Profile of iKON’s Bobby: Pre-debut, Family, Album, Girlfriend, and Tattoos


iKon’s Bobby, The Swag Rapper

Debuted under YG Entertainment as a member of South Korea’s idol boy group iKon, Bobby is known as a Korean-American rapper and singer. His unique and full-of-swag rap style makes him different than other rappers. In his young age, he also has gained many achievements and popularity even before his official debut. But, how much do you know about Bobby? Let’s get to know about iKon Bobby more here!

Profile and Fun Facts about iKon Bobby


iKon Bobby Profile

  • Stage Name: Bobby
  • Birth Name: Kim Jiwon
  • Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist, Face of the Group
  • Place, date of birth: Seoul, December 21, 1995
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Blood Type: O
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius
  • Religion: Christian
  • Instagram: @bobbyindaeyo

Fun Facts of iKon Bobby

  • Bobby was born in Seoul, South Korea, but he grew up in Virginia, United States with his parents until he was in high school.
  • Bobby joined YG Entertainment on January 10, 2011 after he passed YG’s audition in New York and moved to Korea at the age of 16.
  • Bobby can play guitar, drum and piano.
  • He loves playing basketball.
  • Bobby received a stuffed Winnie the Pooh at birth from his brother, and he still has it.
  • Bobby talks while sleeping.
  • When he is around his family, Bobby mostly speaks Konglish (Korean-English).
  • Western foods, like hamburgers and pizza, are Bobby’s favorite foods.
  • The last time Bobby had a girlfriend was before he joined YG Entertainment.
  • His ideal type is a strong girl like Wonder Woman who seems careless of him and a girl who likes to wear red clothes and always does her best.

Predebut Life of iKon’s Bobby

iKon’s Bobby or Kim Jiwon?

Not Bobby, but Kim Jiwon. Bobby is known for having a manly and swag image, but do you know that he also has cute side too? That cute side is Kim Jiwon. Let’s look at these photos of the predebut iKon Bobby a.k.a Kim Jiwon!


iKon Bobby’s Early Career


Bobby is already known by public before he officially debuted with iKon in 2015. It is because of his predebut activities and achievements. In 2013, Bobby with fellow iKon members, B.I, Jinhwan, Ju-ne, Donghyuk, and Yunhyeong appeared on Mnet and YG Entertainment’s reality survival show WIN: Who Is Next. They are known as Team B. They were competing against other YG trainees called “Team A” for the chance to debut as a group. However, in the end Team B eventually lost to Team A, who then debuted as Winner. Even though Team B didn’t win, they gained popularity and recognition from the public. During the WIN program, they also released two singles titled “Just Another Boy” and “Climax”. The members of Team B then also appeared as backup dancers in Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” music video. Bobby and B.I also contributed to the lyrics for Winner’s debut single “Empty”.

In May 2014, Bobby auditioned for the third season of Show Me The Money, Mnet’s prestigious rap competition. He eventually won the program overall as part of team “Illionaire” with Dok2 and The Quiett of Illionaire Records. He got to win $100,000 and a special concert. Bobby was also named the first idol-group-rapper and the youngest rapper who won the show. The songs from his performances during the Show Me The Money program charted well on digital charts in South Korea.

In October 2014, Bobby was featured in other YG artists’ production. One of them is Epik High’s single “Born Hater,” together with Beenzino, Verbal Jint, B.I, and Song Min-ho. They also performed the song at the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards. In the show, Bobby got the chance to perform “Come Here” and his single “YGGR”. Because of his achievements in 2014, Bobby was featured on GQ Korea’s 2014 Men of the Year list.

Thanks to Bobby and fellow iKon members who were actively participating in many programs, many people has already knew about iKon members while they were preparing for their debut.

iKon Bobby Solo Album


On September 7, 2016, Bobby made his debut as a solo artist with the single “HOLUP!”. The single was released as part of single album titled The Mobb, a collaboration between Bobby and Winner’s Mino under the name MOBB. On September 9, the duo released the singles “Full House” and “Hit Me.”

On September 14, 2017, about one year after his activities as MOBB, Bobby released his first full-length solo studio album titled Love and Fall. Let’s check the songs from his solo album below:

1.“사랑해” (I Love You)Bobby
  • Bobby
  • Kang Uk-jin
  • Diggy
  • Kang Uk Jin
  • Diggy
  • Bobby
  • Choice37
3.“다른 세상 사람” (Different Earth People (Alien))Bobby
  • Bobby
  • Millenium
4.“텐데” (I Would)Bobby
  • Bobby
  • Millenium
5.“Up” (feat. Mino)
  • Bobby
  • Mino
  • Bobby
  • Mino
  • Choice37
6.“Secret” (feat. DK, Katie)
  • Bobby
  • DK
  • Bobby
  • Millenium
7.“In Love”Bobby
  • Bobby
  • Choice37
8.“수영해” (Swim)Bobby
  • Bobby
  • Millenium
  • Bobby
  • Kang Uk-jin
Kang Uk-jin3:46
10.“내게 기대” (Lean On Me)Bobby
  • Bobby
  • Choice37


Let’s watch the music videos of Bobby’s solo songs too!

iKon Bobby’s Family


Bobby’s family consists of a father, mother, an older brother, and himself. Bobby’s father describes that work and financial issues were tough, so he had to immigrate to Virginia, United States. They lived together there until Bobby had to move to South Korea to pursue his dream.

Now, Bobby and his family has come back to South Korea. According to a reliable source from YG Entertainment, not long after his debut with iKon, it’s been reported that Bobby has been able to move his family to Seoul. Bobby has mentioned in many occasions and even in the lyrics he wrote, that to bring his family over to South Korea and live together there is his dream. Glad to know that he made his dream come true!

The Unique Visual Appearance of iKon Bobby (Hair style, Tattoo, etc)

iKon’s Bobby is known for his swag style. But do you know how swag his style is? Let’s look closer to his visual appearance!

iKon Bobby’s Various Hair Style

In his career, Bobby has pulled off many hair styles and colors. From a normal short black hair like these…

To a black and white medium long style…

To a medium-curly blond…

…and to a dreadlock medusa-like hairstyle!

iKon Bobby’s Tattoo


Bobby has a tattoo on his back. The tattoo says “Fear only God, hate only sins.” Bobby said that the tattoo has his religious beliefs in it. His father and older brother also have the same tattoo.


Other than his back, he also has a tattoo on his feet, which says, “Worry about nothing, pray about everything.” His older brother also has the same tattoo.

iKon Bobby’s Abs

Who would have thought that behind his bunny-like cute face he is actually muscular and has a nice abs? Look at him showing his well-built-up body below!

So, have you got to know Bobby more? What do you think about him? Share your thoughts below! And don’t forget to keep supporting Bobby and iKon, too!