated in Boys24, the survival show hosted by CJ E&M.

boys24 sungho profile

Boys24’s Sungho was also chosen as one of the contestants to promote for 3 months through BOYS24 The 1st Semi-Final concert was held on March 5, 2017. But, a few days later, CJ E&M and Liveworks announced that Chin Sungho left his position but still remains in the group because of controversies involving him in the past during junior high school.

boys24 sungho profile

Later on, Boys24’s Sungho made a comeback on August 12, 2017, on the BOYS24 The Final concert and also was announced as a member who got in by fan votes. But, then another thing happened between Chin Sungho and the agency, MMO Entertainment, because he was announced as leaving the team due to different music tastes as of August 14, 2017. For this reason, Chin Sungho canceled his debut with IN2IT even though he had tried hard in the Boys24 survival show.

Well, that is all of the information about Boys24’s Sungho including his full profile, fun facts, career journey in Boys24, and getting to know more about him from this article. Let’s give support to Chin Sungho who is currently working as a member of 1TEAM and hope that his career will shine even more in the future! If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!