From Blonde to Blue Hair: Which Color Suits BTS’ V The Best?

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BTS’s V Describes how Seeing TXT Makes Him Remember BTS In Past Days

While Yeon Jun and Beomgyu were making bears from clay in the V Live broadcast on October 23, background voices and the surprised faces from both of them alerted the viewers that there other people that had entered the room. The mysterious people were no other than the BTS maknae-line members, Taehyung, Jimin, and Jungkook.

V then joined the live broadcast with the TXT members, “It’s a special guest” said Beomgyu. V asked to them, “Is it okay if were on this”. Jimin then poked his head, saying the bears that TXT made were cute, before suggesting to V that they should go out.

Later, V returned and sat with them as they worked on their clay bears. V then greeted TXT’s fans, MOA, and introduced himself. He said, “It’s very meaningful to be doing this with Yeonjun and Beomgyu,” with a smile.

“They really work hard for this album,” V continued, “They’d always sleep in the practice room and i saw them whenever i came to the office to record, it felt like i was looking at our past.”

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The three guys then seem to be watching someone behind the camera for a short time, before V said, “So ARMY- Ahh no, i mean MOA,” he realized the mistake and corrected it right away, making everyone laugh. “There will definitely be some watching,” said Beomhyu. V then said, “I’ll come again and i’ll leave now since its Yeonjun and Beomgyu’s time.”

V’s Newest Official Twitter Update

On 30 November, BTS attend the MMA (Melon Music Awards) 2019. During the awards, BTS swept all the Daesangs, which means they are the first K-Pop artist to do that. After the show finished, each member tweeted on their official Twitter account to say thank you to all ARMY’S around the world.

V also tweeted the night after, with a short video. Here are the tweet link for you guys:

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