Details About Boys Republics’s Indefinite Hiatus

Last Single

Boys Republic

Before they officially went on hiatus, Boys Republic released their last single. Boys Republic released the album-single, with the title Ending Credit. The album was their 5th album that consists of two songs, “You’re My” and “Emotional.” The album was released on September 28th, 2018, and after the album was released, Boys Republic held their last performance as a farewell to Royal Family.

The single “You’re My” was dedicated to Royal Family. From their lyrics translation, we can learn how much Boys Republic were grateful to have such amazing fans like Royal Family.

“All of these things came together as our fate

All of these things came together and made us love each other

All of these things came together and helped us get through till now

Thank you, you woke me up from the darkness.”

And before they released the music video, they first released a teaser. From the teaser of “You’re My,” we can see that all of the members of Boys Republic had been exercising really hard, but still they looked happy together and supported each other. Watch the teaser here:

And here’s the full music video of “You’re My” by Boys Republic:

Last Concert

Boys Republic

And now, we’re moving on to their last concert! As we have said previously, Boys Republic held their last concert as a farewell Boys Republic The Last Live The End… And. As a farewell performance, the concert was with free entry, so all of the Royal Family’s could attend it.

Their last concert performance was held on September 30th, 2018, in Sangsangmadang, Seoul, at 7 p.m. local time.

Latest News

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After summarizing all the information about Boys Republic, it is time to find out what they’ve been up to lately and reveal their latest news. However, having in mind that they just went on an indefinite hiatus a couple of months ago, it is common sense that there are no recent updates about their scheduled activities.

Nevertheless, from their personal Instagram accounts, we can see their daily activities, such as Boys Republic’s Sungjun. From his Instagram account, we can see that he has been spending quite a lot of time in the gym, just like another member, Suwoong.

And also one of the band members, Minsu was reported of enlisting for his military service this year.

Minsu’s Military Service

There isn’t much information about Boys Republic’s Minsu’s military service, but on his personal Instagram account, @ejrtjsdl12 he posted a picture where he is wearing a military uniform.

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Well, that’s all the information and details about Boys Republic’s indefinite hiatus! Tell us how you feel about it and don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comment section below!