Check Out This Colorful Compilation of BLACKPINK’s Hair Colors and Styles Through Time

Get Inspired by Blackpink’s Hair Color and Style

Let’s Kill This Love~~!!

Did you read it by singing? If yes, surely you already know the title of the song lyrics, right? Since their debut in 2016, Blackpink has indeed succeeded in becoming a public conversation and has stolen netizens’ attention because their concept is very unique and cheerful, starting from the fourth character members, concepts, dress style, appearance, and hair color that reflects the character of each member.

K-Pop idols always have different concepts and styles on each of their debuts or comebacks, and one of the most striking is their hair color. If K-Pop idols are known to change their hairstyles, it’s certain that they will make a comeback with a different concept than before, including Blackpink.

In this article, Channel Korea will explain all about Blackpink’s hair color and style through time. Want to know more about it that? Check this out!

BLACKPINK Pre-debut Hairstyle and Colors

We can start with Jennie. This is a photo of Jennie while she was auditioning at YG Entertainment. Since before debuting with Blackpink, Jennie had very long hair, and had never really cut it short. Her long, straight hair is indeed characteristic of Jennie. When auditioning, Jennie’s hair was black combined with blonde at the bottom of her hair, but not all of it; she only dyed the underside of her hair blonde.

The second picture is a photo of Rose. Before debuting with Blackpink, Rose also had very long, thick hair cut to her chest. In addition, she also dyed her hair a dark-brown color. Rose looks very innocent and cute with this hairstyle.

Before her debut with Blackpink, Lisa did have a very different appearance. Lisa had a very short haircut and looked almost a little mannish. Her hair was black with irregular bangs.

Last is Jisoo. She has a very unusual hairstyle. Her haircut was cut to shoulder length, with bangs, and was very neat. Jisoo also has a very thick hair, just like Rose.

BLACKPINK’s Hairstyle and Colors in 2016

This is their hairstyles when they debuted in 2016, as we can see, they have their own hairstyles that reflect their character. Lisa has a very striking hairstyle with a mix of silver and pastel blue, and uses bangs.

Jisoo also has a very bright hair color. She uses many colors and her hair looks like a rainbow. she opted for a reverse ombre purple and red dye. Purple under the hair and red at the top.

https://i.pinimg.comThen Jennie went for frizzy hair. Previously, Jennie always wore her hair long and straight, but she dared to appear publicly with her new hairstyle with frizzy curls. Jennie has also crimped hair from time to time.

Last is Rose. She combines brown and pink for her hair, which makes her look more mature but still adorable. The brown color she used is not dark, but a lighter brown and mixed with pink pastel.

BLACKPINK’s Hairstyles and Colors in 2017

In 2017, Jennie still retained her long, straight, and shiny hairstyle. She dyed her hair brown, but this time she used dark-brown colors and made her face look more mature than before.

After combining two colors in 2016, Rose moved through 2017 with a hairstyle that was bolder, by using one color in her hair. She chose a red which is neither too bright nor too dark. The color of her hair blends with pink and peach, and makes Rose look very elegant.

Lisa looks very sexy and adorable with long hair and bangs. She also changed her hair color, which was previously silver, with beer to blonde. She only left a light brown color on the top of her head, the rest was blonde.

After coloring her hair with bright colors previously, in 2017 Jisoo changed her hair color to brown. Still with the same haircut, Jisoo just changed the color of her hair and replaced it with dark-brown.

BLACKPINK’s Hairstyles and Colors in 2018

In 2018, Blackpink changed their hairstyles to more low-key looks and did not use two colors as in previous years. In 2018, Blackpink’s hairstyles became simpler and each member’s hairstyle was straight with no curls.

Lisa went with her red hair color, she still maintains a long straight hair type with bangs. She looked very adorable with red hair.

Jisoo changed the color of her hair from brown to black. Many netizens like Jisoo’s hairstyle in black, because it makes her look more mature.

Rose retains her brown hair color. Rose also looks very mature with a very simple model and hairstyle.

Jennie made her hair color a little bright by combining brown with gray, which makes her character more visible.