Get To Know More About Bob Girls’ Danbi’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Re-debut With Love Us Until Her Latest News

Bob Girls’ Danbi’s Focus Fancams

Bob Girls' Danbi profile

Focus fancams are nothing new when it comes to K-pop. Focus fancam is a video that is usually recorded by fans who go to several events such as a comeback stage, concert, showcase, fansigning, busking, and many other performances to support their favorite groups and support their specific favorite idol in the group.

In this session, let’s get to know Bob Girls’ Danbi closer by seeing her performances through focus fancams in this session below!

On June 17, 2014, Bob Girls’ Danbi was seen with her group performing at the Itaewon Guerilla Concert with their single titled No Way.” In this focus fancam, you can see Bob Girls’ Danbi who looks very cute with a short tennis skirt and white sneakers that match with a tight t-shirt. Besides that, every member of Bob Girls also looks very gorgeous while wearing those Mickey Mouse ears!

On October 4, 2014, Bob Girls held a performance at the Japan Chrome Concert, and through this focus fancam we can watch Bob Girls’ Danbi’s solo performance. Although the title of the song sung by Bob Girls’ Danbi is unknown, we can still watch the melodious voice of Bob Girls’ Danbi through this focus fancam. You can see how beautiful she looks while wearing an outfit that was designed like a fairy in white. She also wore a flower crown which sweetened her appearance.

On July 12, 2014, Bob Girls held their 1st fan meeting and gave gifts to fans who went to the event. The members look very beautiful because they are dressed up and wearing bridal outfits and also holding very beautiful bouquets of flowers. Bob Girls’ Danbi who was there also held a solo performance by singing one of Hyolyn’s songs entitled “I Choose to Love You” very cheerfully. Likewise, the fans were very entertained by Bob Girls’ Danbi’s performance.

On August 11, 2014, Bob Girls appeared as one of the guest stars of the Sokcho Music Festival which was held at night. In this focus fancam, we can see Bob Girls’ Danbi performing with the other members and also looking very happy while performing the “Oh My Boy” summer version through this focus fancam. Besides that, her appearance also looks a little bit different than before because she has bangs and wears a sporty outfit in this performance.

Although this one is not a focus fancam, this video shows Bob Girls’ Danbi who sent messages to her fans during her debut showcase with the group. From this video, we can see Bob Girls’ Danbi looking cheerful when giving messages to fans and thanking them for the support she has received.

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Where is Bob Girls’ Danbi Now?

Bob Girls' Danbi profile

At the time this article is being published, there is no latest news from Bob Girls’ Danbi related to her current work or future activities. As previously noted, Bob Girls was officially disbanded on February 24, 2015, because one of the members of Bob Girls, Jina, was sick and the contracts with the members were terminated as well. After that, Bob Girls’ Danbi decided to re-debut as a member of LoveUs with Bob Girls’ Dahye in 2015, but her career didn’t go well and this group stopped promoting as well.

Bob Girls' Danbi profile

To know more about Na Dan-bi’s current daily activities, make sure you follow her social media such as on Instagram and YouTube so you can keep up with Na Dan-bi’s new updates. Don’t forget to leave positive comments on her social media so that she can stay happy with current work and daily activities. Let’s be patient and wait for Na Dan-bi’s comeback as soon as possible!

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