Here Are Block B Members Talking About Zico After His Departure From The Group


Zico Left Block B?

On April 13, 2011, Block B made their debut that immediately became a hit. The group consisted of 7 members, and they are Zico, Tae-il, B-bomb, Jae-yo, U-kwon, P.O, and Kyung. The group is currently under Seven Seasons Entertainment after previously staying with Stardom Entertainment but leaving after having a problem.

Block B is known for their fierce music style, their debut song, Freeze, was not really a hit but accepted well by fans. Their hit song was Nilili Mambo, a song with jungle-like vibe became a big hit and they also became a hot topic!

Zico’s Departure

After their problem with their past agency, they went to a pretty long hiatus and since then, they are not as active as they were before except Zico and Kyung who went solo. Zico is also active as a composer and songwriter. He even become the judges in Show Me The Money. On 23 November 2018, Zico decided to leave the group to go solo. This news has already confirmed by Seven Season Entertainment, they said that Zico officially left the group after some discussion and the other members renewed their contracts.

However, on December 6th 2018 Zico uploaded a picture of him with P.O, Jae-hyo, and Kyung with a heartwarming caption.

Park Kyung and P.O’s IG Post

After Zico’s departure, Kyung and P.O uploaded funny posts on their instagram account, suspected to be talking about their ex-leader. The posts are not offending or something, it only shows how close and casual they are toward each other even though Zico is no longer in the group. But sadly, Kyung’s post stirred some negative reactions from fans so he deleted it. Check out the posts P.O uploaded!

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형 왜 혼자있어 #오늘따라 #술땡기네ㅋ #그냥맥주일뿐

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The caption says “Hyung, why are you alone #TodayEspecially #IFeelLikeDrinking Ha #ItsJustBeer”.

On Video Star, Kyung was asked about the post he posted about Zico and he clarified that it was just to ease up the atmosphere. Kyung and Zico are childhood friends, and Kyung asked for Zico’s opinion about the post before posting it to his Instagram and Zico approved and said it was funny.

Block B on Dreaming Radio

On 9 January this year, Block B was invited to be the guest of Dreaming Radio where Kyung became the DJ there. They talked a lot about their good memories as a group, including with their ex-leader, Zico. They were asked who is the most sensitive member when it comes to netizens’ comments. U-kwon said that Zico often online so he would see the articles written in the internet. Tae-il agreed that Zico is the most sensitive member when it comes to comments. Kyung admitted that Zico is the most famous member so he will be in articles everywhere and he would read it all. “Maybe when the article about our discussion here released, he will call us” he added.

Beside Zico, Kyung said that he had a secret account named Jjongie’s Mom that he used to leave good comments about himself when there were any bad articles about him. “I used to leave good comments about myself like ‘it’s very pleasing to see Kyung because he looks like a good person'” he added that brought everyone in laughter.

Latest News

As mentioned before, Zico decided to leave the group while the 6 others have renewed their contracts. Seven Seasons Entertainment announced that Kyung, P.O, Tae-il, Jae-hyo, U-kwon and B-bomb will focus on individual or unit schedules instead of a whole group because some members will enter the military soon. Zico is currently busy writing and composing new songs as a soloist but there is no plan yet for his comeback in a short time. Let’s hope that the boys will return to greet BBCs!