Get To Know More About Bob Girls’ Danbi’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Re-debut With Love Us Until Her Latest News

Bob Girls' Danbi profile

Everything You Should Know About Bob Girls’ Youngest Member, Na Dan-bi!

Bob Girls (Hangul: 단발머리) is a South Korean girl group that made its debut under Chrome Entertainment on June 10, 2014, with their debut single titled “No Way.” Bob Girls had a 4-member lineup including Jina, Danbi, Yujeong, and Dahye. Unfortunately, this girl group had to be disbanded due to one of their members falling sick and the members deciding to part ways.

One of the maknaes from Bob Girls continued her career to re-debut as a new member of LoveUs in 2015. However, her career did not run as smoothly as desired. What happened to Bob Girls’ Danbi? To find out the detailed information, make sure you don’t miss any information about Bob Girls’ Danbi starting from her full profile, fun facts, to her latest news in this article below!

Bob Girls’ Danbi’s Full Profile

Bob Girls' Danbi profile

Real Name: Na Dan-bi (Hangul: 나단비)

Stage Name: Dan-bi (Hangul: 단비)

Birth: Naju, Jeollanam Province, South Korea, June 7, 1994

Star Sign: Gemini

Weight: 43 kg (95 lbs)

Height: 161 cm (5’3″)

Blood Type: O

Nationality: Korean

Position in the Group: Vocalist and Maknae

Active Period:

  • Bob Girls (2014-2015)
  • LoveUs (2015-2016)

Official Site:

Bob Girls’ Danbi’s Fun Facts

Bob Girls' Danbi profile
  1. Bob Girls’ Danbi has a clear and soft voice and was also a part of the vocal line with Bob Girls’ Dahye
  2. Bob Girls’ Danbi automatically left the group with the group’s disbandment in 2015
  3. Bob Girls’ Danbi re-debuted as a member of LoveUs with Bob Girls’ Dahye in 2015
  4. Bob Girls’ Danbi updated her current work to being a part-time model through her Instagram in June 2017
  5. Bob Girls’ Danbi made an acoustic group called Butterfly’s Attic in July 2017
  6. Bob Girls’ Danbi made a YouTube channel under the name of DANI on March 15, 2018, with beauty content and work as a beauty creator
  7. Bob Girls’ Danbi debuted as a BJ on Afreeca TV under the name of Dani at the end of June 2018
  8. Bob Girls’ Danbi became Afreeca TV’s Best BJ as of August 20, 2018
  9. Bob Girls’ Danbi changed her YouTube channel name to No Exit
  10. Bob Girls’ Danbi released several songs on her own titled “Hold your Hands,” “Sweet Love,” and an OST for the K-drama Unasked Family that was aired on KBS in 2019 titled “Breath”

Bob Girls’ Danbi’s Visual

Bob Girls' Danbi profile

As one of the K-pop idols who debuted as a member of a girl group, there were many standards that she had to follow regarding her on-stage performance, body proportions, talent, and also visuals. However, many people already know that K-pop idols have high standards when it comes to visuals.

In this session, let’s get to know more about Bob Girls’ Danbi. Does she meet the visual standards of K-pop idols?

Bob Girls' Danbi profile

In an individual photoshoot session with The Star, Bob Girls’ Danbi looks very beautiful in a simple outfit with jumpsuit jeans that has shorts and also a t-shirt as her inner outfit. She looks naturally beautiful in this picture. Her bob hair while promoting with this girl group also made her appearance look fresh, right? The youngest member of Bob Girls, Danbi has a small face and also naturally white skin which is certainly a dream for every woman.

Bob Girls' Danbi profile

The picture above is one shot from the fanbase who went to the event where Bob Girls became the guest star. You can see Bob Girls’ Danbi who looks beautiful with natural makeup that makes her natural beauty really shine in this picture. The pink blazer and white shorts also look good with her petite body. The most important thing about an outfit is to provide comfort for the idols who wear them so that they can also perform optimally on stage.

Bob Girls' Danbi profile

At the debut showcase of Bob Girls, Danbi looked beautiful with her natural bob hair like the initial concept that every member had to follow. She wore a white blazer with a black collar and also some accessories to sweeten her outfit in this debut showcase. She did not forget to wear rabbit ears on her head to give a cute but sexy impression at the same time. As you can see from her visuals, Bob Girls’ Danbi looks beautiful with simple makeup like in the previous pictures.

Bob Girls' Danbi profile

In this picture, you can see Bob Girls’ Danbi’s appearance at an outdoor event. Like the outfits worn before, the stylists provided simple outfits and also some accessories that added a trendy impression to this idol’s appearance.

Besides that, Bob Girls’ Danbi looks very beautiful with curly hair that is kind of different from the previous hairstyle, and she also has a new haircut that looks neater, although a bit shorter, than her previous bob hair. She also looks cute with her natural makeup like this.

Bob Girls' Danbi profile

Rabbit’s ear became an iconic accessory when worn by Bob Girls’ members, including Danbi. This picture is another shot by the fanbase who went to an event that was held at night. Even though they had to appear at night, Bob Girls’ Danbi still looks fresh with this blue and white outfit. She looks cute with this outfit and also the rabbit ears which are always worn when Bob Girls’ performs.

What do you think about Bob Girls’ Danbi’s visuals?