Learn More About Blady’s Giru: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Solo Career, Latest News

Blady’s Giru’s Focus Fancams

On August 18th, 2015, Blady were performing at Rock Music by bringing one of their singles titled “Secret Number”. In this performance, you can see Blady’s Giru who was also present there wearing the same costume as the other members, which is a crop top and a blue tennis skirt, and white high heels, which make her appearance look more sweet and cute. Blady’s Giru looks cute in the performance above and looks shining with her light brown wavy hair. She also smiles at her fans who attended the event.

On November 26th, 2015, Blady performed at the Ulsan Student Healing Concert and performed the single titled “Love You So… I”. In the above performance, the members including Blady’s Giru sang live, singing mellow songs at a slow tempo with their melodious voices. Blady’s Giru looks beautiful while smiling throughout the performance. She also wore a comfortable outfit with long sleeves, black short pants, and also ankle boots which matched her image in this performance. With only this simple outfit Blady’s Giru looks very pretty.

On August 23rd, 2015, Blady again promoted their comeback single titled “Secret Number” and appeared on Rock Music. In the performance above, you can see Blady’s Giru who looks beautiful and energetic with a comeback concept wearing a crop top outfit and also a tennis skirt. The “Secret Number” era seemed to give a fresh concept during summer and the members also enjoyed this performance. Blady’s Giru also performed maximally and she was very cheerful in this performance.

On May 3rd, 2015, Blady put on a performance in Migliore, one of the biggest shopping malls located in Dongdaemun, and performed another single titled “Come To Me”. Blady’s Giru looks very beautiful with her brown curly hair and also bangs which became her trademark style during her promotion with Blady.

Still with the sexy concept, the members put on their very best performance while bringing “Come To Me” on stage. Their outfits also look so cool while wearing white turtlenecks and white short pants, but also they are wearing some kind of white and black short aprons which slightly look like a skirt.

On September 5th, 2015, Blady’s Giru with her fellow group members performed “Come To Me” at the Hwaseong City Southwest Region Youth Festival. In the focus fancam above, you can watch Blady’s Giru’s performance which is no less fun than some other fancam focuses. She looks beautiful wearing a red crop top costume with a picture of her lips on the front and a tennis skirt which became a fashion trend in that era. Blady’s Giru really displayed the image of being the sexy and cute K-Pop idol, right?

What do you think about Blady’s Giru’s focus fancams?

Blady’s Giru’s Career Journey

blady giru profile

Park Giru debuted in 2011 as a member of the five-member girl group Blady. After promoting until 2017 and the group’s disbandment, she decided to take a different career path and became an actress. She learned acting from a young age and dreamed of becoming an actress while working as a singer. “Right now, I’m thinking, ‘Let’s just dig into acting properly’,” Park Giru said in one of the interviews made after her debut as an actress.

blady giru profile

“You may have a prejudice about being an actress from a girl group, but I am building up the basics through plays. When I’m acting in front of the camera, don’t I stay still for the parts that I can’t catch? The stage flows without a cut, learning how to keep breathing for a long time,” the former member of Blady, Park Giru, said.

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“I also fixed the habit of being very nervous. There is still no modifier that comes to mind when I think of Park Giru, but if I work hard, the public will give it to me. I challenged myself to act in a comedy while starring in a musical titled Boeing Boeing, but I also like horror movies.” – Park Giru

blady giru profile

Park Giru has continued her career as an actress and has appeared in some advertisements and some web series and drama musicals. She also signed a contract with a new agency, Imagine Asia, to stay active in her current career path as an actress.

Blady’s Giru’s Latest News

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Imagine Asia, an entertainment company, announced that Park Giru appears in the play Boeing Boeing. Boeing Boeing is a romantic comedy play that has been performed across the country for 18 years and has collected 3.6 Million audiences.

An attractive playboy male protagonist named Seong-gi is in love with three stewardess girlfriends at the same time, and the flight schedule is twisted and the lovers come to his house one after another. Boeing Boeing, which recently attracted attention with the appearances of actresses Kang Ye-bin and Kim Seong-eun, was also a gateway to famous stars.

While various people such as Heo Jung-min from Oh Hae-young Again, Ahn Jae-hong from Reply 1988, singer Kang Doo, comedians Lee Jeong-su, and Maeng Seung-ji went through the stage of Boeing Boeing, Park Giru is also aiming for stardom with Boeing Boeing as a foothold.

blady giru profile

Among the three female protagonists in this work, Park Giru, who is scheduled to perform a double casting with Kim Eun-eun, who will play the role of Jisoo, is busy practicing and will be on stage from early April.

Ahead of the full-fledged stage, Park Giru said, “My role in ‘Jisoo’ is a fresh and charming stewardess, like a ‘human vitamin’ because she has a bit too much aegyo. It’s fun to feel like I’m as similar to myself as possible,” she said.

If Jisoo who was played by Park Giru is a ‘human vitamin’, then the other two female protagonists show two completely different colors by appearing as a dignified city woman and a lovely woman with severe emotional ups and downs.

blady giru profile

Rookie actress Park Giru signed an exclusive contract with Imagine Asia. Imagine Asia announced on January 14th, 2019: “Park Giru has signed an exclusive contract with Imagine Asia as she quit her activities as the main vocalist of the girl group Blady and became an actress.”

Park Giru made her acting debut as an exclusive model for Thailand’s cosmetics in 2018 and the lead role in Taste of Dream produced by Drama Fever.

blady giru profile

Imagine Asia includes actors Jeon Dong-geun, Lee Il-hwa, Cha Hwa-yeon, Park Sang-myeon, Choi Moo-seong, Ryu Hwa-young, Kang Min-ah, and Kim Yun-hye, including actor Lee Dong-geun, who received the Grand Prize at the 2018 KBS Drama Awards.

In addition to the actress’ management, the company itself is engaged in a comprehensive entertainment business starting from film and drama planning production, to album planning production, to performance planning, and content investment distribution.

Well, that was all the information about Blady’s Giru that you should know. Even though her activities as a girl group member have ended, let’s still give a lot of support and love to actress Park Giru who is making her way again in the acting industry, so her future career can shine even brighter.

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