‘BoyLand’: a YouTube Channel from Boyfriend’s Young-min, Kwang-min, Min-woo

BoyLand’s Instagram


Not only do they keep in contact with the fans through their YouTube channel, but Kwang-min, Young-min, and Min-woo also keep on updating their activities through their Instagram accounts. If you want to know more about them, you canfollow them through each of their accounts, as well!

And let’s get to know more about each of BoyLand members’ personal Instagram accounts here!

Kwang-min’s Instagram

Kwang-min’s personal Instagram account can be found at @kmboykm. Currently, he has 107k+ followers, and has posted 86 times. Through his account, we can see a bunch of Kwang-min’s selfies, his lovely pet cat, his daily activities outside BoyLand, and many other things! He’s also shared his favorite game at various times, such as Animal Crossing, or shared about his current playlist at that time!






Young-min’s Instagram

Young-min’s Instagram handle is @boyym_95! Currently, he has 122k+ followers and has shared 160+ posts. In his Instagram account, we can see a lot of Young-min’s selfies, photos of his favorite food at the moment, his moments with other friends, and his reunions with other Boyfriend members.






Min-woo’s Instagram

Min-woo’s Instagram can be found at @boyminwoo_, and currently, he has 233k+ followers and 350+ posts! Mostly, his Instagram posts show pictures of himself, his lovely pet dog, his moments with BoyLand, and his moments during certain festive occasions!




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That was all of the information about the BoyLand YouTube channel! It’s very pleasant to see some of the former Boyfriend members working together on these kinds of projects, especially for those fans who have missed their interactions, as well! Let’s always support Kwang-min, Young-min, and Min-woo, and wait for more creative content from their YouTube channel in the future!

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