Pictures of Block B’s Zico’s Tattoos and Their Meanings!

Get to Know Zico

Zico is a South Korean rapper. His birth name is Woo Ji-Ho. He was born in Seoul in 1992. He’s not only a rapper but also a producer, singer, and former leader of the boy group Block B. Zico has many tattoos all over his body. Let’s take a look of his tattoos and their meanings!

Block B’s Zico’s Tattoos and Their Meanings

Veil of Saint Veronica

Zico is very religious, as some of you may know, and he’s Christian. He was raised very religiously, and although he doesn’t mention that often, he has a deep respect and love for his religion. Saint Veronica is one of the main saints in Christianity. For those who don’t know, when Jesus was carrying his cross up a hill, she came and wiped blood and sweat from his face. Later, she realized that Christ’s face was on the veil she used. Her name also means “she who brings victory.”

The Unknown One

Fans are not really sure what it actually means and represents, but some people assume that there are two women with wings (angels) on a branch that could represent Eden, but we’re not sure.

God Save Paulus

Part of the God Save Paulus (in reference to St. Paul) is for his brother JiSeok (Taewoon).

The Cross

There’s no explanation yet for this tattoo.

The Date and the Bees

13-10-13 / October 13, 2013, is the first win for Block B on a music show (Inkigayo). The bees represent their fandom BBC.

The Chinese Character

The character is 禹, and it’s Chines; it means emperor.

A Portrait of His Mother

In an interview, Taewoon, Zico’s brother, talked about this tattoo, stating, “He got it on his left chest where his heart is because his mother is as important as his heart.”

John the Apostle

This is Zico’s name from baptism. Zico is a devout Roman Catholic. He has his baptized name tattooed across his chest.

Roman Numerals

This one is his birthday in Roman numerals. His birthday is September 14th, 1992. It’s written IX XCII XIV.

Ribbon Tattoo

The Yellow Ribbon represents the loss of over 300 students in the SeWolHo accident. With so many young lives lost due to carelessness, Zico drew a ribbon to never forget the misdeeds and to always aim for a better future. One of his fans died due to this accident, and he went to her funeral and even let her parents attend Block B’s concert for free with her picture with them so she could attend the concert as she always wanted.

King Sejong

King Sejong or Sejong the Great was a king of Korea during the Joseon Dynasty. He reinforced Confucian policies, took part in science and military, and much more. Zico once said he adores him very much because he created Hangul (Korean writing) and because he himself uses Hangul to write lyrics. So, he deeply admires him.


This is the Korean national flower, the Hibiscus Syriacus, or the “mugunghwa” in Korean.