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Block B’s U-Kwon Says He Plans to Marry His Girlfriend After Dating for 8 Years


Block B’s U-Kwon revealed his plans to marry his girlfriend and model Jun Sun-hye of 8 years. On the June 11th installment of Video Star, U-Kwon talked about going public with his girlfriend, saying, “At the time, I was 21. I was either very innocent or just dumb. I don’t regret it. Fans told me that if I do date that I need to tell them honestly, and I believed exactly what they said. I was wondering sincerely about going public with my relationship, but I saw how Sun [of Wonder Girls] sunbaenim (as called senior) was getting married and gained courage.”

As for the Block B members’ reactions, U-Kwon said, “Park Kyung came in and slammed the door. He asked me how I could say something like that without discussing it with them first. I felt very sorry. After I made the post about my relationship, the label didn’t know at all. The fans figured it out after I posted it and the mail went out. After an hour, the label deleted it, and they called me to a nearby restaurant. I guess because it became a big issue, they thought it was a good idea. Date as much as you want.”

He also talked about his plans to get married, “I was going to marry my girlfriend before I enlist in the military. I thought that I could go when I was about 30, and we could save up money to get married until then. But the laws changed, and I now have to go to the military next year. I’m currently wondering about whether I should get married before I go to the military or after I’m done.”

U-Kwon sent a video message to his girlfriend, saying, “I think I have a lot of things to be sorry for the past 8 years until now. I think I’m going to feel apologetic once again because of the military issues. Trust me and watch me because I’ll do my best so that we’ll stick together. Sun Hye, I love you.”

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