Block B’s P.O’s Individual Activities: Solo, Drama, and Variety Shows

Meet The Maknae of Block B, P.O

Pyo Ji-hoon, or as you may be more familiar with, P.O (born on February 2, 1993), is a South Korean rapper from the boy-group named Block B. P.O and Block B had their first offical debut in April, 2011. According to a source, P.O first failed to make the line-up for Block B when he was a trainee. After some hard training and losing up to 10kg, he auditioned again and made it to the final line-up for Block B.

Now, P.O is spreading his wings in the entertainment industry along with Block B. Curious about what he’s been doing lately? Check this out!

P.O’s Dramas

Temperature of Love

Block B’s P.O got his chance to prove his acting skills on SBS’s television series Temperature of Love, as one of the supporting actors. This drama was aired on SBS from September 18 to November 21, 2017, for 40 episodes. Temperature of Love was based on the novel Good Soup Never Picks Up The Phone, which was published in 2014. P.O co-stars were Seo Hyun-jin, Yang Se-jeong, Kim Jae-wook, Jo Bo-ah, and many more. The drama received a rating of 8.83% in Seoul, according to AGB Nielsen counts.

The story was about the two people who first met from online chatting. Jane (username) was an aspiring screenwriter, and Good Soup (username) was the chef and owner of a Michelin-starred restaurant called Good Soup. Their relationship starting developing soon after they met in person. Unfortunately, Jane and Good Soup were separated after choosing different paths for their career. P.O, himself, played one of the chefs in Good Soup, named Kang Min-ho.


In 2018, P.O got another role in a television series. He starred in the tvN’s series  Encounter, as a supporting actor. Encounter was admitted to be the highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history, with a rating of 12.868% in Seoul, according to AGB Nielsen. It was aired from November 28, 2018, to January 24, 2019, with 16 episodes. P.O’s co-stars were Song Hye-kyo, Park Go-bum, Jang Seung-jo, and so on.

The drama was about Cha Soo-hyun, the daughter of prominent politician who seems to have everything, and Kim Jin-hyuk, a free and ordinary young man who seems to have nothing, who met each other by fate. They choose to give up their ordinary lives to be together. P.O starred as Kim Jin-hyuk’s younger brother, Kim Jin-myung.

Love Alert

Also in 2018, P.O took a supporting role in MBN’s television series Love Alert, along with Yoon Eun-hye, Chun Jung-myung, Han Go-eun, Jo Woo-jae, and so on. Love Alert was based on the web novel with the same name, authorized by Seo Han-kyul. It aired from October 31 to December 20, 2018.

The story was about a single doctor named Cha Woo-hyun (played by Chun Jung-myung) who gets involved in a hot scandal with a top celebrity, Yoon Yoo-jung (played by Yoon Eun-hye). In fact, the pair sign a contract in which they have to pretend to be lovers to achieve their mutual goals, but ended to falling in love with each other. P.O got the role as Yoon Yoo-jung’s sibling, Yoon Yoo-jun.

Solo Debut

On September 19, Block B’s P.O granted his fans wish by announced his upcoming solo debut. P.O released a single with a singer and songwriter, Chancellor, titled Men’z Night. The song is a funky type, about some men’s day out and a night of having fun at a party. P.O produced and wrote the lyrics for his solo. Check out his MV, below!

Variety Show

Lipstick Prince

In 2016, P.O took his chance to be a cast member on a Korean Beauty show called Lipstick Prince. The show is distributed by OnStyle, and premiered on December 1, 2016. This show featured seven male idols who had to learn about makeup techniques from professionals, as requested from the guests (famous female celebrities). They applying it on a mannequin first, after learning the makeup style, and then on their guest’s face. During the beauty makeover, the guests couldn’t see how the male idols works.

The show hoped to break the stereotype that makeup and beauty stuff is just for females. The male idols also encouraged discussion about cosmetics, makeovers, and beauty. The main host was Heechul from Super Junior, and the ‘princes’ were H.O.T.’s Tony An, Block B’s P.O, BtoB’s Eunkwang, Monsta X’s Shownu, SF9’s Rowoon, Block B’s U-Kwon (season 1), NCT’s Doyoung (season 1), VIXX’s N (season 2), and NCT’s Johnny (season 2).

Below are some exciting moments of P.O in Lipstick Prince :

Living Together in Empty Room

P.O once again had the chance to be involved in the exciting variety show, Living Together in Empty Room, along with other famous celebrities. The show was about two celebrities who would be roommates for some time, in the house of a celebrity that they rented before. The show was aired on MBC from April 14, 2017 to March 23, 2018. P.O was a cast member, so he often appeared, either as the landlord or the renter.

The most exciting moment from P.O’s appearance when he had to stay in Jo Se-ho’s house with his ideal-type noona, Sandara Park! On the first day, P.O was so shy and awkward to realize that he would be living with his favorite noona. The comedian Jo Se-ho broke the ice by introducing his house to his renters. This episode was interesting, as the viewers loved to watch how the relationship between P.O and Sandara Park was going!



Let’s check out Block B’s P.O’s official instagram account at @pyojihoon_official

Group selfies of tvN Encounter‘s cast.

Latest News

In November, 2018, Woo Ji-ho, or Zico, decided to leave the group Block B. The agency, Seven Seasons, announced that Zico didn’t renew his contract while the other six members continued their path with Block B. The leader’s departure made Block B Club (fandom of Block B) sad, even though some fans said they saw it coming.

To cheer up their fans, P.O and Kyung uploaded something about Zico on their official Instagram.

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형 왜 혼자있어 #오늘따라 #술땡기네ㅋ #그냥맥주일뿐

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P.O uploaded Zico’s commercial photo of a beer product. He put in the caption “Hyung, why are you alone? #Especiallytoday #Iwanttodrink #Thisisjustbeer”. This showed that the rest of the members still had a good relationship with Zico, even though they’d already separated in their career paths.