Boys24’s Contestant’s Jaehyun’s Full Profile and Fun Facts

Boys24's Jaehyun

Everything You Should Know About Boys24 Contestant Choi Jae-hyun Here!

The career journey as a K-pop idol is not easy because there are many challenges that must be passed even though they have tried several times. Through survival shows, which are usually intended for trainees to debut immediately, there will also be some contestants who were eliminated in previous episodes. Therefore, there is no certainty about their career after the survival show ends.

Likewise with Boys24’s Jaehyun who became one of the contestants of the survival show that was aired from 2016-2017, Boys24. He became a contestant who managed to defend his position from the beginning to the semi-finals, but, unfortunately, he did not make his debut as a member of IN2IT which is an idol group from the top finalists of Boys24. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about Boys24’s Jaehyun in this article below!

Boys24’s Jaehyun’s Full Profile

Boys24's Jaehyun

Real Name: Choi Jae-hyun (Hangul: 최재현)

Stage Name: Jae-hyun (Hangul: 최재현)

Birth: July 25, 1995

Star Sign: Leo

Height: 180 cm (5’10”)

Weight: 63 kg

Blood Type: A

Nationality: Korean

Education: Pennsylvania State University (Business Administration / Leave of Absence)

Official Site: Instagram ( choijaehyun7 )

Agency: Glorious Entertainment

Boys24’s Jaehyun’s Fun Facts

Boys24's Jaehyun
  1. Boys24’s Jaehyun was added to Unit White and Unit Purple
  2. Boys24’s Jaehyun is often mistaken as a foreigner
  3. Boys24’s Jaehyun appeared on tvN’s Problematic Man as a guest star in 2017
  4. Boys24’s Jaehyun shares the same real name as actor Jo Sang-goo
  5. Boys24’s Jaehyun is the brother of actor Jung Il-woo

Boys24’s Jaehyun’s Appearance in Boys24

Boys24's Jaehyun

Boys24 is known as one of the survival shows that was formed by CJ E&M that aired from 2016-2017 with 24 contestants competing to defend their positions through voting in every episode. Choi Jae-hyun participated in this show when he was 26 years old, which is of age enough to debut as an idol member.

Boys24's Jaehyun

Boys24’s Jaehyun then was added on Unit White, Collabo Green, and then ended up in Unit Purple before getting eliminated in the 1st semi-final.

Boys24's Jaehyun

Even though Boys24’s Jaehyun didn’t have time to continue his journey to debut as an IN2IT member in the final episode, let’s continue to support him and appreciate his hard work when appearing in this show. It is not easy for the contestants to maintain their respective positions until the semi-finals, but Boys24’s Jaehyun tried his best and proved that he can fight to become a contestant who survives to the semi-finals.

Boys24’s Jaehyun After Leaving Boys24

Boys24's Jaehyun

Boys24’s Jaehyun continued his career as an actor after Boys24 ended. Although his career to become an idol was delayed, he did not give up and tried in other fields by debuting as an actor under Glorious Entertainment.

Boys24's Jaehyun

Now, he is known as an actor named Choi Jaehyun using his real name. He started appearing as a cameo in the K-drama that was aired on tvN titled He Is Psychometric (2019) as a student in episode 2. On another occasion, Choi Jaehyun appeared in another drama that was aired on MBC titled Love With Flaws in 2019 and played a character named Hyung-won as a cameo.

Boys24's Jaehyun

In the next year, Choi Jaehyun again appeared in another drama to prove his acting skills were improving. He appeared on JTBC’s Sweet Munchies and played a character named Park Jin-woo who’s also Jin Sung’s brother. In Naver TV Cast’s Dalgona, he played the character Choi Gang-min and finally got the main role for the first time since debuting as an actor.

Boys24's Jaehyun

In his next project, Choi Jaehyun starred in JTBC’s Run On as a supporting role and played the character Seo Tae-woong who’s Dan Ah’s stepbrother. In his appearance in a new drama that aired in August 2021, Choi Jaehyun appeared in a BL drama titled Peach of Time as the main role with a character named Yoon Oh.

Boys24's Jaehyun

Besides that, Choi Jaehyun is also active in updating his official Instagram account with his daily activities and work. Don’t forget to give support and love to Choi Jaehyun by following his new updates on social media and sending positive comments only for him!

Well, that is all of the information about Boys24’s Jaehyun and everything about him that you should know. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!