Get to Know Bling Bling: Members Profile, Debut, MV, and Live Performance!

Official Debut as Bling Bling

bling bling

Bling Bling made its official debut on November 17, 2020! The group also released their first digital single album entitled G.G.B, which came with a music video. On the same date, Bling Bling was held their first debut showcase.

Not only that, but they have also released a sidetrack entitled La La La. Bling Bling was known as the first girl group under MAJOR9, a new music label that formed after the mergers between The Vibe Entertainment, Gold Moon Entertainment, and Asakusa Games.

The G.G.B single represented Bling Bling with such a unique style, the way Bling Bling has started their journey as a girl group with bold ambition. Well, the concept suited very well with Bling Bling members, right?

Meanwhile, the name ‘Bling Bling’ of their group has a meaning of sparkling, energetic, and actibling (active + bling bling). It also means that the group and the members would shine brilliantly as the best idol group.

bling bling
bling bling

Bling Bling consisted of six members: Juhyun, Ayamy, Jieun, Marin, Narin, and Yubin. The group also gained a lot of attention since Bling Bling members filled with Korean and Japanese nationalities, like Ayamy and Narin, who came from Japan, and the rest were Korean.

Bling Bling members are also known for their amazing visuals and talents, especially some of them used to become a trainee in another agency and participating in survival programs during their pre-debut era.

Bling Bling’s MV and Live Stage Performance

bling bling

Bling Bling has successfully made the public went crazy over them with their debut single, G.G.B! It also leads people to get more interested in them and wants to know more about their performances. Check out some of Bling Bling’s amazing MVs and live performances here!

The G.G.B music video was looked very amazing, which made Bling Bling’s debut also became one of the breakthrough moments! Through the G.G.B music video, Bling Bling members show off their distinct charms with a mixture of a girl crush, swag, and fierce concept!

They are also surrounded by sparkling decorations, fancy outfits, and various lighting. Some scenes are portraying Bling Bling members’ dance performances. Meanwhile, another filming set was set, such as a fancy fitting room, vintage room, and more!

Bling Bling has appeared with the casual concept through their live performance in SBS’ Inkigayo while performing the single G.G.B! Dominated with jeans and white outfits, Bling Bling also looked very passionate and energetic during their performance. Besides, the colorful lighting was increased their energetic performance on the stage as well!

Another Bling Bling live performance on SBS’ Inkigayo! The girls appear in neon and colorful outfits this time, making them look even brighter and playful. Each of Bling Bling members also appeared with different charms, such as Narin, Marin, Juhyun, and Ayamy were looked amazing with a boyish style; meanwhile, Jieun and Yubin looked stunning with feminine style!

That was all of the information about Bling Bling! Even though they have been known as one of the rookie girl groups since they just made a debut in November 2020, Bling Bling has proved that their talent and music project are definitely worth it! Moreover, the mixture of Korean and Japanese members became their unique characteristics as well!

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