BLACKPINK’s Rose’s Weight, Height, and Waist Size That Can Be Your Motivation for Achieving Body Goals

BLACKPINK’s Rose’s waist size and photos of her


Many people are curious about Rose’s actual body size because her body is thin and her waist is so small. The curiosity of netizens has been answered by Rose herself on March 26th, 2017, in King Mask. Regarding the rumors saying that her waist is 19 inches, Rose said, “I don’t think a person can live with a waist of 19 inches. That’s the size that fans have assumed, but I recently asked my stylist while altering my clothes. It is 24 inches.”

Well, it’s reasonable why people said Rose’s waist size is 19 inches. Let’s check out the pictures below!

Rose Blackpink
Rose Blackpink
Rose Blackpink

What is the weight and height of BLACKPINK’s Rose?


From what we have gathered, Rose is praised in the K-Pop industry for having an amazing body. She has what South Koreans call the “X-line,” which is a little waist balanced out by well-structured shoulders and hips. Furthermore, Rose’s body is all the more appealing than others since she also has a small face. She has long legs and has an ideal height of 168 cm.

As we mentioned above, Rose’s weight is 46 kg. With these measurements, Rose is the thinnest among the other members of BLACKPINK. That being said, her weight is actually not ideal for her height. If she wants to get an ideal body, with a height of 168 cm, she must weigh around 57.8 kg. Still, she has a feminine body shape without having to try too hard, and that’s a plus.

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So, that’s all that we have dug up about BLACKPINK Rose’s body measurements. Do you agree that Rose’s body is the best? If you’re curious about anything that involves BLACKPINK members aside from their body measurements, make sure to stay tuned on Channel-Korea as we will keep updating our BLACKPINK content regularly.