The Adorable Bad-ass Block B’s Taeil Has a New Tattoo! Find Out How Many Tattoos He Has and Their Meanings Here

Get to Know Block B’s Taeil Tattoos

Taeil is a member of Block B who has tattoos on his body. Not only Taeil, but Zico as well has a large number of tattoos. Many idols have tattoos on different body parts, whether they are male or female, and they all have their own reasons for drawing tattoos on their bodies. For example, to cover scars, as memories, as reminders, and various different reasons.

Taeil has more than 3 tattoos on his body and they all have different meanings. One of his tattoos is put in order to show his love for his fans, Melody. In fact, Taeil has a bat tattoo that immediately drew the attention of netizens.

Now, let’s see Taeil’s tattoos!

Taeil’s Tattoo on His Neck

Taeil teased his fans by putting a tattoo of a bat painted in purple on his neck. Fans who saw the tattoo on his neck were really shocked by his choice. Some think it’s cool, and others criticize saying that the tattoo is unreasonable. Taeil uploaded a photo of his new tattoo on his personal Instagram.

Because his tattoo is too flashy and looks unreasonable, a journalist wrote an article about Taeil’s new tattoo titled, Block B Taeil ‘Barn swallow (bird) tattoo that gains attention’. Other Block B members, such as Zico, U-Kwon, Park-Kyung, commented on Taeil’s picture and supported him. The members gave him their support by saying, Ohhhh barn swallow~”, “Yo barn swallow”, and This tattoo of barn swallow looks really cool.”

Well, what do you think about his tattoo? Does it look cool or weird?

The Meaning of Taeil’s Tattoos

Taeil does have many tattoos, but all of his tattoos have a certain meaning for him. One of his tattoos is to show his love for his fans, Melody. There is “777” tattooed on his wrist which is there to remind him of their song “Jackpot,” and “777” represents the Jackpot.

On his chest, he has tattooed a picture of an owl with a gem on top of it and a shield with the symbol of the Illuminati in the center of the owl’s body. This tattoo expresses Taeil’s way of thinking.

On his arm, he also has a lot of tattoos, ranging from pictures of animals, flowers, spider webs, to writing forms, and many more. Every picture has a different meaning, including some that simply express Taeil’s way of thinking.

Everyone has different ways of expressing themselves, Taeil likes expressing himself by making tattoos on his body.

Well, what do you think about the many tattoos on Taeil’s body? They look very cool, right?