Find Out More About Bob Girls’ Jina: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Visual, Latest News

bob girls jina

Everything You Should Know About Bob Girls’ Vocalist Yeom Jina

Bob Girls (Hangul: 단발머리) was a South Korean girl group that made their debut on June 10th, 2014, under Chrome Entertainment with 4 members, including Danbi, Yujeong, Dahye, and Jina. Bob Girls had only one year of promotion together and had two singles, “No Way” and “Oh My Boy”. Bob Girls had to be disbanded for the reason that one of the members was diagnosed with encephalitis.

In this article, there is detailed information about one of the Bob Girls members, which is Yeom Jina, who was the member diagnosed with brain cancer and had to stop promoting. Let’s find out more about Bob Girls’ Jina: from her full profile, to her fun facts, and a lot more, in this article below.

Bob Girls’ Jina’s Full Profile

bob girls jina

Real Name: Yeom Jina (Hangul: 염지나)

Stage Name: Jina (Hangul: 지나)

Place and Date of Birth: Incheon Metropolitan City, South Korea, November 20th, 1992

Star Sign:  Scorpio

Height: 163 cm (5’4″)

Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs)

Blood Type: O

Position in the group: Vocalist

Active Period: Bob Girls (2014–2015)

Official Site: YouTube channel (했지나)

Bob Girls’ Jina’s Fun Facts

bob girls jina
  1. Bob Girls’ Jina originally debuted as a member of a duo with Crayon Pop’s Soyul in 2010, Chic’6 Muscats
  2. Bob Girls’ Jina left the group after being diagnosed with encephalitis
  3. Bob Girls’ Jina was a member of the pre-debut lineup of WeGirls under the name Jaina in 2017
  4. Bob Girls’ Jina was a table tennis player for six years until middle school and her main specialty is Sky Sub
  5. Bob Girls’ Jina participated in an amateur table tennis tournament at the end of 2014
  6. Bob Girls’ Jina’s father also runs a table tennis court in Incheon
  7. Bob Girls’ Jina has appeared in a minor role in the movie Korea starring Bae Doo-na and Ha Ji-won that was released in 2012
  8. Bob Girls’ Jina seems to be close with TWICE’s Jeongyeon
  9. Bob Girls’ Jina was reported to have opened a new clothing store
  10. Bob Girls’ Jina’s brain tumor now has finally been cured

Bob Girls’ Jina’s Visual

bob girls jina

If you didn’t know, Bob Girls’ Jina also has beautiful and sweet visuals. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out about Bob Girls’ Jina’s visual in this section below.

Bob Girls’ Jina was one of the members of the group who had a position as a vocalist. The member who was born in Incheon and also has a fairly rich family background, made her able to get several opportunities that are arguably luckier than others. In the photo above, we can see the beauty of Bob Girls’ Jina when she was present at the debut showcase wearing a black and white outfit that looks sexy, coupled with bunny ears accessories that make her appearance even cuter.

bob girls jina

In the photo above, we can also see another appearance of Bob Girls’ Jina while performing on stage. She looks cute and puts on a playful performance while giving her best effort when performing. The member who was born on November 20th, 1992, looks very cute and has a very good proportional body. The outfit worn during this performance seemed to give a new image to Bob Girls’ Jina who looked much younger than her actual age.

bob girls jina

Another performance was put on by Bob Girls’ Jina with her group when bringing her single on the stage. In front of fans, of course, K-Pop idols must look beautiful with their respective concepts that have been determined from the outfits they wear. Bob Girls’ Jina wore a black short dress and bunny accessories while promoting her comeback single with Bob Girls. Jina also looks very compatible with the image of Bob Girls which show a cute and also feminine side at the same time.

bob girls jina

Bob Girls’ Jina truly has an excellent body shape. She doesn’t look too skinny or fat, her weight seems to match her height. Bob Girls’ Jina looks very cute with her body shape which you can see in the photo above. Unlike the previous photos which show Bob Girls’ Jina’s visuals from performances on stage, Bob Girls’ Jina still shines and exudes her cute aura in this individual photoshoot.

bob girls jina

Appearing in a beautiful wedding dress, Bob Girls’ Jina certainly wowed many fans while attending an event wearing this outfit. The other Bob Girls’ members also wore wedding dresses but with different outfits. Bob Girls’ Jina’s petite body also looks very beautiful while wearing this dress and she definitely looks like a bride, right? Her image is very strong with cute and sweet vibes, she fits ideally in the girlfriend material, especially when she smiles while carrying a bouquet of flowers like in the photo above, right?

What do you think about Bob Girls’ Jina’s visuals?