Boys24’s Contestant Doha’s Full Profile and Fun Facts

BOYS24’s Doha’s Appearance in Boys24

Boys24's Doha profile

Boys24’s Doha appeared on Mnet’s idol survival show Boys24 on June 18, 2016, and made his face known to the public for the first time. His favorable appearance drew a lot of attention from his first appearance on the show, and he was also in charge of the entrance of Boys24. He got the Popular Pick among the contestants. His eye smile, dimples, and even teeth show when smiling. Although he has a relatively pretty appearance, his face shape is considered to be a masculine point.

Boys24’s Doha has a soft and warm tone in the low and mid-range range with the sweetness that stings women’s hearts. Despite the reputation that it is not suitable for idol vocals to be sharp and intense, he stands out in vocals with his unique tone and emotion. Not only singing but also his dance skills are strong.

Boys24's Doha profile

At the time of the popular broadcast, he was also one of the few popular members who captured both fans in any category. In fact, it requires extreme core strength. He always took the top spot in the voting for debut members and along with Boys24’s Oh Jin-seok, he was the member with the highest vote at that time. Due to the nature of survival, he was the only one who almost never fell below the top 3 in the fight for the top-to-bottom ranking, thereby revealing the aspect of a stable popular member.

His good personality also plays a big role in his popularity. As a leader who has been given the right to distribute parts in the broadcast and is a talented person, he is likely to be greedy enough for parts. It also made fans feel frustrated and disappointed by digesting only a small portion of the show.

Boys24's Doha profile

Some say it’s a pity that he doesn’t have a strong push as a leader, but the majority of opinions are that he did a good job as a warm leader by showing a lot of consideration to his teammates. He has a temperament that might seem easy-going, but his soft charisma and unexpected pulpit allowed his teammates to follow him well.

He has excellent drawing skills, has experience in serializing comics, and is now quietly working as an illustrator. He seems to take a lot of pride in his cooking skills. A lot of his cooking photos are uploaded on Instagram, and he actually proved his skill by making creamy pasta through V App.

Boys24's Doha profile

Boys24’s Doha has a muscular hot body with his athletic skills such as taking the first place in arm wrestling in the group wherever he goes. He was selected as the 1st place in the overall ranking. Through Interpark tickets, he set a record of selling out 3,500 seats in the Kyunghee University Hall of Peace in an instant, proving his fandom power through live performances.

Park Do-ha, who has always been the most popular member since the first Boys24 broadcast, a few months before the final performance, suddenly announced to fans that he would only participate in the final performance and not debut as a final member of Boys24. As a result, Park Do-ha was excluded from being a final debut member, and at the same time, his Boys24 performance contract ended. His appearance as Boys24’s Doha came to an end after 1 year and 3 months of activities.

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