Profile of iKON’s Bobby: Pre-debut, Family, Album, Girlfriend, and Tattoos

iKon Bobby’s Family


Bobby’s family consists of a father, mother, an older brother, and himself. Bobby’s father describes that work and financial issues were tough, so he had to immigrate to Virginia, United States. They lived together there until Bobby had to move to South Korea to pursue his dream.

Now, Bobby and his family has come back to South Korea. According to a reliable source from YG Entertainment, not long after his debut with iKon, it’s been reported that Bobby has been able to move his family to Seoul. Bobby has mentioned in many occasions and even in the lyrics he wrote, that to bring his family over to South Korea and live together there is his dream. Glad to know that he made his dream come true!

The Unique Visual Appearance of iKon Bobby (Hair style, Tattoo, etc)

iKon’s Bobby is known for his swag style. But do you know how swag his style is? Let’s look closer to his visual appearance!

iKon Bobby’s Various Hair Style

In his career, Bobby has pulled off many hair styles and colors. From a normal short black hair like these…

To a black and white medium long style…

To a medium-curly blond…

…and to a dreadlock medusa-like hairstyle!

iKon Bobby’s Tattoo


Bobby has a tattoo on his back. The tattoo says “Fear only God, hate only sins.” Bobby said that the tattoo has his religious beliefs in it. His father and older brother also have the same tattoo.


Other than his back, he also has a tattoo on his feet, which says, “Worry about nothing, pray about everything.” His older brother also has the same tattoo.

iKon Bobby’s Abs

Who would have thought that behind his bunny-like cute face he is actually muscular and has a nice abs? Look at him showing his well-built-up body below!

So, have you got to know Bobby more? What do you think about him? Share your thoughts below! And don’t forget to keep supporting Bobby and iKon, too!