Blady’s Former Member Seo Soojin’s Full Profile and Fun Facts

Blady's Soojin profile

Get To Know More About Blady’s Former Main Rapper, Seo Soo-jin!

Blady (Hangul: 블레이디) is a South Korean girl group that made their debut on July 27, 2011, with their debut single titled “Crazy Day.” Blady is known to have changed members since their debut and has had quite a career journey full of challenges and trying to survive in the midst of difficult competition in the entertainment industry where K-pop groups are being rivals with each other and trying to be the best groups.

Blady had several former members until they decided to disband in 2017. One of Blady’s former members, Seo Soo-jin, became an additional member while the group was promoting “Blood Type B Girl” in 2013. To get to know Blady’s Soojin, let’s check out the detailed information about her starting from her full profile, fun facts, to her latest news in this article below!

Blady’s Soojin’s Full Profile

Blady's Soojin profile

Real Name: Seo Soo-jin (Hangul: 서수진)

Stage Name: Soojin (Hangul: 수진)

Birth: July 8, 1994

Star Sign: Cancer

Height: 167 cm (5’5″)

Weight: 48 kg (106 lbs)

Nationality: Korean

Position in the Group: Vocalist, Main Rapper

Active Period: Blady (2013-2015)

Blady’s Soojin’s Fun Facts

Blady's Soojin profile
  1. Blady’s Soojin was an additional member that joined Blady on November 18, 2013, during promotions of “Blood Type B Girl”
  2. Blady’s Soojin was in a sub-unit with Blady’s Ye-ji in Blady Soul and released a single titled “Please Don’t Leave Me”
  3. Blady’s Soojin left Blady in March 2015
  4. Blady’s Soojin’s departed following 4 new additional members who joined the group

Blady’s Soojin’s Focus Fancams

Blady's Soojin profile

Focus fancams are usually videos recorded by fans who go to certain events such as a busking, comeback stage, and many other performances where one of their favorite idols in a group is performing. A focus fancam also shows the performance of one of the members of the group and shows their performance while on stage.

In this session, let’s get to know Blady’s Soojin’s performance on stage through her focus fancams in this session below!

On September 25, 2014, Blady went to the Incheon K-Pop Expo and brought several performances and one of their singles entitled “Crazy Day” in the focus fancam above. Blady’s Soojin was seen there while wearing a red crop top sweater and black hot pants as well as long socks of the same color and white sneaker heels. Her outfit looks good on her as it gave a casual image to Blady’s main rapper.

On February 26, 2014, Blady returned and performed at Gimchon University. In this focus fancam, you can see Blady’s Soojin who looks very cool while having sunglasses and kind of the same concept as the outfit from the previous fancam. As you can see, she has a new hairstyle that is blonde and looks good with her trendy outfit at that time. She is really shining in this focus fancam and looks like she is having fun with her performance that she brought with other members to the stage.

On February 11, 2014, Blady became a guest at Gwangju Middle School and performed their single titled “Blood Type B Girl.”

In this focus fancam, you can enjoy Blady’s Soojin again who looks beautiful with her blonde hair and looks very playful while delivering this performance with a black oversized shirt. She also looks very energetic and bright while on stage, and the stylist really did great work while choosing the best outfit for Blady’s Soojin. The main rapper of Blady also is wearing some accessories that make her look more fierce but also feminine as well.

On April 6, 2014, Blady appeared at Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival as a guest star and performed their single titled “Blood Type B Girl” in this focus fancam.

If you previously saw Blady’s Soojin’s appearance with blonde hair, then you will again see her appearance with dark brown hair which makes her appearance more mature. She also wore a short top that really suits her image and made it look like a simple short dress, but you must be thinking that she looks sweet and sexy at the same time in this focus fancam, right?

What do you think about Blady’s Soojin’s focus fancams?

Blady’s Soojin’s Activity After Leaving Blady

Blady's Soojin profile

At this time this article is being published, there has been no recent news that can be found about Blady’s Soojin since her departure from the group in 2015. Blady’s Soojin also doesn’t have any social media and hasn’t re-debuted as an idol.

Maybe Blady’s Soojin is currently living her life as a noncelebrity rather than working in the entertainment industry. Nevertheless, let’s continue to give support and love to Blady’s Soojin, may she continue to be happy with what she is doing now and may she come back as soon as possible as a K-pop idol!

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