Blady’s Former Member Park Sunyoung’s Full Profile and Fun Facts

Blady's Sunyoung profile

Get To Know More About Blady’s Main Dancer, Park Sun-young!

When talking about South Korean girl groups, there is a lot of competition from each group that debuts to maintain their career journey. Some K-pop girl groups become viral and some are less fortunate and have to be disbanded. Likewise with Blady, a girl group that debuted in 2011 with a single titled “Crazy Day” who maintained their career with quite a number of member changes until they had to be disbanded in 2017.

In this article, there is detailed information about one of the members of Blady who was a vocalist and also the main dancer of the group, Park Sun-young. She is also an original member of the lineup of the group. Let’s get to know more about Blady’s Sunyoung’s full profile, fun facts, visuals, and her latest news in this article below!

Blady’s Sunyoung’s Full Profile

Blady's Sunyoung profile

Real Name: Park Sunyoung (Hangul: 박선영)

Stage Name: Sunyoung (Hangul: 선영)

Birth: Daejeon, South Korea, December 20, 1992

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Position in the Group: Vocalist, Main Rapper, Main Dancer

Nationality: Korean

Active Period: Blady (2011-2013)

Blady’s Sunyoung’s Fun Facts

Blady's Sunyoung profile
  1. Blady’s Sunyoung was an original lineup member
  2. Blady’s Sunyoung left the group in 2013
  3. Blady’s Sunyoung’s nickname was Power Sexy

Blady’s Sunyoung’s Visual

Blady's Sunyoung profile

As a member of a South Korean girl group, they have their own standards to represent their group with the concept and visuals of each member. In this session, let’s take a closer look at Blady’s Sunyoung’s visual to get to know more about her appearance!

Blady's Sunyoung profile

Some members of Blady’s original lineup may be underrated because they weren’t very famous during their debut era, but as you can see from the picture above, Blady’s Sunyoung definitely has a great appearance to be a rising idol.

The picture above is taken from an individual photoshoot with news media, and she already looks beautiful in her all-in-white outfit including her trendy black-and-white heels during that time. Blady’s Sunyoung also has a slim body as you can see from her appearance in this picture.

Blady's Sunyoung profile

If you look at the picture above, surely you will remember the concept of K-pop groups during summer, right? Blady’s Sunyoung looks like she’s on a boat and is also wearing a summer dress that matches her image very well!

She smiles cheerfully by waving one hand and posing very cheerfully under the clear sky that looks like a painting. This concept brought a lot of new vibes to Blady because every member looks really fresh during this individual photoshoot.

Blady's Sunyoung profile

Another individual photoshoot that was taken by news media made Blady’s Sunyoung’s appearance even brighter. Unfortunately, Blady’s Sunyoung didn’t appreciate much during her promotion with Blady and she only lasted about 2 years after debuting with Blady.

As you can see from the picture above, Blady’s Sunyoung looks beautiful with perfect body proportions, not too fat or too skinny, and Blady’s Sunyoung is fit and also has a natural beauty with her straight black long hair and bangs which make her appearance easily recognizable when on stage.

Blady's Sunyoung profile

In the picture above, you can also see Blady’s Sunyoung’s other image and cute appearance. One of the members who has a position as the main vocalist of the group looks very beautiful with a black dress and also a pink ribbon as a belt on the outfit she wore in this photoshoot. Blady’s Sunyoung also looks beautiful with natural makeup and a hair bun which makes her appear much younger and cheerful than her previous appearance, right?

Blady's Sunyoung profile

If the previous picture showed Blady’s Sunyoung’s facial expression that was cheerful during the photoshoot, then this picture shows more poses of Blady’s Sunyoung who definitely looks like a doll!

Still with the same concept and outfit, she can pose beautifully and get good results in this photoshoot. Her petite figure looks suitable to wear any outfit on her body, and she also looks naturally beautiful in this simple dress and can represent Blady’s concept really well.

What do you think about Blady’s Sunyoung’s visuals?

Blady’s Sunyoung After Blady’s Disbandment

Blady's Sunyoung profile

Blady’s Sunyoung decided to leave the group in 2013 without any clear reason given by her management. At the time this article is being published, there is no latest news from Blady’s Sunyoung because she also doesn’t have social media to provide the latest news or interact with her fans. There is no news about Blady’s Sunyoung about whether she still works as an idol or is living her life as a non-celebrity for now.

However, let’s continue to support Park Sun-young. Hopefully what she is doing now can bring happiness to her life, and let’s wait patiently for her to return to the entertainment industry as soon as possible!

Well, that was all of the information about Blady’s Sunyoung and everything about her that you should know. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another upcoming article from Channel-Korea!