Check Out This Colorful Compilation of BLACKPINK’s Hair Colors and Styles Through Time

BLACKPINK’s Hairstyles and Colors in 2019

2019 may be an epic year for Blackpink because of their increasing popularity and recognition. In fact, Blackpink has entered the European music market and successfully topped a number of charts there, becoming a highly anticipated Korean idol group. Blackpink fever has plagued various Asian and European countries, proving that the group’s hard work has been paying off.

Lisa changed her hair color again to blonde, but unlike 2017, this time the blonde color on Lisa’s hair is slightly mixed with gray, so that the color is not too bright or not too flashy.

Jisoo appeared a little bolder by changing her hair color to red in 2019 for the comeback with Let’s Kill This Love. With hair like this, Jisoo looks very mature and sexy and shows a brave aura. Netizens are very impressed with how Jisoo looks with the red hair..

Jennie managed to surprise everyone because she changed her entire hair color to blonde for Blackpink’s latest comeback teaser, Let’s Kill This Love. Previously, Jennie’s hairstyle was not too flashy, she only used brown and gray to be her flagship colors, but in 2019 she changed for a platinum blonde which made her look sexy and elegant.

Rose also changed the color of her hair, a little brighter blonde color mixed with a little brown so that she looks more radiant. With hairstyles like this, many netizens say Rose looks very mature and elegant compared to the previous looks.

Well, what do you think about that? Which one hair style that suits with Blackpink’s members?

Blackpink Latest News

DJ Snake Collaboration with Blackpink Soon!

As we have seen before, Blackpink has entered the European market, as well as being famous in Asia. On May 14, 2019, a fan asked DJ Snake via Instagram, “Will you make a song with Blackpink?” He’s short, yet exciting, answer was “Yes.”

Well, let’s wait for that! Are you guys feeling excited?