Learn More About Boys24’s Contestant Chanyi’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, and His Latest News

boys 24 chanyi profile

Everything You Need to Know About Boys24‘s Contestant Choi Chan-yi

There are many survival shows aired in South Korea to attract enthusiasm from the public from K-pop groups or singers who are about to debut. Some of the most popular survival shows are Mnet’s Produce 101, KBS’ The Unit, Mnet’s Idol School, MIXNINE, and many more. Besides that, there was also the Korean pre-debut show Boys24 which attracted the interest of many Korean boy trainees who attended the show which also adapted the theme of a survival show.

A total of 27 contestants were collected since the initial audition, and some of the contestants were eliminated because of a lack of votes so they did not continue their journey to the next episode. Do you have a favorite contestant from Boys24? If not, let’s get to know one of the contestants from Boys24 who is Choi Chan-yi through this article below!

Boys24’s Chanyi’s Full Profile

boys 24 chanyi profile

Real Name: Choi Chan-yi (최찬이)

Stage Name: Chan-yi (Hangul: 찬이)

Birth: June 14, 1995

Star Sign: Gemini

Height: 178 cm (5’10″)

Weight: 65 kg

Blood Type: A

Nationality: Korean

Official Site: Instagram ( choechani )

Boys24’s Chanyi’s Fun Facts

boys 24 chanyi profile
  1. Boys24’s Chan-yi debuted as a member of the group The Man BLK on October 10, 2018
  2. Boys24’s Chan-yi is left-handed
  3. Boys24’s Chan-yi’s specialties are singing, playing the guitar, and contemporary dance
  4. Boys24’s Chan-yi acted in the web drama Govengers with his group members
  5. Boys24’s Chan-yi appeared in several dramas such as Dating Class (2019) and Best Mistakes: Season 1 & 2 (2019 & 2020)
  6. Boys24’s Chan-yi can rap
  7. Boys24’s Chan-yi is a close friend with Boys24’s OBON, Hongin, and Takyu
  8. Boys24’s Chan-yi’s designated color is yellow
  9. Boys24’s Chan-yi announced on March 3, 2021, through his Instagram that he decided to leave The Man BLK
  10. Boys24’s Chan-yi decided to become an actor after announcing his departure from The Man BLK

Boys24’s Chan-yi’s Visual

boys 24 chanyi profile

Apart from having a really cool talent as a K-pop idol by being one of the contestants on Boys24, Choi Chan-yi also made his debut as a member of The Man BLK. It means that Chan-yi also has visuals and talents that fans can really appreciate.

To get to know Boys24’s Chan-yi more closely, let’s take a look at the more detailed information from Chan-yi’s visuals in this session below!

If having visuals is indeed one of the most important elements for all K-pop idols to have, then Chan-yi automatically already has a visual that conforms to these standards. He already has sad eyes, natural-looking brown hair, and a smile that is ready to make fans melt.

boys 24 chanyi profile

Being a member of a boy group and also preparing to debut as a K-pop idol, the totality of Chan-yi’s visuals is, of course, the main attraction. He can even strike the best poses in his selcas by tilting his head slightly when looking at the camera. His thin smile looks very charming, and the outfit he wears is also very comfortable with a white sweater. It’s as if you are being stared at by Chan-yi through the selca, right?

boys 24 chanyi profile

With a pose that is almost the same as before, here, Chan-yi is seen wearing a school uniform. It seems like he was undergoing a shoot that was located at school and took the time to share the photo with his fans. In the selca, Chan-yi is seen with his charming smile and curly hair which slightly changes his appearance.

boys 24 chanyi profile

Chan-yi’s smile is indeed very charming, and not a few of the photos show a big smile while greeting his fans. Not only that but the smile from Chan-yi also reminds us of the smile of one of the actors, which is Kang Ki-young, right? Do you notice it?

boys 24 chanyi profile

While still promoting with Boys24, Chan-yi also shone very well. From the photo above, Chan-yi is seen attending the fan meeting event and sitting at the table while waiting for the interaction of his fans. With a smile that became his identity, Chan-yi doesn’t hesitate to greet fans with that smile, and in this photo, he looks similar to SHINee’s Taemin, right?

boys 24 chanyi profile

Good looks can steal the attention of many people, especially because K-pop idols brought the Hallyu wave not only to their own country but throughout the world. Chan-yi who continues to transform in appearance looks very handsome with longer hair and a very neat outfit.

boys 24 chanyi profile

Having experienced a debut as a K-pop idol and also competed as a contestant on the pre-debut show Boys24, now Chan-yi is expanding as an actor. He also appeared in web dramas several times with his very handsome visuals. Of course, he managed to attract attention when joining the cast.

What do you think about Boys24’s Chan-yi’s visual?

Boys24’s Chanyi’s Focus Fancams

Some K-pop idols usually have a focus fancam that is successfully made by their fans. A focus fancam is usually a video recorded during the idol’s performance, such as during a concert, comeback stage, busking, radio performance, fan meeting, etc.

In this session, we will get to know Boys24’s Chan-yi better by looking at the focus fancams below!

Back in the days when he joined Boys24, Chan-yi was spotted doing rehearsal and dance practice with his unit while performing “Adore U” by Seventeen. In the clip showing the dance practice, Chan-yi is a contestant wearing a Puth t-shirt and jogger pants during practice. Not only that but he also looks very playful and has a lot of expressions even when doing the exercise.

On February 11, 2017, Boys24 underwent a high-touch event, and the members interacted with fans there. Of the three contestants seen in the video, Boys24’s Chan-yi is the contestant standing on the far left. He is one of the members who looks cheerful and also always smiles with every fan who has taken the time to come to the event. Besides that, he also did not hesitate to shake hands and take gifts from his fans.

On December 11, 2016, the focus fancam using black and white filters shows Chan-yi, who was in the middle of a high-touch event, looking very cute when interacting with his fans. He is also very professional to always strive for the best interaction with everyone present at the event.

What do you think about Boys24’s Chan-yi’s focus fancams?