Learn More About Boys24 Contestant Lee Hae-joon: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Latest News

lee hae joon profile

Everything You Should Know About Boys24’s Contestant; Lee Hae-joon

Have you ever watched a survival show from South Korea? If so, it must be exciting and tense, right? In this article, we are going to discuss one of the contestants from the Korean idol survival show Boys24, which was held in 2016–2017. The contestant named Lee Hae-joon is a K-Pop idol who successfully debuted with 1TEAM in 2019 and has had a long enough career path to successfully debut. Then, how is he doing at this time?

Without further ado, let’s get to know Boys24 Lee Hae-joon even closer by reading the detailed information that Channel-Korea has provided in this article below!

BOYS24’s Lee Hae-joon’s Full Profile

lee hae joon profile

Real Name: Lee Hae-joon (Hangul: 이해준) now changed to Lee Ru-bin (Hangul: 이루빈)

Stage Name: Lee Ru-bin (Hangul: 루빈), formerly Haejoon (Hangul: 해준)

Place and Date of Birth: Daejeon, South Korea, August 16th, 1995

Star Sign: Leo

Height: 179 cm (5’10”)

Blood Type: AB

Nationality: Korean


  • Daejeon Daemun Middle School
  • Daejeon Hanbit High School
  • Global Cyber ​​University Department of Broadcasting & Entertainment

Official Site: Instagram (iLee Ru-bin_)

BOYS24’s Lee Hae-joon’s Fun Facts

lee hae joon profile
  1. Boys24 Hae-joon was in charge of the vocals team during the show
  2. Boys24 Hae-joon was in Unit White and switched to Unit Red
  3. Boys24 Hae-joon was one of the contestants who had good basic skills due to his long trainee life
  4. Boys24 Hae-joon was a trainee for more than 8 years
  5. Boys24 Hae-joon’s favorite artists are Gallant, Shawn Mendes, Dean, and Justin Bieber
  6. Boys24 Hae-joon also adores WINNER’s Kang Seung-yoon and Michal Jackson
  7. Boys24 Hae-joon is in charge of the team’s entertainment and leadership
  8. Boys24 Hae-joon loves animals
  9. Boys24 Hae-joon is good at playing baseball and has been the sidearm right-handed pitcher
  10. Boys24 Hae-joon is afraid of heights and he also has fear of water; among the members, he is the most fearful
  11. Boys24 Hae-joon said that he has never been to a ski resort since he was born
  12. Boys24 Hae-joon has many tattoos that he couldn’t even count
  13. Boys24 Hae-joon’s favorite tattoos are the plum blossom on his back and the Korean flag pattern on his left arm and shoulder
  14. Boys24 Hae-joon’s fans said that his bass voice and tattoos are sexy and attractive
  15. Boys24 Hae-joon’s nicknames are Prince and Ruru
  16. Boys24 Hae-joon’s English name is Rudy
  17. Boys24 Hae-joon changed his name to Lee Ru-bin in 2017
  18. Boys24 Hae-joon is a former trainee of Woollim Entertainment
  19. Boys24 Hae-joon has 2 cats
  20. Boys24 Hae-joon also participated in a different survival show, MIXNINE
  21. Boys24 Hae-joon’s favorite food is kimchi stew
  22. Boys24 Hae-joon can play the piano and guitar
  23. Boys24 Hae-joon doesn’t like butterflies
  24. Boys24 Hae-joon made it to the semi-final show of Boys24 but didn’t debut with the group
  25. Boys24 Hae-joon debuted as a member of 1TEAM on March 17th, 2019
  26. Boys24 Hae-joon’s strength is he never gets nervous
  27. Boys24 Hae-joon’s biggest strength is to work in the music industry
  28. Boys24 Hae-joon would have become an art teacher instead of a singer
  29. Boys24 Hae-joon’s skill is to copy things
  30. Boys24 Hae-joon really wants to try learning French
  31. Boys24 Hae-joon has the second biggest mouth among boy idols
  32. Boys24 Hae-joon wants to make good songs for his fans from his debut into the future
  33. Boys24 Hae-joon likes the French novel author, Bernard Werber
  34. Boys24 Hae-joon has been doing art for a long time
  35. Boys24 Hae-joon is now working as a tattoist named Tattoist Collin

Boys24 Lee Haejoon’s Visual

lee hae joon profile

Boys24 Hae-joon also has a very charming smile and sharp eyes when giving fan service to his fans. If you look at the photo above, who wouldn’t melt when Hae-joon looks directly at him with an expression like this?

lee hae joon profile

When Boys24 Hae-joon is on stage, his visual and character immediately change into a K-Pop star. With his appearance in Boys24, it was also an important performance that gained him popularity before debut. With the concept of a pre-debut boy group organized by CJ E&M, Hae-joon could give maximum effort with each of his performances with the unit in front of their fans on stage.

lee hae joon profile

There are several things that make Boys24 Hae-joon look attractive apart from the smile, the gaze and the pose when making finger hearts, like the one in the photo above, for fans to see. If you look at the photo above, we can certainly assume that Hae-joon is one of the very friendly K-Pop idols, right?

lee hae joon profile

Not only that, but Boys24 Hae-joon, who was seen wearing a red suit and tie, also looked very sexy and cool when performing on stage. He cooperated with the team well and also showed his skills in dancing in front of his fans. Surely the fans immediately screamed with joy because they saw this performance, right?

lee hae joon profile

Boys24 Hae-joon also looks handsome when he takes poses for selcas. It can be seen from the picture above, the member who was born in 1995 looks very cute in this pose. Not many would have thought that one of the contestants of Boys24, who is currently working as a tattooist, looked cute while promoting as a K-Pop idol, right?

What do you think about Hae-joon’s visual?