Get To Know More About Bob Girls’ Yujeong’s Full Profile and Fun Facts

Bob Girls’ Yujeong’s Focus Fancams

bob girls yujeong

K-pop fans, of course, are very familiar with the focus fancam, which is a video that focuses on a member of a certain girl group or boy group when they perform at some events such as a busking, concert, comeback stage, or any other event. Focus fancams are usually recorded by several fans who go to the performance or can be official focus fancams uploaded by television stations.

To get to know Bob Girls’ Yujeong more closely, let’s watch her performances on focus fancams in this session below!

On December 20, 2014, Bob Girls attended one of their schedules as a guest star on SAF. In this focus fancam, you can enjoy Bob Girls’ Yujeong’s performance while performing “No Way” on the stage. Bob Girls’ Yujeong also seems so cute while wearing a school uniform outfit that still matches with her image at this performance while wearing white sneakers and also rabbit ears as her accessories, making her appearance look very cute but also sexy at the same time.

On September 14, 2014, Bob Girls’ Yujeong did a dance cover of Jun Hyo-seong’s “Goodnight Kiss” that was held publicly. She did the solo performance bravely in public by showing the choreography very well in this focus fancam. Bob Girls’ Yujeong also looks cute but gave casual vibes with the outfit that she wore that time with a baseball shirt, shorts, and knee socks, giving a sporty image even though she was seen performing sensual dance moves.

On September 27, 2014, Bob Girls held a performance at the Ganghwa Goryeo Ginseng Festival and performed their single titled “Oh My Boy” at this event. You can see Bob Girls’ Yujeong’s performance in this event while wearing sunglasses that made her appearance look cooler! Under the bright sunlight, she still looks very excited while doing this performance. Besides that, her outfit looks very cute while wearing a pink and white semi-formal outfit which also looks comfortable when performing on stage.

On June 17, 2014, Bob Girls held a guerilla performance that was located at Itaewon. In this focus fancam, you can also watch Bob Girls’ Yujeong who looks excited while performing “Oh My Boy” during this performance. Besides that, her casual outfit also stole the attention because she wore a white crop top and jeans which really showed her very beautiful body proportions. To beautify her outfit, she also wore mouse ears as accessories and also white high heels to match her outfit.

On July 12, 2014, Bob Girls performed another single titled “No Way (Acoustic Vers.)” at their first fan meeting which was attended by many fans. In this focus fancam, you can see how beautiful Bob Girls’ Yujeong was when she was there wearing a white dress like a bride. Also, her makeup really matches her image as well. She literally looks like a goddess in this high definition focus fancam. This focus fancam definitely shows another charm of Bob Girls’ Yujeong who looks very beautiful and perfect!

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Where is She Now?

bob girls yujeong

At the time this article is published, there is no latest news from Bob Girls’ Yujeong after her promotion with the group ended in February 2015. If you look at Bob Girls’ Yujeong’s timeline after ending her activities with Bob Girls, she planned to re-debut as a member of a new girl group in 2015 as written in her fun facts, but, sadly, it didn’t happen.

bob girls yujeong

After that, she tried to appear in a street dance again and auditioned for JTBC’s MixNine, but she failed. She also restarted her education at the Department of Performing Arts at Dongduk Women’s University and became a teacher at a school. If you take a look at her feed from Bob Girls’ Yujeong’s official Instagram account, she is one of the most outstanding students and got As on her reports.

bob girls yujeong

However, until now, there has been no latest news from Bob Girls’ Yujeong about her future career or any news of her in the entertainment industry. Let’s give support and lots of love to Bob Girls’ Yujeong who is currently living her life as a non-celebrity. I hope she remains happy with whatever she is doing right now and there will be good news in the future.

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