Bolbbalgan4’s Ahn Ji-young: Profile, Facts, Controversies

Controversy with BOL4 Former Member Woo Ji-yoon

On April 2nd, 2020, there was an unpleasant piece of news that came from Bolbbalgan. They are known as a duo who have a unique musical style. Evidently, songs from this duo often get proud ratings when they are released. But recently, fans have had some unpleasant news.

Shofar Music as the agency that oversees Bolbbalgan4 announced that guitarist Woo Jiyoon will leave the group. This allows vocalist Ahn Ji-young to continue promoting as a solo artist under the name Bolbbalgan4. The following is the agency’s statement:


“Hello, this is Shofar Music. First, we thank the fans who support and love BOL4. We would like to make an official statement regarding member changes in our agency duo BOL4.

“Member Woo Jiyoon has expressed her desire to end promotions as part of BOL4 due to personal concerns about her future career. We have held several meetings to think about this matter carefully with the members.

“After talking to each other for a long time, the members started to understand each other’s thoughts. Shofar Music also respects Woo Jiyoon’s decision, so we have come to the following conclusion.

“BOL4 will now be a one-member artist with Ahn Jiyoung and no additional members. After contemplation, Woo Jiyoon has decided to end promotions as BOL4.

“We, Shofar Music, are also sad that BOL4 will not be able to continue together, but we have made the decision to respect and support (Woo Jiyoon’s) thoughts more than anyone else. In addition, even though Ahn Jiyoung and Woo Jiyoon will finish promoting together as part of the duo, they will continue to be colleagues and friends who support the path they are taking.

“One of the BOL4 members is currently gearing up to release an album in May. We ask that you send Ahn Jiyoung, who will continue BOL4’s music, warm support and encouragement. Shofar Music will continue to support the shining future of the two artists. Thank you.”

Atlantis Princess

On August 6th, 2020, SM Entertainment announced that they will be celebrating BoA’s 20th debut anniversary through the SM STATION project where several artists will sing BoA’s songs. Bolbbalgan4 became one of the singers who enlivened it. Bolbbalgan4 will sing one of BoA’s hits, “Atlantis Princess.”

In the video, Bolbbalgan4 can be seen singing cheerfully in front of a standing microphone. She is seen standing in a colorful light that matches the teaser photo of the two. In the teaser, Bolbbalgan is seen singing the chorus of BoA’s song “Atlantis Princess.”

The song was released on August 7th at 6 PM KST. In addition, Bolbbalgan will be the second singer to participate in BoA’s 20th-anniversary project. The first singer is EXO’s Baekhyun. In total there are five other musicians confirmed to be participating in this project. They are EXO’s Baekhyun, Red Velvet, Bolbbalgan4, Gallant, and SM Classic. “Garden in the Air” will be sung by EXO’s Baekhyun, “Atlantis Princess” by BOL4, “Only One” by Gallant, “Milky Way” by Red Velvet, and “Tree” by SM Classic.

SM Classic itself is a label made by SM Entertainment together with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra. This label undertook a project to record orchestral versions of popular K-Pop songs. The songs will be released through SM’s digital music platform, SM Station. This is the first time the Seoul Philharmonic has recorded K-Pop songs since its inception. This label will later help domestic classical musicians release albums and perform concerts.

Bolbbalgan4 (BOL4) recently announced that guitarist Woo Jiyoon would leave the group. This allows vocalist Ahn Jiyoung to continue promoting as a solo artist under the name Bolbbalgan4. In a recent episode of tvN’s On and Off, Ahn Jiyoung of BOL4 again talked about the departure of her groupmate. She was sad by how hard it was for her to promote alone when Jiyoon left.

Fans see Ahn Jiyoung still having a successful comeback even though she is now a solo singer. However, Jiyoung confessed that she felt very heavy and overwhelmed in her heart.

“To be honest, because I don’t have Woo Jiyoon anymore, I feel completely empty. I pretend it’s not true, but it’s true. It’s not easy to get used to being alone,” said Ahn Jiyoung. “We have two and now there is only one. So it doesn’t make sense that I could be whole again without her. I feel completely empty inside,” said Ahn Jiyoung.

To the surprise of many, Ahn Jiyoung revealed that she had felt a sense of fear about continuing to promote under the name BOL4 alone. Even Ahn Jiyoung kept confessing that she cried for two weeks in a row and worried that she might fail her career. “To be honest, I was like ‘what should I do?’, But I want to respect Woo Jiyoon’s decision. Because she is a friend by my side, I want to comfort her,” continued Ahn Jiyoung.

“I cried a lot for two weeks in a row. I felt anxious because I thought I might fail alone,” she replied. But Jiyoung keeps trying to cheer herself up with words of comfort and encouragement so that she can return to promoting. “I have to do well. If I fail, I’ll do well next time,” said Ahn Jiyoung. Ahn Jiyoung herself with the name BOL4 just made a comeback with a new album titled Puberty Book II A Flower The Butterfly Has Seen. In this album, BOL4 presents “Hug,” which is the creation of Ahn Jiyoung with producer Vanilla Man and the lyrics are written by Ahn Jiyoung.

The song describes the warm feelings that a person feels when they are on their way to meet their loved ones. BOL4 has also released a pre-release song titled “Leo” which is a special song because it features EXO’s Baekhyun for a collaboration.

Well, that’s all the information and the profile of Bolbbalgan4’s Ahn Jiyoung. Even though they had only debuted as a duo a few years ago, they have gone through a lot as idols and of course, they are also famous for their good songs and their performances that always entertain everyone. In 2020 we had to receive the sad piece of news that one of the members of Bolbbalgan4 has to leave, but we also have to remember that every step they take from auditioning and being famous is also thanks to the hard work of every good member so that they can show their talents to many people. Let’s keep supporting Bolbbalgan and give lots of love to them!