Blady’s Former Member Yeom Bunhong’s Full Profile and Fun Facts

blady bunhong profile

Get To Know More About Blady’s Former Vocalist, Yeom Bunhong!

Blady (Hangul: 블레이디) is a South Korean girl group that debuted in 2011 under SY6 Entertainment and was later produced by Star Planet. Blady has a 4-member original lineup with Sunyeong, Darae, Kangyoon, and Bunhong. However, they had to undergo a tough career journey and had to change some of their members before being disbanded in 2017.

In this article, we will get to know one of the former members of Blady, Yeom Bunhong, who is also the first member of their original lineup who left the group. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about Blady’s Bunhong starting from her full profile, fun facts, visual, until her latest news in this article below!

Blady’s Bunhong’s Full Profile

Blady's Bunhong profile

Real Name: Yeom Bunhong (Hangul: 염분홍)

Stage Name: Bunhong (Hangul: 분홍)

Birth: Cheonan City, South Chungcheong Province, February 1, 1990

Star Sign: Aquarius

Position in the Group: Vocalist

Nationality: Korean

Blady’s Bunhong’s Fun Facts

Blady's Bunhong profile
  1. Blady’s Bunhong was a part of the original member lineup
  2. Blady’s Bunhong left the group shortly after her debut
  3. Blady’s Bunhong’s nickname while promoting with the group was Cute Sexy

Blady’s Bunhong’s Visual

Blady's Bunhong profile

South Korean entertainment is indeed famous for various actresses, actors, and K-pop idols who become the center of attention of many people when people see many idols that recently made their debut. For Blady, which debuted in 2011 of course, it has its own standards for each member to introduce Blady’s concept at that time.

Likewise with Blady’s Bunhong who is also part of the original member lineup. Let’s find out more about her visual that represents the group in this session below!

Blady's Bunhong profile

In this picture above, you could say this is Blady’s Bunhong’s pre-debut picture because she seems to have a younger visual, and also the concept of the clothes she wears doesn’t look as flashy as a girl group theme. In this candid picture, Blady’s Bunhong is also seen not ready when the camera catches the pose, but Blady’s Bunhong still looks naturally beautiful, right?

Blady's Bunhong profile

Different from the previous picture, you can see Blady’s Bunhong’s appearance that looks more mature, and she also shows her aura as an idol girl group member in this picture which is also an individual photoshoot from when Blady was interviewed by news media. Blady’s Bunhong looks pretty with her light brown and wavy hair. Her smile also looks charming, and her makeup looks natural but still shows her bright visuals while her outfit also looks trendy for a girl group member that made their debut in 2011.

Blady's Bunhong profile

If you previously saw Blady’s Bunhong who appeared with light brown hair, in this picture, Blady’s Bunhong is seen with her long black hair which looks natural and she also looks beautiful with light makeup. It can be assumed that this picture was taken during her individual schedule because there were no other members around. We can also see the natural beauty that Blady’s Bunhong has with the green ribbon as her hair accessory in this picture.

Blady's Bunhong profile

The picture above shows Blady’s Bunhong when she performed in one of the showcases. The member who has the position as the vocalist of the group also has her own charm when it comes to performing on the stage. If you look at this picture above, Blady’s Bunhong looks pretty in a black lined dress and with some accessories such as a bracelet, necklace, and also sleeves on her arms that made her appearance look more catchy on stage.

Blady's Bunhong profile

Although considered as one of the underrated members, Blady’s Bunhong also has beautiful and cute visuals so she is included as one of the charming idols during her promotion era with Blady. As you can see from the selca above, she took a selca with the best pose so that it displays her big round eyes and sharp nose. Besides that, she also has a small jaw that makes her face look tiny but still naturally pretty, right?

What do you think about Blade’s Bunhong’s visual?

Blady’s Bunhong After Blady’s Disbandment

Blady's Bunhong profile

Blady’s Bunhong became the first member to leave the group for no apparent reason. She left Blady even before the group released their second single and was immediately replaced by Bladys’s Nahyun who was added to the group. At the time this article is being published, there is no latest news from Blady’s Bunhong about whether she re-debuted as an idol or is living her life as a non-celebrity because she also doesn’t have any social media.

Let’s continue to support Blady’s Bunhong so that what she is currently doing makes her happy, and let’s wait patiently so that Blady’s Bunhong can return to the entertainment industry as soon as possible and greet her fans again!

Well, that was all of the information about Blady’s Bunhong and everything about her that you should know. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another upcoming article from Channel-Korea!