BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Dogs, Kai and Kuma: Names, Breeds, and Moments

blackpink jennie kuma

Let’s Check Out BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Her Moments With Her Dogs!

Every BLACKPINK member has their own pets that always accompany them. Lisa has 5 cats and a dog, Rosé has a beautiful fish and a dog, Jisoo has a cute dog, and Jennie has 2 smart dogs, namely Kai and Kuma. Jennie is really protected and loves her pets as their mother. She always shows Kuma and Kai to BLINK and updates fans with their activities.

However, to get to know more about Kai and Kuma, you can read this article because Channel-Korea has provided all the information about Jennie’s pet dogs’ names, breeds, and their moments. Check it out!

Meet BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Dog, Kai!

Blackpink jennie dog kai

Jennie has a pet dog named Kai, and her pet’s name is the same as her ex-boyfriend’s name, EXO’s Kai, and it makes BLINKs think that she gave her dog the name inspired by her ex. But, it turns out that Jennie had given her dog the name Kai before she dated EXO’s Kai which was around 2012.

Kai’s breed is a white Cocker Spaniel and is Jennie’s first furry friend. This dog’s personality is very shy and it doesn’t like to play frequently. This cute dog lives at Jennie’s parents’ house so some BLINKs might not know about Kai.

Jennie’s Concern About Kai’s Health

Jennie kai dog

Kai is Jennie’s first dog, and surely Jennie is very concerned about Kai’s growth and health condition. Jennie also shared her pet activities with BLINKs on Vlive, such as on August 3, 2019, Jennie did a live broadcast on Vlive with Kai.

blackpink jennie dog

During a live broadcast, Jennie told about Kai’s health and asked BLINKs for advice on her dog’s health. Jennie says that her dog Kai was suffering from facial paralysis. She admitted that she took the broadcast on purposely to ask her fans who have pets to give her some advice about this kind of symptom. So many BLINKs gave her advice and paid attention to her dog.

Jennie and Her Beloved Moments With Her Canine Kai!

blackpink jennie kai moments

In the middle of her activities with BLACKPINK, Jennie still can spare some time with her lovely dog, Kai. In 2019, BLINKs were shocked by her dog’s name after she appeared on SBS’ We Will Channel You. Jennie talked about Kai and his habit of really liking to eat strawberries.

Jennie and kai dog

Jennie also takes him to the park and plays together.

Jennie and kai dog

Not only that but she also takes Kai when she is working, such as promoting the brand that contracted her, Gentle Monster X Jennie.

Jennie and kai dog

To get more Kai activities, you can check on Jennie’s Instagram @Jennierubyjane.

Meet BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Adorable Dog, Kuma

Jennie and kuma dog

Jennie’s second pet is Kuma. This brown Pomeranian name is from Japanese and means “bear,” and it suits Kuma because Kuma looks like a bear. Different from Kai, Kuma has lived with Jennie since he was little.

Jennie and Kuma

Kuma is more expressive than Kai, and he is a fast-learning dog. Jennie taught him some tricks for 2 years. Kuma’s personality is attractive, and it was approved by BLACKPINK’s Jisoo. She said that when Kuma cries, he sounds like a mother-in-law.

kuma and dalgom

Even though Kuma is close with Kai like a family, this brown Pomeranian is actually closer with Jisoo’s dog, Dalgom. Kuma is often bored if he isn’t with Dalgom.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Kuma at a Vogue Photoshoot

jennie and kuma vogue

Even though Kuma is a younger pet of Jennie, all BLACKPINK fans call him “the boss” because he is very popular among BLINK. Kuma was seen doing photoshoots and advertisements with Jennie in various magazines and well-known brands.

kuma jennie vogue

As of April 2020, Jennie was very happy because the Korean Vogue magazine gave a chance to her pet (Kuma) to join a photoshoot with Jennie for the May edition. So, here are Jennie and Kuma’s moments during the photoshoot!

kuma jennie vogue
kuma jennie vogue

Not only Vogue but Kuma also appeared in Elle, Chanel, and Hera’s magazines. Now, Kuma is really a superstar!

kuma jennie photoshoot
kuma jennie photoshoot
kuma jennie photoshoot

BLACKPINK’s Jennie With Kuma and Kai Moments!

kuma jennie photoshoot

Jennie is known as a “mother” who loves her dogs and takes care of their health. She always shows off her affection to them, especially with Kuma who is still young. So, that’s why there are many moments between Jennie and Kuma that she shares on social media. Here are the photos!

Kuma is like a boss when he is wearing glasses!

Kuma and Jennie

Jennie always takes their pets (Kuma and Kai) to walk around in a stroller with fashionable outfits!

Jennie and pets

Kuma has appeared on BLACKPINK House for Christmas Day, and he was dressed as Santa Clause.

Jennie and kuma moment

Jennie really loves Kuma, and when BLACKPINK held a concert in Manila, she brought Kuma merchandise and put it on her head.

Jennie and kuma

Jennie is always accompanied by Kuma. She customized a phone pop socket with Kuma’s face, and she taped it behind the phone.

Jennie and kuma

So, that’s all the information about BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s pet names, breeds, and moments with Jennie. From the article above, we can say that Jennie loves her dogs as much as she loves BLINK. After reading this article, do you want to adopt or have a pet like Jennie’s? Tell us in the comment section!

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