Get To Know More About Bob Girls’ Yujeong’s Full Profile and Fun Facts

bob girls yujeong

Everything You Should Know About Bob Girls’ Rapper Heo Yujeong!

Competition in the music industry, especially in South Korea, makes many people struggle to maintain their career journey and become the best of the best. The competition also often makes some groups not rise anymore and become underrated groups. This is likewise with one of the girl groups, Bob Girls, that debuted on June 10, 2014, with the single “No Way.”

Bob Girls had a 4 original member line-up with Jina, Danbi, Dahye, and Yujeong. In this article, there is detailed information about a member from Bob Girls, Heo Yu-jeong, starting with her full profile, fun facts, and latest news. Don’t miss out on any of the information about Bob Girls’ Yujeong in this article below!

Bob Girls’ Yujeong’s Full Profile

bob girls yujeong

Real Name: Heo Yu-jeong (Hangul: 허유정)

Stage Name: Yujeong (Hangul: 유정)

Birth: Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk Province, South Korea, August 27, 1992

Star Sign: Virgo

Height: 165 cm (5’4″)

Weight: 46kg

Position in the Group: Vocalist, Rapper

Nationality: Korean

Official Site:

Bob Girls’ Yujeong’s Fun Facts

bob girls yujeong
  1. Bob Girls’ Yujeong’s hobbies are dancing, singing, watching videos, and finding restaurants to eat or hang out at.
  2. Bob Girls’ Yujeong is very interested in photography, so she has an amazing talent for taking landscape photos.
  3. Bob Girls’ Yujeong moved to GH Entertainment after Bob Girls’ promotion ended.
  4. Bob Girls’ Yujeong appeared in the Korean-Chinese co-production film The Great Hero Series- Finding the Secret Service of Servants along with Kang Kyung-jun.
  5. Bob Girls’ Yujeong also appeared in a Chinese drama that was released in 2015.
  6. Bob Girls’ Yujeong planned to re-debut in a new girl group in the second half of 2015 with a former member of Hello Venus, Yoonjo, but it was canceled and never happened.
  7. Bob Girls’ Yujeong left GH Entertainment in early 2016.
  8. Bob Girls’ Yujeong appeared in a video of a DJ remix titled “2 Dish of a Round” and did a street performance, but it didn’t do much.
  9. Bob Girls’ Yujeong uploaded a picture on her Instagram account that showed her legs being all bruised while practicing dancing so hard, and people assumed that she was preparing for a YG Entertainment audition.
  10. Bob Girls’ Yujeong appeared as an individual trainee on JTBC’s MixNine on October 29, 2017.
  11. Bob Girls’ Yujeong didn’t pass the first round of MixNine and couldn’t continue her journey anymore on the show.
  12. Bob Girls’ Yujeong attended the Department of Performing Arts at Dongduk Women’s University.
  13. Bob Girls’ Yujeong uploaded a picture showing her report that received an A+ in a group assignment on Instagram.
  14. Bob Girls’ Yujeong used to work as a teacher.
  15. Bob Girls’ Yujeong is now signed under A&K Entertainment.

Bob Girls’ Yujeong’s Visual

bob girls yujeong

South Korean entertainment is known to have many entertainers with perfect visuals. Each idol also seems to have their own charms with different visuals that steal the attention of many people. It is likewise with K-pop idols who work as performers. Their visuals must look perfect with their appearance when they have to perform in public.

To get to know Bob Girls’ Yujeong up close, let’s see more of Bob Girls’ Yujeong’s visual in this session below!

bob girls yujeong

Bob Girls’ Yujeong is one of the members with a small face and petite figure. She also has her own charms which attract many people when they see her appearance. You can see it for yourself in the picture above. Bob Girls’ Yujeong looks very cute with a mouse bandana, and her body’s proportions look very small and slim. She looks beautiful with the concept of short hair that was owned by every member of Bob Girls.

bob girls yujeong profile

Not only having cute visuals but Bob Girls’ Yujeong also could nail a performance every time she attended an event with the other members. One of the pictures above gives another image of Bob Girls’ Yujeong’s cute side. She looks sexy in a short dress with a red outer blazer and also doesn’t forget the rabbit ear accessory which makes her sexy appearance look cute at the same time, too. Even though her face is not clearly visible, Bob Girls’ Yujeong’s charisma still shines in this picture.

bob girls yujeong

Bob Girls’ Yujeong is indeed a member with natural aegyo. If you look at the picture above, it shows Bob Girls’ Yujeong’s cute expression while the picture was taken candidly with a fan. Bob Girls’ Yujeong, who had short black hair at the time, was seen wearing light makeup and round glasses that adorned her face. Not only that but Bob Girls’ Yujeong’s facial expression really stole the attention because she looks cute despite her image on stage that can sometimes be sexy, too.

bob girls yujeong

Being a member of a girl group, of course, she has to be all out when it comes to work. The various concepts she has to work on are certainly a challenge like the picture above which shows Bob Girls’ Yujeong in the middle of her schedule. It must be a picture of behind the scenes of a photoshoot session.

bob girls yujeong

The body beauty of Bob Girls’ Yujeong is unquestionable. Although she is considered as one of the girl group members with a height of no more than 165 cm, her body has perfect proportions besides her pretty and cute visuals. Bob Girls’ Yujeong who has now restarted her career as a teacher and has also signed under a new entertainment agency has good curves, and she looks naturally beautiful.

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