Learn More About Boys24’s Contestant Jaemin’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, and Latest News

Boys24's Jaemin profile

Everything You Should Know About Boys24 Contestant Shin Jae-min!

There are so many rising groups that debut as K-pop boy groups nowadays, whether the groups have been prepared by each management or resulted from a survival show made by several television programs in South Korea. However, there are also some contestants who did not have a chance to debut when they joined a survival show, for example like Boys24 which was broadcast on June 18, 2016, and got quite a lot of participation from teenagers, especially boys.

Boys24 has 24 members that are separated into 24 units. In this article, there is detailed information from one of the Boys24 contestants, which is Shin Jae-min who is famous for his amazing dancing skills. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about Boys24’s Jae-min starting from his full profile, fun facts, to his appearance on Boys24 in this article below!

BOYS24’s Jaemin’s Full Profile

Boys24's Jaemin profile

Real Name: Shin Jae-min (Hangul: 신재민)

Stage Name: Jae-min (Hangul: 재민)

Birth: June 8, 1996

Star Sign: Leo

Height: 177 cm (5’9”)

Weight: 58 kg

Blood Type: A

Official Site: Instagram ( jae_minee)

BOYS24’s Jaemin’s Fun Facts

Boys24's Jaemin profile
  1. Boys24’s Jaemin gained attention for his amazing dancing skills on the show
  2. Boys24’s Jaemin’s nickname is Tweety
  3. Boys24’s Jaemin was in the Yellow Unit with Lee Chang-min, Kim Hongin, Lee Louoon, Choi Seong-hwan, and Oh Jin-seok; they also filmed a special music video for the song “E”
  4. Boys24’s Jaemin was added to Unit Blue and Unit Yellow

Boys24’s Jaemin’s Visual

Boys24's Jaemin profile

The charm of every male idol in South Korea must amaze many people, including female fans who support their career from the start until they finally debuted as a member of a K-pop boy group. Likewise with Boys24’s Jae-min who got attention for his amazing dancing skills on Boys24 and also has handsome visuals.

Don’t be curious about Boys24’s Jae-min because this session will provide more of Boys24’s Jae-min’s handsome visuals that will make you melt!

Boys24's Jaemin profile

In addition to having good skills as a K-pop idol, every trainee or contestant who appears on a survival show must have a visual that is adjusted to the standards of each agency or show. When talking about visuals, Boys24’s Jae-min seems to have a handsome appearance even though he is over 20 years old. He still looks young for an idol of his age.

Boys24's Jaemin profile

When you see Boys24’s Jae-min in the picture above, you definitely remember one of the members from BTS, which is V, right? In this picture, Boys24’s Jae-min at a glance looks like BTS’ V because he has the same fashion taste and his hairstyle also looks similar to the visual of that group, right? Even when this picture was taken candidly, Boys24’s Jae-min already looks stunning with his outfit even though his visuals are not visible at all when he is looking down and sipping his coffee that day.

Boys24's Jaemin profile

This individual photoshoot held by Boys24 also shows the body proportions of Boys24’s Jae-min who looks good. He has a straight body and is not too skinny for a male idol. He also has light brown hair that also matches his image. The makeup he wore during this photoshoot was also natural, and his outfit also seemed simple but still gave off the aura of a K-pop star who was charming but also sweet at the same time.

Boys24's Jaemin profile

Besides having brown hair, Boys24’s Jae-min also appeared with blonde silver hair which surprised his fans because he seemed to match this hair color. One of the fan-taken pictures above shows how adorable Boys24’s Jae-min is while meeting with his fans through an event that was held by the show. He seems to have the same haircut but with a new hair color. His facial expression in this picture is also cute and definitely makes fans’ hearts flutter, right?

Boys24's Jaemin profile

Not only is he known as one of the members who is very proficient in dancing but he also seems to have a hidden talent to fascinate his fans with his looks. If you previously saw Boys24’s Jae-min’s appearance that looks a bit different with silver blonde hair, in this picture he appears again with naturally dark brown hair and smiles thinly to a fan at an event. In this picture, you can clearly see Boys24’s Jae-min’s visual that has charming monolid eyes and a cute smile!

What do you think about Boys24’s Jae-min’s visuals?