All About Blackpink’s Rose: Skincare Routine, Fashion, and More!

Beauty and Fashion Tips from Blackpink’s Rose

Park Chae-young, or as she’s better known, Rose, is a the member of one of South Korea’s most popular girl-groups, Blackpink. In the two years since the group began performing, they’ve gained popularity all over the world.

Blackpink’s appearance and fashions always get a lot of public attention, especially their makeup style, which is very natural but very luxurious. Of all the members, one who gets the most attention for her look is Rose.

As celebrities, Rose and other members of Blackpink have to maintain their appearance to always look healthy and beautiful. Rose is very concerned about the health of her face, and takes good care of it with skincare routines that she has been diligently working on and by choosing products that suit her face.

She also maintains her appearance to keep up with the latest looks. Well, let’s look at beauty and fashion tips from Blackpink’s Rose, and take a peek at their Instagram. Check this out!

Rose’s Skincare Routine

Rose is known to be the fairest-skinned member among the Blackpink members. She always maintains consistency in doing her skincare routines and is very careful about the products she uses for her face, so that the skin on her face doesn’t gett damaged.

In one episode of Blackpink House, Rose accidentally showed the skincare she used every day, such as Senka Speedy Perfect Whip, IOPE Moisturizing Glowe Serum, IOPE Plant Stem Cell Emulsion Skin Perfection. Rose also always uses body lotion to keep her skin moist. She prefers body lotions with fruit scents, such as Body Fantatsies Signature Peach Apricot. Jisoo said that Rose’s face looks the best even without makeup, because Rose has facial skin like a baby.

Before going to bed, Rose always wears a mask. Now let’s look at the Korean skincare soutine that rose uses. Check this out!

1. Oil Cleaner / Milk Cleanser

Most women use makeup nearly every day to keep themselves looking good. If you’re one of them, before washing your face with a facial wash, try to cleanse using an oil cleanser or you a milk cleanser to remove dirt and the rest of the makeup. Use products that suit your skin type.

Pour enough Oil Cleanser or Milk Cleanser into your palms, then put on your face and massage your face slowly and gently for about 4 minutes.

2. Face Wash

After that, just cleanse the face with facial wash that suits your skin type. Step 1 and Step 2 are double cleansing. Double cleansing is important to thoroughly cleanse makeup marks and dirt, as well as dust off the face. Every woman has a different face type, for example oily skin may be surprised at the idea of washing with oil, but it’s extremely effective against oil-based impurities like SPF, sebum, and pollutants. It’s not as good as sweat and dirt, though, which is where the second cleanse comes in.

Pour enough Facial Wash in your palms, and massage your face slowly and gently. Massage your face for about 2 minutes and wash with clean water at a normal temperature.

3. Toner

After the face is clean of all make up and dirt, apply toner so that your skin feels fresher. Use a toner that matches your facial skin problems at the time. You can immediately apply it to your face using your hands or by putting cotton on your face and let it sit for about 15-20 minutes.

Korean toners come in many varieties, from thin to viscous. You can also include active ingredients like AHA and BHA.

4. Essence

One key to why women in Korea have glowing complexions is one using an essence every night. Essence allows the skin to breathe and avoids clogging the pores. Use Essence sparingly, massaging it into the face, slowly. Apply Essence products that are suitable for each type of facial skin.

5. Emulsion

To better maintain the moisture of the skin, in addition to the Moisturizer, you can also use an emulsion that suits your skin type. If you are an oily skin type, for instance, doing an emulsion layer might make you feel greasy. Don’t use too much emulsion, because it will make your skin oily. Use as much as needed, and massage it into the facial skin gently and slowly.

6. Serum
Serum can make facial skin more moist, glowing, and even out your skin’s texture. Use a serum that matches your facial skin problems and apply it sparingly, because it can make your skin look dull.

7. Sheet Mask

Sheet masks have become so ubiquitous that they’re easy to find just about anywhere. Rose routinely uses a sheet mask before going to bed, to keep her skin moist and supple, and so it shines when she wakes up. These usually take 15-20 minutes and can be done as often as you like. Use a sheet mask according to the condition of each facial skin.

8. Eye cream

Some Korean women an use eye cream to reduce wrinkles around the eyes, as well as to eliminate dark circles. Eye cream is important in Korean women’s skincare routines. Using the ring finger is the best way as it uses the correct amount of pressure rather than your pointer finger, which is bound to push harder since it’s used more often.

9. Moisturizer

Moisturizer is very important in Korean skincare, because it can moisturize the dry skin texture. Moisturizers are usually used in the morning and evening. In the morning it goes on after using Toner and Serum, and at night after cleansing your face with Facial Wash. 

10. Sunscreen

Using sunscreen is the most important step in the morning skincare routine. Never miss using sunscreen, because it protects your face from UV light, which is not very good for facial skin. However, you should use it with a light hand, because it can make your skin look dull.

There are two types of sunscreens: physical and chemical. Physical sunscreens are mineral-based and tend to leave a white cast behind. Chemical sunscreens are absorbed into the skin and work to suck up UV radiation.

Rose’s Best Outfit and Style

Want to hang out with friends or your boyfriend, but still look fashionable? Maybe you can try an outfit like this one. Rose is wearing a plain, white, oversized shirt combined with jean shorts and white sport shoes. Don’t forget to add an accessory or two to keep yourself from lookinng too plain. And you can tie or not tie your hair to make your appearance more awesome.

If you have to go out in the winter, but don’t want to sacrifice style, maybe you can use a jacket with fur motifs all over. You can combine using plain t-shirts, like white and use jeans or other color pants to your want. You can also wear sport shoes according to your wishes, such as gray, black, white, or colors that match the jacket you use.

Here, Rose is looking comfortable an oversized gray hoodie combined with black pants and white shoes suitable for those of you who want to travel relaxed in a fairly cold weather. You can also use other accessories such as wearing a hat or adding a belt if you feel your appearance is too ordinary.

Want to take a walk in sunny weather and a cheerful mood? You can follow Rose’s fashion style by using a sleeveless white shirt combined with black shorts and white sport shoes. You can also wear a black belt so that your appearance some extra style.

Rose looks beautiful and charming in a Tosca-colored dress with ribbon motif on her neck, and brown high heels. This fashion style is suitable for you if you want to attend a party or other formal event. Natural makeup except for smoky eye makeup looks great combined with this patterned dress.

Rose’s long blue dress and combined with brown heels and white necklace accessories are suitable for a very formal event. Rose looks so charming and beautiful with this look, the vivid blue sets off her fair skin.

Need outfit inspiration for a trip to the beach? Maybe you can follow Rose’s fashion style. She’s wearing a plain, white mini dress that shows off her shoulders, combined with a slim brown bag and sandals. This is a look that is both charming and fun.
A patterned black shirt, combined with a plaid miniskirt and long white socks with brown loafers give a very feminine style. 

Blackpink’s Rose’s Luxury Fashion
Besides generally having a very charming appearance, Rose also favors designer items that can carry hefty prices, like this bag from Saint Laurent, the Sac Du Jour Ano Leather Tote at $1990, shoes from Adidas by Raf Simons Stan Smith Velcro for $415, and Tiffany necklace Return to Tiffany Love Heart Tag Key Pendant, for $275.

Although it has a very funny but simple style, it turns out to have a fairly expensive price, which is $1,006.

Rose’s earrings cost 30,000 won.  They’re Star motifs from Jealousy Starholic earrings. Her red and white patterned shirt from Gingham off shoulder dress cost $398.

This white and black striped blouse Rose wore is the Love Me Back Stripe Blouse, and it turns out to have a pretty fantastic price, which is $215.

Rose’s appearance looks very simple, but still charming. She’s paired a plain white shirt with a long brown blazer with dark jeans and brown shoes. However, behind its very simple appearance, the clothes and accessories have a very fantastic prices. White T-Shirt $345, Bag $1,239, iPhone Xs Max $1,099 and Silicone Case $39, and Shoes $625.

Rose’s looks luxurious in a furry brown jacket combined with white shoes for $75, a bag worth $295, and a cushion that she uses for $60.

What do you think? Behind the appearance of a very charming Rose turned out to have a very expensive price. Did you get inspiration from Rose’s appearance?

Get to Know Rose’s Sister

If you didn’t know this yet, it turns out Rose has an older sister named Alice Park. Her sister is 24 years old and just graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Australian National University, and is a prospective judge.

However, a lot of people say that Alice Park is more like Jisoo than to Rose. She often promotes Blackpink songs on social media to support Rose.

 If you want to know more about Alice Park, you can follow Instagram @baebaealice. Her account is filled with gorgeous snapshots of nature, books, and food from her daily life.

Rose and Alice share the same fair, baby-lie skin. They are indeed consistent, and always maintain the health and beauty of their skin.

What do you think? They look equally charming right? Let’s support both of them!

Blackpink’s Rose’s Instagram Feeds

Social media is a place to share stories or express ourselves, even for Korean idols. Performers also use social media an intermediary to maintain contact with their fans, especially Instagram.

Blackpink created their own Instagram account and immediately got enthusiastic from their fans. Blink (blackpink’s fandom) immediately followed all Blackpink Instagram accounts.

One of the icons that gained the public’s attention was Rose’s Instagram. Now, let’s take a look at Rose’s Instagram feed, and don’t forget to follow her Instagram: @roses_are_rosie, check out!

This post was Rose’s first posting uploaded on her Instagram account on June 15, 2018. The post got around 1,598,029 likes. The picture shows the members of Blackpink, in their costumes for the DDU DDU DDU music video and they pose in free style.

This post was uploaded on July 9, 2018, shows Rose in black dress that shows her very sexy shoulders and long, sparkling earrings. Rose is very beautiful and charming, right? This post got 1,368,826 likes.

This post uploaded on July 18, 2018, shows a very elegant and beautiful photo of Rose wearing a white dress with a ribbon motif at the neck and, and deep slits in the skirts showing her very sexy thighs. This post was liked 1,246,363 times.

This post was uploaded on July 25, 2018, shows Blackpink in the middle of the stage, preparing for their concert. Rose also wrote the caption, “Best when it’s the four of us
So .. this has been a dream come true for all four of us. We have been dreaming about holding our own concert for years and it doesn’t work yet. We will get used to this feeling. We were almost in tears when you all stayed for us! Never heard anything like it .. The most beautiful voices have We are so grateful that you guys made this possible and we love you all eternally Thank you Blinks.”

Of course this post made the hearts of the Blinks very happy, and hope that Blackpink will continue together forever. This post got 1,267,948 likes.

The post uploaded on August 4, 2018, and is a photo of Rose looking very cute and adorable. Rose wore a sleeveless shirt with a white and black gingham checks, and combined it with a bright yellow skirt that was sexy and fun. This post got 1,885,152 likes.

The post uploaded on August 9, 2018, Rose uploaded a photo with Lisa for a photoshoot with Dazed. Rose also wrote the caption, “@dazed I have so much fun shooting with this girl.” This post gets 1,441,526 likes. Rose and Lisa look so graceful with gray coats.

Posts uploaded on November 1, 2018, really surprised Blinks all over the world. Rose uploaded photos for the Blackpink’s 2019 World Tour BLACKPINK In Your Area schedule which will starts om 2019. Many fans were so enthusiastic about seeing this post and couldn’t wait to meet Blackpink. This post got 1,342,296 likes.

This post that was uploaded last week showed Rose being photographed with her camera. The photo uploaded was set in New York. This post gets 1,104,060 likes.

Rose’s Latest News

1. Blackpink and Kiko Mizuhara

On December 10, 2018, Rose made some posts on Instagram that left some netizens furious, because Rose posted a photo with Kiko Mizuhara. Many netizens don’t like Kiko Mizuhara because of her relationship with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. The three of them met while attending New York Fashion Week.

2. Rose Looks so Very Elegant

Rose’s appearance at the Melon Music Awards (MMA) 2018 did, indeed, steal netizens’ attention, because Rose looked very beautiful and was giving off a different aura than the other members. Many people were really stunned by Rose’s charming appearance.