Profile of Block B’s Zico: Age, Height, Birthday, Tattoos, and Facts

Block B Zico Tattoo

As an idol, Zico is known for having tattoos on his body.

The┬áKorean national flower, the Hibiscus Syriacus, or the “mugunghwa” in Korean.

The tattoo of King Sejong, the fourth King of the Joseon Dynasty in South Korea who was created the Korean Alphabet known as Hangul on Zico’s hand.

Block B Zico’s Fashion

As an idol, fashion will be an important things for him. On stage, Zico usually wears a “swag” fashion, but he likes to dress casually for his daily routine.

He also like to use an unique pattern clothes.

Block B Zico House

After the success of Zico, he reported that he bought a house and car.

Good luck to Zico!