Born in 2005, These Kpop Idols are Young and Talented

kpop idols born in 2005 P1Harmony Soul

Who Is Your Favorite Maknae Idol?

Maknae is a Korean word that is used for the youngest person in a group. In idol groups, maknae grabs all the attention because of their fresh looks and cute acts. Most K-pop fans have never heard these names, but only hardcore k-pop fans know these maknae idols. Some of them are already become fans’ favorite either for their dreamy eyes or exceptional talent.

Find out the youngest idol members in the K-pop group and keep an eye on them because they are the rising star and future k-pop icons.

P1Harmony’s Soul

Stage name: Soul

Name: Haku Shota

Birthday: February, 1st 2005

Group: P1Harmony

Agency: FNC Entertainment

Debut date: October, 28th 2020

Instagram: @p1h_official

Twitter: @P1H_official

Soul has an outstanding dance ability despite his young age. He is very confident when it comes to dancing, especially freestyle dance. As for visual, Soul also stands out among idols. He has pretty doll-like eyes. When all members met for the first time, they could see only his eyes and be amazed by them.

Aside from visual, he also has excellent taste in accessories and fashion. He is an all-in idol package, one with both excellent visual and excellent talent.

Treasure’s Junghwan

Stage name: Junghwan

Name: So Jung-hwan

Birthday: February, 18th 2005

Group: Treasure

Agency: YG Entertainment

Debut date: August, 7th 2020

Instagram: @yg_treasure_official

Twitter: @treasuremembers

Even as the youngest member, Junghwan is the tallest member. He stands out not just because of his height but also because of his visual. He is blessed with full lips and a heart-shaped mouth. Junghwan also has the fairest skin and long limbs. He looks terrific in any clothes. In Treasure, Junghwan is responsible as vocal and dancer.

Rocket Punch’s Dahyun

Stage name: Dahyun

Name: Jeong Da-hyun

Birthday: April 29th, 2005

Birthplace: Daejeon City, Gyeonggi Province

Group: Rocket Punch

Agency: Woollim Entertainment

Debut date: August 7th, 2019

Instagram: @official_rcpc_

Twitter: @RocketPunch

Even though she debuted at a young age, Dahyun has a stable vocal. Dahyun also very good when performing live dance. When her face was revealed for the first time, she looked more mature than her actual age. In Rocket Punch, she becomes the main target of older members. As she gets older, she shows the talent that makes the senior respect her.

Weeekly’s Zoa

Stage name: Zoa

Name: Jo Hye-won

Birthday: May 31st, 2005

Birthplace: Seoul city, South Korea

Group: Weekly

Agency: PlayM Entertainment

Debut date: June, 30th 2020

Instagram: @_weeekly

Twitter: @_Weeekly

Zoa is the youngest member and the most active member in Weeekly. In Weeekly, Zoa’s position is sub-vocal and rapper. She idolizes IU and Apink. When she was young, she wanted to be an announcer or a lawyer. She had never dreamed of becoming an idol.

Enhypen’s Ni-Ki

Stage name: Ni-Ki

Name: Nishimura Riki

Birthday: December, 9th 2005

Group: Enhypen

Agency: Belift Lab

Debut date: November 30th, 2020

Instagram: @enhypen

Twitter: @enhypen_members

As the youngest member, Enhypen’s Ni-Ki has the cutest acts compared to older members. He always greets fans and makes eye contact with them in fan meeting events. Even though he has yet to master the Korean language, other members listen to him and pay attention to his words.

Ni-Ki always speaks slowly and softly with his characteristics of low voice. Since he was young, he has been dancing, and Enhypen members always come to him when learning choreography.

Precious Hanbyul

Stage name: Hanbyul

Name: Kyung Han-byul

Birthday: July, 1st 2005

Birthplace: Seoul City, South Korea

Group: Precious

Agency: UMI Entertainment

Debut date: September, 23rd 2020

Instagram: @precious__official

Twitter: @official_prcs

Busters’ Takara

Stage name: Takara

Name: Yasuda Takara

Birthday: January, 19th 2005

Group: Busters

Agency: Marbling E&M Inc

Debut date: May, 13th 2020

Instagram: @busters_official

Twitter: @Busters_idol

Busters’ Jieun

Stage name: Jieun

Name: Jun Ji-eun

Birthday: March, 5th 2005

Group: Busters

Agency: Marbling E&M Inc

Debut date: May, 13th 2020

Instagram: @busters_official

Twitter: @Busters_idol

Former Busters’ Yeseo

Stage name: Yeseo

Name: Kang Ye-seo

Birthday: August, 22nd 2005

Group: Busters

Agency: Marbling E&M Inc

Debut date: November 27th, 2017

Departure date: July 31st, 2020

Instagram: @busters_official

Twitter: @Busters_idol

Q6ix Yeonjeong

Stage name: Yeonjeong

Birthday: June, 9th 2005

Group: Q6ix

Agency: Retro Entertainment

Debut date: September, 23rd 2020

Instagram: q6ix.official

Q6ix Jaeeun

Stage name: Jaeeun

Birthday: October, 25th 2005

Group: Q6ix

Agency: Retro Entertainment

Debut date: September, 23rd 2020

Instagram: q6ix.official

Despite their young age, these idols are already gathering huge attention from K-pop fans. Keep an eye on these stars in the making. They will become big stars right in front of your eyes.

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