Block B’s B-Bomb’s Full Profile and Latest News


B-Bomb of BLOCK B & BASTARZ: The Dancing Machine of The Group

Not many know that B-Bomb of BLOCK B, or Lee Min-hyuk, is one of the great idol dancers in the K-Pop world. He was the last member to be accepted in the group and later on was selected as a member of the sub-unit BASTARZ, with U-Kwon and P.O. Though Zico, the most popular member, officially left the group in November 2018, according to the reports, the remaining members will be renewing their contracts and continue their activities as a six-member group. Let’s get to know B-Bomb more closely!

Profile & Facts of BLOCK B’s B-Bomb – Lee Min-hyuk


B-Bomb studied at Global Cyber University prior to being selected as one of the seven members of BLOCK B. While being a student there, he studied broadcasting. He is known by fans as a former trainee of Woolim Entertainment, who almost debuted as an INFINITE member. He also works as a stage actor, using his birth name.

Full Profile/Biodata of BLOCK B’s B-Bomb


Stage Name: B-Bomb
Birth Name: Lee Min-hyuk (이민혁)
Chinese Name: 李敃赫
Nicknames: Joto (조또), Minyeoksin/An inexperienced person (미녁신), Gakdoki/Protractor (각도기), Beomranmagwi/Crimson Devil (범란마귀), Botongeui Jonjae/Common presence (보통의 존재), Botongryeong/Normie (보통령), Neukdaeui Yuhok (늑대의 유혹)
Occupation: Idol, Singer, Dancer, Actor
Position: Vocalist and Main Dancer
Agency: CJ E & M, Seven Seasons (세븐시즌스) (Now changed to KQ Entertainment)
Nationality: South Korean
Date of Birth: December 14th, 1990
Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse
Western Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: A
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Languages: Korean and English
Religion: N/A
Family: Parents
Education: Gangdong Junior High School (강동중학교), Global Cyber University – College of Broadcasting (글로벌사이버대학교)
Hobbies: Playing the piano, collecting fashion photo shoots

Collection Facts & Trivia About BLOCK B’s B-Bomb

  • B-Bomb grew up in Seoul, South Korea.
  • He has a unique hobby, which is collecting fashion photographs from magazines.
  • Specialties: Dancing (Popping and Hip-Hop)
  • His stage name ‘B-Bomb’ means to be rare and unique. The “Bomb” symbolizes his“explosive” influence. He made it himself.
  • During an interview, B-Bomb shared, “My real name is Lee Min-hyuk. These days, I regret having a stage name a little bit. I made a stage name because there were a lot of Min-hyuk’s back then, and now there’s even more.”
  • B-Bomb trained together with INFINITE members under Woollim Entertainment before. Some say he was picked as the leader.
  • He appears to be the most normal member in BLOCK B.
  • “I am a person who needs to be prepared to show when I do something.”
  • He is an only child.
  • He participated in the TV show Battle of Shinhwa where he rapped and danced.
  • Ever since high school, he was just the kid that always danced. He’d dance and hold battles with friends after school and even took part in competitions.
  • He began playing piano at an early age.
  • He usually drinks warm milk when he can’t sleep.
  • Has a habit of going to sleep in one position and waking up in that same exact position.
  • He’s afraid of heights.
  • According to the other members, he showers the longest.
  • Checks himself in the mirror a lot.
  • B-Bomb opened a cafe called Mujabee.
  • B-Bomb’s ideal type is someone with cute dimples.
  • He is Block B’s Selca King.
  • He used to share a room with Jaehyo and the manager.
  • According to Kyung, he’s a selfish person.
  • He is the member that has the most secrets.
  • B-Bomb is considered the most perverted member of the group and also the one who watches the most porn.
  • His favorite color is black.
  • He and U-Kwon wear shoe lifts.
  • B-Bomb said that he is not the type to have prejudices about people: he prefers to just think well of the other person.
  • When asked about who would treat a girl best in the BASTARZ subunit, both U-Kwon and P.O chose B-Bomb.
  • If Taeil had difficulty picking up on some moves in a choreography rehearsal, B-Bomb would be by his side and help him through everything.
  • His last relationship was in March 2012.
  • He said he wants to stay low about relationships, he wouldn’t go public.
  • Dating rumors centered around him in 2016, photos also surfaced in an online community and people assumed that it was a lovestagram between him and a female. Later he claimed it was a false accusation, saying it was a silly rumor.
  • He won daesang in the Coex Dance Jjang.
  • He won the 3rd place in the Mapo District Youth Championships.
  • He, along with U-Kwon, star in a web-drama titled Jumping Girl, playing the spoiled idol star Seo Ah-shin opposite Jung Ha-na.
  • B-Bomb’s favorite clothing style: clean, casual, checkered button-ups, new era.
  • B-Bomb wants to collaborate with Jay Park.
  • When asked about which senior he would like to meet, he chose Rain and Seungri of BIG BANG.
  • U-Kwon and B-bomb would like to collaborate and create a dance unit.
  • He covered a dance of Bruno Mars’ “Treasure,” released on Youtube with Just Jerk.

Discography & Filmography of BLOCK B’s B-Bomb


As a member of BLOCK B and the sub-unit BASTARZ, he has released singles in both Korean and Japanese. B-Bomb wrote the song “Tightly” for the sub-unit’s 2016 second album, Welcome to Bastarz. B-Bomb also wrote the song “Give & Take,” that appears in the BLOCK B album Re: Montage. Not stopping there, he also made an appearance in several broadcasts as guest and fixed cast. Here is a list of B-Bomb’s Discography & Filmography!

BLOCK B’s Discography

Studio Album: Blockbuster (October 17th, 2012)
Studio Album: My Zone (October 26th, 2016)
Compilation Album: Block B The Best (June 20th, 2018)
Single Album: Do You Wanna B? (April 14th, 2011)
Single Album: Jackpot (April 17th, 2014) – Korean
Single Album: Very Good (January 21st, 2015) – Japanese
Single Album: H.E.R (May 27th, 2015) – Japanese
Single Album: Jackpot (February 24th, 2016) – Japanese
Single Album: Toy (June 15th, 2016) – Japanese
Single Album: Yesterday (March 29th, 2017) – Japanese
Single Album: Project-1 EP (September 20th, 2017) – Japanese
Extended Play: New Kids on the Block (June 23rd, 2011)
Extended Play: Welcome to the Block (February 2nd, 2012)
Extended Play: Very Good (October 2nd, 2013)
Extended Play: H.E.R (July 24th, 2014)
Extended Play: Blooming Period (April 11th, 2016)
Extended Play: Montage (November 7th, 2017)
Extended Play: Montage (December 6th, 2017) – Japanese
Soundtrack All My Love Special OST: “Ppappappappa” (빠빠빠빠) (2011)
Soundtrack Phantom OST: “Burn Out” (2012)
Soundtrack The Thousandth Man OST: “Your Umbrella” (너의 우산) (2012)
Soundtrack Secret Door OST: “Secret Door (Org Ver.)” (2014)

BASTARZ’s Discography

Extended Play: Conduct Zero (April 14th, 2015)
Extended Play: Welcome 2 Bastarz (October 31st, 2016)
Single Album: Hinko Zero (October 7th, 2015) – Japanese

B-Bomb’s Filmography: Dramas & Shows

Year Broadcast Network Title Notes
2015 Drama Daum Kakao TV Jumping Girl as Seo Ah-Shin
2017 Show SBS Plus Leaving with Jaehyo
2018 Show JTBC 4 Awesome Feed Cast member

B-Bomb’s Filmography: Music Videos of BLOCK B

Year Title Album Director
2011 “Freeze” Do U Wanna B? METAOLOS
“Tell Them” New Kids On The Block Zanybros
2012 “NalinA” Welcome To The Block Purple Straw Films
“Close My Eyes” Welcome To The Block (Repackage) Unknown
“Action (RMX)”
“Nillili Mambo” Blockbuster Purple Straw Films
2013 “Very Good” Very Good
“Be The Light”
2014 “Jackpot” H.E.R
“H.E.R”‘ Tiger Cave
2016 “A Few Years Later” Blooming Period
“Toy” Lumpens
2017 “Yesterday” Non-album single Tiger Cave
“Shall We Dance” Montage Han Samin
2018 “Don’t Leave” RE:Montage SUNNYVISUAL
2015 “Very Good (Japanese version)” Non-album singles Takeshi Maruyama
“H.E.R (Japanese version)” Unknown
2016 “Jackpot (Japanese version)” Purple Straw Films
“Toy (Japanese version)” Lumpens
“My Zone” My Zone Yeom Ji Been
2017 “Yesterday (Japanese version)” Non-album single Tiger Cave

B-Bomb’s Filmography: Music Videos of BASTARZ

Year Title Director(s)
2015 “Conduct Zero” Purple Straw Films
“Hinko Zero”
2016 “Selfish & Beautiful Girl” FantazyLab
“Make It Rain”
“That’s Right” Block B BASTARZ