Everything About Block B’s U-Kwon’s Profile: Girlfriend, Appearance on ‘Radio Romance’, Dance Skills, etc.


Let’s Get Acquainted With The Most Handsome and Charismatic Lead Dancer of Block B – U-Kwon

Kim Yu-kwon was born on April 9th, 1992, in Suwon, South Korea. He is better known by his stage name U-Kwon. He is a South Korean singer, signed under Seven Seasons. He is a vocalist and lead dancer of the boy band Block B. He is also a member of the subunit Bastarz along with P.O and B-Bomb, as well as the subunit T2U with Taeil.

In this article, Channel-Korea Will provide you with a rundown of everything about Block B’s U-Kwon. Starting from his profile, through the facts, his girlfriend, dancing skills, and much more. So, don’t skip this article!

U-Kwon’s Full Profile

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Stage Name: U-Kwon (유권)
Birth Name: Kim Yoo Kwon (김유권)
Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist
Date of Birth: April 9th, 1992
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Suwon, South Korea
Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @uk_530
Youtube: UKwon

U-Kwon’s Interesting Facts

  • He was born in Suwon, South Korea.
  • He has an older brother.
  • Education: Graduated from Anyang Technical High School
  • Specialties: Dancing and playing electric guitar
  • He is the “umma” (mother) of the group because he cleans the mess the other members make.
  • Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to music, reading.
  • He likes reading manga, such as One Piece.
  • He likes cats.
  • His favorite times of the day are 12 PM and 6 PM because both times are “meal time.”
  • He cooks rice the best out of all the Block B members.
  • He keeps his mother’s pic in his wallet.
  • He starred in Lipstick Prince, a Korean show that premiered on December 1st, 2016 (alongside with other K-Pop idols).
  • He had a cameo role in the Korean drama Radio Romance (ep. 1 – 2018).
  • He, along with Zico, Kyung, Hanhae, and Mino was part of the original line-up for Block B.
  • According to the members, he is extremely pure.
  • U-KWON has six dogs: Yuki, Dalbong, Ddoong, Byul, Pang, and Koon (Ddong, Byul, and Dalbong are models for a clothing brand BUBP) Instagram: @b_dd_p_k.
  • U-Kwon is in a relationship with Jeon Sun-hye, a model.
  • U-Kwon is friends with MASC’s Woosoo.
  • Subunit: BastarzT2U
  • U-Kwon’s ideal type: “As for me, I like women who look good with short cuts. I’m attracted to women with short hair.”

U-Kwon’s Girlfriend


Block B’s U-Kwon started dating Jun Sun-hye in 2012. Jun Sun-hye is a model from South Korea that has a brilliant career, such as having won 3rd place from the Global Beauty Contest in the past. At first, their relationship was not known to the public until eventually, U-Kwon posted a comment for BBCs on an official fan site group account, which said that he was dating a model.

He wrote, “I have a girlfriend, I hope you all know it. She is the model Jun Sun-hye, who is 4 years older than me. She is a very happy person I like when I tell her about my first love.”  And in his statement about his girlfriend, he said: “When I have a hard time and when I feel hopeless, she is always by my side, giving me lots of energy and always keeping me motivated, we support each other and are very happy to be able to date together with the attention delivered.”

He decides to announce his relationship with her after he felt his relationship is fine. He also said, “I feel embarrassed to smile without telling the truth and to be close to my fans. I want to be close to you and want to share everything without a secret and to love my fans for me and accept me as I am.” Finally, he said, “I like to show a more descriptive picture depicting a man who is loyal and happy for me and our fans. I promise to always work hard and prove that I deserve to be a member of Block B “.

U-Kwon and his girlfriend, Jun Sun-hye have been dating for 7 years, and according to U-Kwon’s statements, he has the desire to marry his lover someday.

Netizens’ Reactions to U-Kwon’s Girlfriend


Source: Newsen via Nate

  1. [+235, -128] “I’m sad but I hope you guys last a long time…”
  2. [+178, -74] “How did the journalist know? ㅋㅋ Did he get his account leveled up in the fan cafe? Even a few BBCs had their accounts rejected… ㅋㅋ”
  3. [+254, -153] “Really amazing U-Kwon, be happy~~”
  4. [+143, -101] “We’ve known for a while now so be happy regardless. If you make Sunhye unnie cry, Kim Yu-kwon you better be ready to be slapped by us ok?!”
  5.  [+61, -] “They’ve been dating for over four years since before Block B’s debut and fans have known all along. There’s nothing to hate about here. Just give them your support.”

Source: TV Report via Nate

  1. [+63, -28] “A few people seem to think this is media play but fans have already known for a long time. My friend’s a really big BBC and when I told her that news of U-Kwon dating came out, she said, ‘Oh, Jun Sun-hye?'”
  2. [+60, -27] “To all the people saying, ‘U-Kwon wasn’t reflecting, he was too busy seducing girls.’ Please know that Jun Sun-hye is U-Kwon’s first love and they’ve been dating for four years.”
  3. [+52, -35] “I’m proud of him as a fan! It must’ve been difficult for him to make this decision so I hope they have a beautiful love!”
  4. [+19, -10] “Media play??? Sorry but their company’s too poor to do media play.”
  5. [+19, -7] “A lot of fans already knew ㅋㅋ It’s better that they admit what’s already been caught and continue dating like this~”

U-Kwon’s on Radio Romance


In the first episode of Radio Romance, U-Kwon appeared as a radio DJ named Kang Mi-noo. His character is described as a troublemaker because he often ignores his schedule of activities due to drinking too much.


Radio Romance itself is a Monday-Tuesday drama of the romantic comedy genre, telling the story of a top radio DJ always needing a script to do something and a great radio scriptwriter in everything except writing.

U-Kwon’s Comment about His Cameo on Radio Romance


Block B’s U-Kwon talked about his appearance as a cameo recently in the KBS drama Radio Romance. U-Kwon appeared in the first episode as a troublemaking artist DJ Kang Mi-noo, who violated his schedule activities because he drank too much. This makes Song Geu-rim (Kim So-hyun) chase him until she has to catch up to the hotel.

Regarding this cameo appearance, U-Kwon commented, “This is all thanks to the help of the staff and crew, I am shooting happily even though I have many shortcomings. I will continue to strive for better performance in the future. Please give love and attention to Radio Romance. Thank you.”

The KBS drama Radio Romance is a romantic comedy drama about a top star who can’t do anything without a script and a great radio scriptwriter who can actually do anything but write. The drama airs every Monday-Tuesday on the Korean TV channel, KBS2.

U-Kwon’s Dancing Skills


As a Lead Dancer of his group Block B, U-Kwon certainly has extraordinary dancing skills. Those skills have been proven by him in every appearance on stage. And then, U-Kwon showed his ability to dance through the BASTARZ comeback in 2016. In keeping with the retro feeling, U-Kwon dances around in a sports jersey and a white headband, showing off his moves for the camera.

U-Kwon’s Dancing Compilations

U-Kwon Gave a Bad Comment on Han Hyun-min’s Dance?


On the May 8th airing of MBC Every1’s Korean Foreigner, U-Kwon appeared as the “Dance Expert.” The idol shared tips on how to become a good dancer, and said, “You have to watch and try a lot.”

He then showed off his moves to randomly played songs, proving his superb dancing skills. U-Kwon also gave Han Hyun-min dance lessons on the spot. However, the model presented an awkward performance. Seeing this, U-Kwon brought laughter as he commented, “He has a body that cannot be saved. He has two left feet.”


U-Kwon’s Instagram


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