BoA Full Profile (Height and Weight..etc) and Facts

BoA Career History in Korea Entertainment

BoA was discovered by SM Entertainment while accompanying her brother to the audition. At that time, she was only 11 years old. With exceptional singing and dancing skills, SM Entertainment grew interested in her and scouted her. At first, BoA’s parents were hesitant because they wanted their daughter to pursue a better education instead of entertainment. Eventually, her parents let her to join the agency and she began her training.


For two years, BoA underwent various training within SM Entertainment. She practiced singing, dancing, and even studied languages (English and Japanese). It may have been tough for a young kid like her, but she earned her success.

In August 2000, BoA debuted as the youngest solo singer in South Korea at the age of 13! Her debut album was titled ID; Peace B, which later received moderate success and prompted SM Entertainment to expand BoA’s success to Japan.

In October 2008, BoA released her first US debut single, Eat You Up, landing a ranking in the dance charts. A year later, she released her self-title album BoA that would rank in the Top 20 on iTunes. Ever since then, BoA has gained much love and support from both national and international fans.

BoA, as a talented individual, expanded her field into acting. In 2006, she debuted in the movie industry as a voice-over actress for an animated movie Over the Hedge as Heather. She also made an appearance as herself in the K-Drama Athena: Goddess of War in 2010. Because of her top-notch dancing skilsl, she was cast in an American dance movie Make Your Move as Aya in 2013. Her latest movie project was My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week where she played Kwon Bo-young in 2016.

This way, BoA may not only be the Queen of K-Pop but Queen of Talents!

Interesting Facts About BoA

  • BoA has always loved singing and dancing.
  • She definitely likes listening to music as well.
  • BoA is a cat person.
  • She loves Winnie the Pooh.
  • Even though she’s a burger lover, she doesn’t eat junk food.
  • Her favorite song is “Hot In Here” by Nelly & The Neptunes.
  • When she’s bored, she watches movies.
  • Her favorite movie is Men in Black II.
  • BoA loves crafting accessories and cross-stitching.
  • BoA is a sweetheart. The thing she hates the most in this world is making her fans wait for too long.
  • BoA once cried because her Japanese fans began to sing her song ‘Meri Kuri‘ all together at her concert. It was touching for her.
  • She stated that she didn’t quite enjoy loneliness and her height.
  • On her height, she said that if she could be born again, she would want to be taller.