Blady’s Tina: Full Profile, Fun Facts, YouTube Channel

tina blady profile

Everything You Should Know About Blady’s Rapper Park Su-bin a.k.a Tina

South Korea is famous for the entertainment industry, especially the Hallyu wave which is a big competition among many people who have dreams of debuting as a K-Pop idol soon. However, there are actually many things that are at stake in order to get a shining career as a K-Pop idol, and of course, there are great sacrifices to be made in order to pursue it.

In this article, we invite you to get to know one of the members of the underrated girl group Blady who has now gotten her new career journey as a YouTuber. For your information, Blady debuted on July 27th, 2011, with their debut single “Crazy Day” and has had some lineup changes, until one of the members, Tina, joined the group in 2013.

Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about Blady’s Tina’s full profile, fun facts, and her latest news, in this article below.

Blady’s Tina’s Full Profile

tina blady profile

Real Name: Park Su-bin (Hangul: 박수빈)

Stage Name: Tina (Hangul: 티나)

Place and Date of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA, September 1st, 1994

Star Sign: Virgo

Height: 166 cm (5’5″)

Weight: 43 kg (95 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Position in the group: Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Main Dancer

Nationality: Korean-American

Education: Parsons the New school of Design (dropped out)

Official Sites:

Blady’s Tina’s Fun Facts

tina blady profile
  1. Blady’s Tina is close with Ladies Code’s Ashley
  2. Blady’s Tina joined the group in 2013 while promoting with “Blood Type B”
  3. Blady’s Tina has a brother named Michael
  4. Blady’s Tina has auditioned for SBS’s K-Pop Star Season 2, but she didn’t pass the audition in Korea
  5. Blady’s Tina’s favorite number is 11
  6. Blady’s Tina’s favorite season is Fall
  7. Blady’s Tina favorite color is White
  8. Blady’s Tina’s favorite emoji is clapping hands and the girl raising her hand high
  9. Blady’s Tina’s favorite snack is Hot Cheetos
  10. Blady’s Tina thinks that salads are a waste of her money and she would rather buy a burger or tacos
  11. Blady’s Tina’s hobbies are collecting shoes, bowling with friends, going to nice cafés, and finding good music
  12. Blady’s Tina has a dream to go to Switzerland
  13. Blady’s Tina is myopic, nearsighted
  14. Blady’s Tina reads self-improvement books to help broaden her perspective on life
  15. Blady’s Tina enjoyed the most when she debuted as a K-Pop idol that she can try various hair colors and hairstyles, perform on stage, do makeup, travel, and gain friends
  16. Blady’s Tina developed anxiety when she was an idol because she couldn’t speak her mind as the company might not like it and she would get in trouble for it
  17. Blady’s Tina can imitate Lena Park’s voice in singing and talking
  18. Blady’s Tina doesn’t eat raw oysters anymore because she got food poisoning eating them in the past
  19. Blady’s Tina said that she dislikes all the music videos that her group did
  20. Blady’s Tina’s fans said that she looks like BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

Blady’s Tina’s Visual

tina blady profile

In this section, we invite you to find out more about Blady’s Tina’s beautiful visuals.

Blady’s Tina is one of the additional members that joined the group in 2013. In that year, K-Pop could be said to have become famous all over the world and brought the Hallyu wave to a wider audience. Therefore, it would be very likely that Blady’s Tina who has nationality as Korean-American joined the group. Blady’s Tina who grew up in the USA definitely has her own charm and is so confident in this individual photoshoot although she just made her debut in 2013.

tina blady profile

She is also known as one of the members who change the color of their hair the most, like in the photo above, which was taken spontaneously when she was running her schedule and going to a music show. In her daily life, Blady’s Tina looks very fashionable in this casual outfit and she also looks like the other idols in this photo. As you can see, Blady’s Tina with blonde hair really shines out, right? She has the charm of being a rising star from her visual.

tina blady profile

One of the members who holds the position of rapper is looking so fresh and young at the time while she was still promoting as a Blady member. Tina, who has the real name Christine Park, was still 19 years old when she debuted, but she doesn’t seem shy in showing her potential to be a K-Pop idol. She has the original talent to be a star if you’re looking at this picture. This natural makeup and pose that look cute show the brave side of Blady’s Tina even though she is still young.

tina blady profile

Blady’s Tina did her best while promoting with the group. Apart from having the visual to hypnotize anyone who watches her appearance, she also looks stunning while performing on stage. As you can see from the picture above, the member who is currently working as a YouTuber really has a passion to work as a K-Pop idol. Her appearance also looks shining and can display her natural charm while performing. Blady’s Tina definitely has a pretty visual and this is also one of the best outfits that she has worn, right?

tina blady profile

This Blady member who was born in 1994, was sadly very unfortunate when she was promoting with the group because it turned out that her career wasn’t really doing great, and she deserved better than that. From the previous pictures, we can see Blady’s Tina’s visual and her charm as a K-Pop idol really shining bright; including this photo of her at a showcase looking beautiful in a sensual red outfit. Aside from being playful on stage, Blady’s Tina can also rock a sexy concept really well.

What do you think about Blady’s Tina’s visuals?