One of the Longest Public Relationships Among Idols, Learn More The Details About Block B’s U-Kwon’s Romance

Block B U-Kwon and Jeon Sun-hye

Block B’s U-Kwon and His Model Girlfriend Have Been Together For 6 Years Now

Block B’s U-Kwon announced his relationship with model Jeon Sun-hye on December 2nd, 2012, via BBC fan club’s post. In the post, U-Kwon revealed that his girlfriend is his first love. It has been 6 years since his first confession and a lot of things have happened between BBC, Block B fans, and their relationship. Let’s find out more about their relationship!

U-Kwon’s Dating Life

Block B U-Kwon dating life

“BBC! This is U-Kwon.”

“I have a girlfriend. I think many of you already know. She is model Jeon Sun-hye, who is four years older than me. She’s the first love that I talked about not too long ago.

She is someone who has always given me great strength and support whenever I felt tired, exhausted and wanted to crumble down. We are always giving each other strength and we are meeting with good feelings and we are very happy. I’m sorry for all the fans and everyone else who might be shocked at this sudden news. I think my girlfriend will be really shocked when she finds out that I posted this too.

I wanted to approach my fans as the real Kim Yoo Kwon with nothing to hide and I want to be loved for being that kind of person.

I will show my fans a more real me, with a bright smile and a better image. I promise to try harder and grow more as a Block B member”

-Block B U-Kwon December 2nd, 2012

Block B U-kwon instagram past post

Since U-Kwon revealed his relationship with his girlfriend to the public through the Block B official blog, they often shared their moments together on their Instagram along with their dogs. U-Kwon often shares their pet photos and some holiday photos rather than couple photos. Because of their affection and #family on every post with the dogs, the public assumed that the couple is living together. Not only that, but they have also been seen wearing couples’ items on several photos that have surfaced online.

During an interview and photo shoot for The Star fashion magazine in 2017, U-Kwon shared his dating story.

“My girlfriend is firm when she needs to be, but she’s very understanding. There are aspects about my job that could make it really stressful, but since she has previous experience in the entertainment industry, I think she’s very sympathetic.”

It seems that the couple understands each other’s differences, which is rare for couples from the entertainment industry.



U-Kwon dating controversy

U-Kwon’s relationship with his girlfriend gained a lot of controversy since the beginning.

  1. Like with other idols, their dating made Block B’s fan club, BBC, divide into two fractions: supporters and non-supporters of the relationship.
  2. U-Kwon has shared too many photos of their pets and supported his girlfriend’s online shopping too much with posts on his Instagram, which made fans question his behavior toward the fans.
  3. Fans claimed that U-Kwon doesn’t care about his fans anymore and became furious as they thought that they are just his “ATM.”
  4. He changed his Twitter account into private.
  5. Fans thought he was playing with their hearts because his comment regarding the false rumor about his Instagram account being hacked seemed like he was playing around.
Block B U-Kwon instagram controversy


Their Relationship Now

Block B U-kwon current relationship status

There is no official news regarding the end of their relationship. Probably, U-Kwon and his girlfriend still share precious moments with their dogs as one family. Although his fans are divided into two fractions, their relationship still remains as strong as ever. Neither the big age gap nor the fake news could stop their strong relationship. Let’s wish all the best to the couple!