BoA Full Profile (Height and Weight..etc) and Facts

Full Profile of BoA and Fascinating Facts About Her

For K-Pop fans, you have certainly missed out on a great deal of K-Pop history if you do not know BoA! Named as the original Queen of K-Pop, BoA debuted when she was 13 years old and she is still famous today.

BoA Profile (Name, Date of Birth, Height, Weight and Religion)

Stage Name    : BoA (보아)

Real Name      : Kwon Bo-Ah (권보아)

Date of Birth   : November 5, 1986

Zodiac             : Scorpio

Blood Type      : AB

Height             : 1.6 m

Weight             : 42 kg

Religion           : Catholic

Instagram        : @boakwon

Fandom Name  : Jumping BoA

Fandom Color   : Pearl Yellow

BoA Education: Graduate from Korea Kent Foreign School

Pursuing a career in the entertainment industry at a young age did not make BoA forget her duty to receive an education. In her early years, BoA attended Yangjung Elementary School and continued to Sahmyook Middle School.

In between middle school and high school, BoA had to quit to prepare for her Japanese debut. Fortunately, she was able to continue and graduated from Korea Kent Foreign School where many other idols were enrolled in, like Andy Lee (SHINHWA), Shoo (S.E.S), and Amber Liu and Krystal Jung (f(x)). However, she did not pursue her education at a university level.