Blackpink’s Jennie is Going Solo! Check Out Her Latest Song Here!

Meet The Gorgeous Blackpink’s Jennie

One of the members of the popular girl group Blackpink, Jennie, is known for her charismatic and fierce rapping, alongside Lisa. She is at the eighth position on the chart for the fastest Korean rappers, and also the only female on the list! This was additionally proven by Jennie’s rapping on the song “Ddu Du Ddu Du” where she utters 63 syllables in 8 seconds, using the method used by a YouTuber called CarKpop. Well, our Jennie truly is talented, right guys?

And, as we know, among the other members of Blackpink, Jennie is the first one to make a debut as a solo artist. Let’s check out all the details about her solo debut in the article below!

Jennie 1st Solo: SOLO

On October 18th, 2018, Sports Donga as a news outlet in Korea, reported that Jennie is preparing for her first solo album, with the goal of releasing it on November 12th.

They said that Jennie was filming the music video for the title track of her solo album while she was in Europe recently. She was also reported to be preparing various other content, and that YG ENtertainment has already arranged her schedule.

Then on November 8th, a snippet of the title song “Solo” was released on Blackpink’s official Youtube channel, giving us a taste of what the song would sound like, accompanied by some high-quality visuals. Here is the teaser video of “Solo“:

And finally, on November 12th, the full official music video of “Solo” was released which also marked Jennie as the first member of Blackpink who begins her path developing as a solo performer. Here is the music video:

The next day, November 13th, the music video of “Solo” reached 14 million views in just 24 hours of being posted on Youtube and got the number 1 position on iTunes charts all over the world, including Singapore, Malaysia, Sweden, Spain, Hong Kong, Brazil, Vietnam, and many more according to K-Pop news portal, Soompi.

Not only that, but Soompi also recorded that it was already a hit among the Korean audience and hit the number 1 position on the real-time charts of 6 difference major music sites. Isn’t that a great achievement of hers? Congratulations, Jennie!

About SOLO Music Video

The Work for the Song

Jennie opened up about the making of her album marking her debut as a solo artist with the hit title track “Solo.” The idol, who was born in 1996, says that the song has been written and produced by her and YG Entertainment producer, Teddy Park.

At a press conference for the release of the album SOLO, which was held on Monday, November 12th, Jennie told the story of how excited she was during the process of making SOLO, which eventually turned out to be her debut song. Reported from Soompi, the producer Teddy also gave her a lot of suggestions and advice. “Solo is the first song that I sing from the beginning to the very end, so he had to give me a lot of attention, as much as possible, to instruct me, to assess my skills, what I’m capable of, and what I want to do,” said Jennie.

The 22-year-old idol then said that when Blackpink was in the studio, Teddy would usually push the unique charm and ability of each member, for the song that he produced. And each member would get a part that matches their skill set.

From this, the leader of the hip-hop group 1TYM, Teddy, absolutely feel that “Solo” was suitable for Jennie. So it’s not surprising that he entrusted the female idol from New Zealand, Jennie, to perform the song “Solo” as her first solo performance.

What Kind of Concept is She Trying to Do

As we can see from the music video, it shows an aesthetic and glamorous visual, either from her apparel, makeup, accessories or the place itself. YG says that the song concept embodies Jennie’s duality, both as a vulnerable girl and a powerful independent woman.

It was visualized by the music video. As we can see, the song and the video begin without any context at first, but soon it gets built up into an explosion of confidence and swag. Jennie sings in a lighter tone of voice at the beginning of the video, dressed in a beautiful traditional outfit, while hanging around on a big extravagant estate all by herself, and looking like she is bored.

But that doesn’t last long as the song turns into an energetic yet sexy dance jam and Jennie breaks into various settings and scenes. There is a symbolic moment where she walks into a laundromat, taking off her pretty dress and tossing it into the washing machine. She then goes out wearing an all-black modern, sexy outfit, a bodysuit, hot pants, fishnets stockings, and a denim jacket.

Jennie then comes back to the mansion but this time she’s not alone. Surrounded by an army of female dancers she makes it clear that she’s independent and ready to break out on her own terms. But that girl power is still a very important part of her message of the song.