Block B’s Concert Schedule (USA, Europe, Philipines, etc)

Block B visit London for their Concert

Block B black and white

Block B, the male group who are famous for their hip hop concept in the industry, visited London for their concert. Block B visited London for “BLOCK B 2017 LIVE BLOCKBUSTER IN EUROPE” as their last stop of their European concert tour on 5 March 2017 in Troxy. Due to health problems, unfortunately P.O. was unable to perform. The rest of the members of Block B were able to continue the concert, and made an unforgettable memory for London BBC. Block B sang 19 songs in total, including 2 songs in the encore, and many of Block B’s other popular songs; such as ‘Nalina’, ‘Jackpot’ and ‘Very Good’.


Block B London Songs Set List 2017
No Songs
1 Nice Day
2 Her
3 Mental Breaker
4 Action
5 Very Good
6 Be The Light
7 Did You or Did You Not
8 Romantically
9 Zero for Conduct (Zico Replace P.O)
10 Toy
11 Walkin’ in the Rain
12 Unordinary girl
14 Tell Them
16 NalinA
17 Very Good (Rough Version)
18 [Encore] A Few Years Later
19 [Encore] Movie’s Over


Any Plans for Block B To Hold a European Tour in 2018?

Block B 2018

After releasing an album, Re:Montage, Block B is starting another concert tour, which kick off in Seoul, Jamsil Stadium on 27th January 2018 and 28 January 2018. Although they are famous overseas in Europe and such places and have already held 2 concert tours in Europe in 2015 and 2017, there isn’t any further information about when they will start another European Tour on 2018.


Block B’s Concert Appearance in the Philippines

Block B 2011

Block B hasn’t visited Philippines for their official concert before. But they already went to the Philippines as part of the line up for a Hallyu Concert in the Philippines from August 31 to September 1, 2011 at the Mall of Asia. The concert was a Korean cultural concert in the Philippines. They also became judges for a K-Pop Dance Cover Festival besides performing on the stage. They sang their popular songs at the time, such as ‘Halo’, ‘Tell Them, ‘Freeze’  and ‘Wanna B’.