Details About Block B Jae-hyo’s Enlistment in the Military


Let’s Get Acquainted More Closely With Block B’s Visual JAE-HYO

Ahn Jae-hyo was born on December 23rd, 1990, in Busan, South Korea. He is better known by his stage name Jae-hyo. He is a South Korean singer and vocalist in the South Korean boy band BLOCK B. Prior to his debut with Block B, Ahn Jae-hyo was an ulzzang, and was featured in Mnet’s television series focusing on male ulzzangs꽃미남 아롱사태, in 2007. He was a trainee for the boy band Beast, but was sidelined with an injury. He debuted with Block B in April 2011.

In 2015, Ahn Jae-hyo starred as the male lead in the web drama, What On Earth Is Going On? (도대체 무슨 일이야). In early 2017, he became the first Korean pop idol to appear on the cover of Korean fishing magazine Fishing News. On March 18th, 2018, Ahn appeared on the SBS television show It’s Good To Be A Little Crazy and taught the actress Han Eun-jung how to fish. On December 20th, 2018, Jae-hyo began the conscription required of South Korean men, he is expected to serve approximately two years as a public service worker.

Block B’s Jae-hyo Mandatory Military Service on December 20th, 2018!

One more shocking news came to Block B’s fans. After the news of Zico’s departure, this time, came the news that one of his members would be carrying out military service. The member is Jae-hyo.

As reported by Sport Chosun, Block B’s Jae-hyo will start his mandatory military service on December 20th. Seven Seasons, the agency that oversees Jae-hyo revealed that this idol born on December 23rd, 1990, will serve the country as a public service worker.

“Hello. This is Seven Seasons.

We are writing this regarding Block B’s member Jae-hyo’s military enlistment.

Jae-hyo will be carrying out his duties to the nation by enlisting at the military basic training center on Thursday, December 20th. After the basic training, he plans on serving as a public service worker for approximately 2 years.

Due to his health issues, Jae-hyo has been assigned to the position of a public service worker and he intends to fulfill his required duties diligently; he personally wished to enlist quietly, so there will be no official farewell ceremony. We ask of you fans for understanding.

Please warmly cheer on our artist Jae-hyo, who will fulfill his duties honestly and return a more mature person.”

Seven Seasons also revealed that it was health reasons that made Jae-hyo serve as a public service worker, rather than being a soldier. The Block B member will start his military service quietly and without an official farewell ceremony from fans

Block B’s Jae-hyo Announces Military Enlistment As Public Social Worker


On December 4th, Seven Seasons Entertainment announced, “Block B’s Jae-hyo will enlist in the military on December 20th. He will enter the army recruit training center to begin his mandatory military duties.”

According to the notice, Jae-hyo will enlist as a public social worker and fulfill his duties for the next two years. The agency continued, “due to reasons involving his health, he was assigned to serve as a public service worker. However, he plans to carry out his duties with much diligence.”

They concluded, “in response to his wish to enlist quietly, we will not hold official events for fans and the press. Please send your warm encouragement to the artist, who will return with more matured looks and insights after completing his service.”

Meanwhile, Block B recently became a 6-member group after ZICO decided to part ways with the agency and the group.

Military Service, Block B’s Jae-hyo Wrote a Long Letter And Made His Fans Touched!


On Thursday (December 20th), Block B member Jae-hyo officially carried out his military service. On the day of his departure, he wrote a touching letter to his fans. He wrote this letter and posted it on Block B’s official fancafe. In the letter, he expressed remorse for not being able to carry out military service as an active soldier.

“Hello, this is Jae-hyo. I thought I would never be able to carry out military service, but now the time has come. I feel embarrassed and regret not being able to carry out military service as an active soldier because I have had a knee injury,” Jae-hyo wrote in his letter. “When preparing various ways to be able to meet all of you as much as possible before compulsory military service, I realize you love me very much.”

In his letter, Jae-hyo expresses gratitude for all the love and fan support he has received. But he is committed to continuing to participate in volunteer activities. In the event, he hoped to meet with fans.

“I’m pretty grateful because you have given me unconditional love, but I’m more grateful because you will certainly be more worried about me while in the military. I can’t stop expressing my gratitude for your love,” Jae-hyo added in her letter. “We cannot meet through official events when I run military service, but I will continue to participate in volunteer activities.”

Jae-hyo also wrote that he doesn’t want to leave fans too sad about his departure. Because compulsory military service is the obligation of all Korean men to do.

“This news about compulsory military service may be sad news, especially for fans who have gone through many things, but this is an obligation that I must do as a Korean man,” Jae-hyo explained in his letter. “Everyone has to do it, so don’t worry too much.”

Jae-hyo also revealed that while he was writing the letter he felt emotional and mixed up because he still couldn’t believe that he was going to the army. He also promised to share photos of himself when he cuts his hair.

“Besides, don’t worry, because I can quickly adapt to the new environment and get acquainted with new friends,” said Jae-hyo in his letter. “One thing I’m worried about is that you might forget me because you won’t be able to see me for a long time. Please don’t forget me.”

The 28-year-old man hopes to return from the military with a more mature attitude. He also expressed his disappointment of not being able to attend the concert of his crew partner, Taeil.

“I hope I can come back more mature. I’m sure if someone (who doesn’t know me) reads this, maybe they will think I’m running military service as an active soldier,” Jae-hyo said in his statement. “I want to go to the Taeil concert, but I’m sorry that I can’t. I have a lot of things I want to say, but this is not the end. So I want to refrain from writing sad words.”

Jae-hyo then promised to take the time to write a letter to fans on the sidelines of his military service. He also hopes that fans will always pay attention to other Block B members.

“I will keep writing letters and other things while in the military if I have time. Besides that, please give attention to the members. If you really know them, you will see how they are now mature and kind,” Jae-hyo said in his letter. “I will eat chicken and tofu for dinner today. I will eat everything that I might miss while training, so don’t worry. I will also think about the day when I meet with the BBC again.”

In his final statement, Jae-hyo revealed that he would become a public service officer in Seoul. He also asked fans to listen to the new songs of the other band members when they are released later.

“When writing this, my feelings are mixed and complicated. Looks like I will be stationed in Seoul as a public service officer. Seoul drinking water, Arisu! I’ll take care of it,” Jae-hyo said. “BBC that always fills the empty space with love, I love you all. I hope you will stream the new songs of the members when I become an army member later. Sincerely!”

Block B Shares Preview Of New Tracks From Repackaged Album “Re:Montage”


Block B has released a highlight medley for all the new tracks from their upcoming release, including solos from U-Kwon and Jaehyo!

Block B has released a teaser video for the title track off their new repackaged album “Re:Montage!”

The group will be making a return on January 8th with this new release, featuring the title track “Don’t Leave” (working title). On January 3rd, at midnight KST, Block B shared a dramatic, black-and-white teaser video that features the guys looking sad and reflective.

Watch it below!

Block B has shared a new teaser as we wait for their return with “Don’t Leave!” While the first teaser was all in black and white, the second teaser was in vivid colors.

Watch it below!

Block B’s Jae-hyo Opens Up About His Past Depression And Dark Thoughts in the ‘Momento’ Photo Exhibition!


Jae-hyo revealed his past struggles with depression.

Block B’s Jae-hyo recently opened his photo exhibition “Momento,” which ran from November 28th to December 19th. During this photo exhibition, one of his personal diary entries was on display.


His journal entry, dated from November 30th, detailed his past struggles with depression and even contemplating suicide.


My childhood was a lot different from how positive and happy I am today.

My parents’ love was too much, to the point where I thought they were too strict. I couldn’t move forward because I was stuck with thoughts in my head, such as “What am I…?” and “Why was I born?”

I was like a clock pin, continuously going in circles. Around the clock was things like home…. school…. studying.

Before I realized, the seed called depression had appeared in my heart, and every night, that seed grew by eating away at my anxiety.

Once I realized that depression’s existence, the seed had grown like ivy, spread out too much to stop. It finally grabbed hold of me and brought me to the apartment rooftop.

I didn’t even have the courage to jump…

I just stared at the ledge and looked at the ground.

I cried and kept crying…

Nobody except the stars and the sky know about my secret.

My first pain that I am revealing for the first time.

— Ahn Jae-Hyo’s Diary

Jae-hyo also mentioned, to a fan who attended his exhibition, that he would be enlisting on December 20th, so he will not be able to attend Taeil’s first solo concert. Seven Seasons had not yet confirmed this news.