All About Blitzers: Members’ Profile, Fun Facts, Debut Date

Blitzers’ Debut Through Lead Song “Breathe Again”

Blitzers: Blitzers' Cover Photo for Its Debut Extended Play (EP) Album "Check-In"

Before debuting, Blitzers was previously known as Wuzo Circle. At that time, Wuzo Circle consisted of about 14 members. However, seven of them had decided to leave the agency before making their official debut.

The other seven members were still practicing and preparing for their debut. Meanwhile, since March 2020, Wuzo Entertainment has also started to introduce the group’s final line-up. The company introduced the members one by one through written announcements and individual video trailers.

After the release of the trailers, Blitzers has finally made its official debut. They debuted with an extended play (EP) album entitled Check-In on May 12, 2021. The debut album featured one lead single titled Breathe Again, which the members often performed on their debut stages. The lead single didn’t get into South Korean music charts, nor did it get the first win for Blitzers. Fortunately, the EP album once reached 12th position on the Gaon Album Chart.

More impressively, the debut single and the album have brought the Blitzers to the award at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards. At the award, they won the Focus Award – Music category.

Take a Look at Blitzers’ MV and Live Performance Here!

Blitzers: Blitzers' Members During Their First Fanmeeting in Seoul, South Korea

The debut of Blitzers has sparked a lot of attentions from K-pop fans and observers. Its debut MV also raised people’s expectations for the group. Here’s the MV of Blitzers’ Breathe Again.

After released their debut MV, Blitzers has also released several MVs for all of their lead singles. Here are their MVs.

Since their official debut, Blitzers has been performing their lead songs on South Korean music shows. Here are some of their performances for each of their bops.

From these videos above, we can see that the stages are stunning! The members try so hard to deliver those intense choreographies. They also have passionate vocals, making the singles more memorable and pleasant to listen to. It seems that K-pop fans who have watched Blitzers’ performances realize that the members have been sparking their blitz since their rookie days.

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