Blady’s Former Member Ham Ye-ji: Profile, Re-Debut With PRISM, YouTube Channel

Blady's Yeji profile

Everything That You Should Know About Blady’s Main Vocalist, Ham Ye-ji!

Maybe many of you are still not familiar with the South Korean girl group Blady that debuted in 2011. Blady is a South Korean girl group that debuted with the title track “Crazy Day on July 27, 2011, and had many lineup changes. Blady struggled so much to maintain its career journey, and there were also many former members from Blady who promoted together over 6 years.

One of them is Blady’s Yeji who is a former member. She only lasted a year while promoting in the girl group known for one of the singles entitled “Blood Type B Girl.” Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about Blady’s former member and main vocalist, Ham Ye-ji, starting from her full profile, fun facts, to her career journey as a K-pop idol in this article below!

Blady’s Yeji’s Full Profile

Blady's Yeji profile

Real Name: Ham Ryeowon (Hangul: 함려원)

Stage Name: Yeji (Hangul: 예지)

Birth: Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, July 8, 1994

Star Sign: Cancer

Weight: 49 kg (106 lbs)

Height: 167 cm (5’5″)

Blood Type: B

Position in the Group: Main Vocalist

Nationality: Korean

Active Period: Blady (2013-2014)

Official Site: YouTube channel ( 원뿔원 )

Blady’s Yeji’s Fun Facts

Blady's Yeji profile
  1. Blady’s Yeji is a former trainee of Star Planet
  2. Blady’s Yeji likes painting and board riding
  3. Blady’s Yeji can play the piano and the harmonica
  4. Blady’s Yeji posts vlogs and does covers on her YouTube channel
  5. Blady’s Yeji’s MBTI type is ENFJ
  6. Blady’s Yeji debuted as a member of Blady in 2013 and left a year after in 2014
  7. Blady’s Yeji re-debuted in the girl group PRISM in 2018 and used her real name Ryeowon under LCH Entertainment
  8. Blady’s Yeji currently deactivated her Instagram account
  9. Blady’s Yeji was added as s Blady’s member alongside Blady’s Tina, Coco, and Soojin
  10. Blady’s Yeji became a member of Blady’s sub-unit, Blady Soul, with Blady’s Soojin

Blady’s Yeji’s Career Journey

Blady's Yeji profile

Blady’s Yeji started her career as a member of Blady, was added to the group on November 18, 2013, and released the new single titled “Blood Type B Girl” (Hangul: B형 여자). During this time, Blady changed their lineup and promoted with 5 members who were Kangyoon as the only original member and new members Coco, Tina, Yeji, and Soojin.

Blady's Yeji profile

In 2014, Blady’s Yeji was added to a sub-unit with her teammate Soojin and released a digital single titled “Please Don’t Leave Me” (Hangul: 떠나가지마) to commemorate White Day. But, then in late 2014, Blady’s Yeji announced that she left the group with 2 other members, Kangyoon and Coco.

Blady's Yeji profile

Until a few years later, there was no latest news from Blady’s Yeji after she decided to leave Blady. In 2016, she surprised many people with her appearance after several years of living her life as a non-celebrity and appeared on Mnet’s Produce 101 as a contestant in this survival show.

Blady's Yeji profile

After her appearance on Mnet’s Produce 101, Ham Yeji re-debuted as a member of PRISM and used her real name, Ryeowon, while promoting with this group. PRISM debuted under LCH Entertainment on May 24, 2018, with a single titled “CHOK.” PRISM made their comeback in 2019 with a single titled “Burn It Up” and have their official social media to update their current work and activities.

Blady’s Yeji’s Appearance on Mnet’s Produce 101

Blady's Yeji profile

Ham Ye-ji appeared as a contestant on Mnet’s Produce 101 that was aired in 2016. As a contestant on Mnet’s Produce 101, Ham Ye-ji competed with 101 other contestants that were trainees under 46 different entertainment companies.

Unfortunately, Ham Ye-ji didn’t have her luck on this survival show. She got eliminated in the first round on Episode 1 and ended her journey at rank#72, but then Ham Ye-ji participated with other eliminated contestants and released a single titled “Don’t Give Up.”

If you search Ham Ye-ji on YouTube, there’s an official focus fancam that was uploaded by Mnet that shows off Ham Ye-ji’s focus performance while performing Wonder Girl’s “Irony” in one of the Produce 101 episodes.

In this focus fancam, Ham Ye-ji looks charming and charismatic with her short hair, and there are a lot of differences that you can see between her previous appearance in Blady and her appearance on Produce 101. Ham Ye-ji also looks naturally beautiful while wearing a school uniform and showing her skill of being an idol that had already debuted with Blady.

Well, that was all of the information about the former member of Blady, Yeji, and everything about her that you should know. Although there is currently no latest news about Yeji who is already known as PRISM’s Ryeowon, let’s continue to give her lots of support and love so that what she is doing right now can still make her happy. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another upcoming article from Channel-Korea!