Boys24’s Contestant’s Seonghwan’s Full Profile and Fun Facts

Boys24's Seonghwan profile

Get To Know More About Boys24 Contestant Choi Seong-hwan!

There’s always competition when talking about the entertainment industry in South Korea. Because so many teenagers want to debut as idols, the competition always happens every year considering that there are also many opportunities that can be used to quickly debut. One of them is by participating in survival shows that are organized and aired on TV programs. This always invites a lot of special attention from the public as well as fans.

So, how about news about some people who used to be a contestant of a survival show just like Choi Seonghwan who joined Boys24? Do you recognize Boys24’s Seonghwan? If not, let’s find out more about Boys24’s Seonghwan’s full profile, fun facts, and his recent activities in this article below!

BOYS24’s Seonghwan’s Full Profile

Boys24's Seonghwan profile

Real Name: Choi Seong-hwan (Hangul: 최성환)

Stage Name: Seong-hwan (Hangul: 성환)

Birth: June 30, 1994

Star Sign: Cancer

Height: 173 cm (5’7”)

Blood Type: A

Nationality: Korean

Official Site: Instagram ( @choi_sh_940630 )

BOYS24’s Seonghwan’s Fun Facts

Boys24's Seonghwan profile
  1. Boys24’s Seonghwan was in Unit Yellow and Unit Purple
  2. Boys24’s Seonghwan acted in the drama Shining Nara as Cha Gyeong
  3. Boys24’s Seonghwan filmed a special music video titled “E” with Lee Louoon, Kim Hongin, Shin Jae-min, Lee Chang-min, and Oh Jin-seok
  4. Boys24’s Seonghwan enlisted for military service on February 3, 2020, and was discharged sooner on July 16, 2021, because of COVID-19. Check out the list of idols who tested positive for COVID-19.

BOYS24’s Seonghwan’s Focus Fancams

Boys24's Seonghwan profile

As a fan, there are various ways to support your favorite idol members including going to every performance that presents your favorite idol. When talking about focus fancam, usually this is something that fans usually do as a form of support for their favorite idol or contestant in a survival show just like Boys24.

In this session, let’s get to know Boys24’s Seonghwan further by looking at his performances through focus fancams!

On May 27, 2017, Boys24’s Seonghwan appeared in one of the performances with other contestants who were in the same unit with him and performed a single titled “Steal Your Heart.” In this focus fancam, you can see Boys24’s Seonghwan dancing on stage in perfect sync with the other contestants. Even though he was in the back row, he did his best and looks very focused during his performance here.

On November 30, 2011, Boys24’s Seonghwan attended the hi-touch event with the fans who attended the event very cheerfully. He looks smaller than the other contestants, but he still smiles cheerfully when he has to interact with fans who went there to support the contestants. You can see how adorable Boys24’s Seonghwan is while interacting with his fans and occasionally stealing glances at the camera recording his interactions.

On January 20, 2017, Boys24’s Seonghwan performed “Rising Star” in front of the public with his teammate. At this performance, you can see Boys24’s Seonghwan and the other members who wear the same outfit in black and look very professional with their performance in this focus fancam. If you previously noticed Boys24’s Seonghwan’s expression looking stiff, here you can see a little improvement from Boys24’s Seonghwan’s performance skills, and he playfully smirks at the audience.

On October 28, 2016, another public performance was held by Boys24 and featured Seonghwan who was also there performing the single titled “Candy Shop” with the other contestants. Boys24’s Seonghwan looked powerful during this performance, and there was an increase in Seonghwan’s skill who looked more confident when performing in front of his fans. Even though his body is smaller than the other members, he looks energetic and can be easily noticed when performing on stage.

On February 19, 2017, another hi-touch event was held by Boys24 so that fans could interact and give their support directly to their favorite contestant. In this focus fancam, you can again see how cute Boys24’s Seonghwan is when interacting with his fans who went to the event to give their support. He also received gifts from fans who went there and smiled brightly while keeping eye contact with his fans.

What do you think about Boys24’s Seonghwan’s focus fancams?

BOYS24’s Seonghwan’s Appearance in Boys24

Boys24's Seonghwan profile

Boys24 is an idol survival show where the contestants are trainees or male teenagers who are preparing for their debut. Boys24 was aired from 2016-2017 and was formed by CJ E&M. This show debuted its finalists as a boy group named IN2IT.

Boys24’s Seonghwan is included in the 24 members that were separated into 4 units, and he joined Unit Yellow at first. Then, he joined Collabo Yellow on November 20, 2016, as a new lineup member and performed from December 7, 2016, to March 14, 2017. The contestant whose real name is Choi Seonghwan continued his journey and was added to Unit Purple that started performing on March 24, 2017.

Although he did not succeed in defending himself as a finalist of Boys24, Choi Seonghwan is well known as a contestant who kept improving during his journey in the show, and he deserves appreciation after completing his journey in Boys24.

BOYS24’s Seonghwan’s Activity After BOYS24

Boys24's Seonghwan profile

At the time this article is being published, there is no recent news or further activities from Boys24’s Seonghwan after the show ended. He has social media where he uploads several daily activities, but there is no future planning about his work in the entertainment industry.

Choi Seonghwan just ended his military service in 2021 and uploaded his selca while wearing a military uniform. He uploaded the image to Instagram on July 16, 2021, with a letter that he wrote in the caption saying:

Boys24's Seonghwan profile

“20.02.03 ~ 21.07.16 (21.08.13)

Due to the coronavirus, I took a leave of absence from military service, which is practically the same as being discharged from the military.

The long military service is finally over.

I’m sorry that I can’t tell you about my current situation often because I said that I would often deliver news, but I was worried that the posts I posted on SNS might become a problem in the military.

I think we will be able to communicate more often in the future. For those who have been waiting for a long time, I will practice again, work, and continue singing a little harder. I’m already mature enough, but I think I’m still lacking in skills, but I’m trying to trust the people who believed in me and me. I hope there will be an opportunity to repay those who have been waiting for me soon. Everyone, always be careful of corona and the heat!!”

Don’t forget to share positive comments on Choi Seonghwan’s social media, and let’s wait patiently until he is ready to start his journey again as an idol or in any other field in the entertainment industry!

Well, that is all of the information about Boys24’s Seonghwan and everything about him that you should know. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another upcoming article from Channel-Korea!