Boys24’s Contestant Jihyeong’s Full Profile and Fun Facts

Boys24's Jihyeong profile

Everything You Should Know About Boys24’s Go Ji-hyeong!

Some teenagers in South Korea have a dream to debut as a K-pop idol which is followed by many Korean entertainment agencies that recruit several trainees that they have prepared to debut soon. Likewise, several survival shows or pre-debut shows have recently become increasingly popular because in the final episode they will give birth to a new boy group or girl group that is ready to compete in the entertainment industry.

Boys24 has 28 male contestants who have been selected and will appear in every episode to show their best talents. In this article, there is detailed information from one of the contestants from Boys24, Go Ji-hyeong, starting from his full profile, fun facts, to his latest news that you should know!

Boys24’s Jihyeong’s Full Profile

Real Name: Go Ji-hyeong (Hangul: 고지형)

Stage Name: Ji-hyeong (Hangul: 지형)

Birth: March 23, 1995

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 176cm (5’9″)

Blood Type: A

Official Site: Instagram ( gojihyeong__ )

Boys24’s Jihyeong’s Fun Facts
  1. Boys24’s Jihyeong almost debuted in a group called Pace
  2. Boys24’s Jihyeong is a former trainee under HCM Entertainment
  3. Boys24’s Jihyeong was a part of the pre-debut group F-ace under the stage name Lip Jihyeong
  4. Boys24’s Jihyeong’s fanbase donated 323 briquettes to low-income families living in Hyosung-dong, Inchon
  5. Boys24’s Jihyeong was in Unit Green and Unit White

Boys24’s Jihyeong’s Visual

When talking about the visuals of K-pop idols, surely everyone thinks that K-pop idols have above-average good looks and beauty and always look perfect. Likewise, the contestants who attended Boys24 were all male contestants. One of the members who has the real name Go Ji-hyeong also looks handsome even though he didn’t debut as an idol when this show ended.

To get to know Boys24’s Jihyeong closer, let’s see Boys24’s Jihyeong’s visual in this session below!

One of the selcas above is Boys24’s Jihyeong’s pre-debut selca which was taken before he became a contestant on Boys24. As you can see from the selca above, he already looks handsome and has that vibe of being the cold city guy. He also briefly had similarities with BTS’ Jungkook when viewed from this angle and with this facial expression, especially with his unbuttoned school uniform showing his inner t-shirt. He also confidently shows that he has both ears pierced through this selca.

In the picture above, we can see the changes from Boys24’s Jihyeong’s appearance from his pre-debut selca. In this selca, he looks more mature with longer black hair than before and a more casual outfit than before. There is nothing special in this selca, but every fan must be satisfied by looking at Boys24’s Jihyeong’s handsome face in this picture, right?

As a contestant of Boys24, Jihyeong is certainly familiar with the other contestants like the picture above. They seemed to be fighting with each other to get the best poses taken by fans who went to the event. Boys24’s Jihyeong already looks charming even though this photo was taken after each contestant had a performance on stage. Boys24’s Jihyeong definitely has sharp eyes as you can see from this picture above, and his visual is also manly.

If some K-pop idols can do aegyo, maybe Boys24’s Jihyeong seems like he can’t perform cute actions when on the stage. One of the pictures above shows Boys24’s Jihyeong’s other side while wearing a white jacket and big ribbon in front of his body in the middle of a performance. Whether he’s doing aegyo or not, he’s trying to look cute in front of his fans in this performance.

Some fans must be waiting for more charismatic pictures of Boys24’s Jihyeong, and this is a result of a high-definition fan picture when he performed on the stage. K-pop boy groups usually have hard choreography and dance moves, and of course, it will be very tiring for them, including Boys24’s Jihyeong who still looks very tired and his hair is still wet from sweat after performing on stage. Do you think Boys24’s Jihyeong looks hot in this picture?

What do you think about Boys24’s Jihyeong’s visual?