BLACKPINK’s Rosé Made a Solo Debut with ‘R’: Release Date, First Single, Concept, and More!

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Rosé – From BLACKPINK Member to Solo Singer

Have you heard the hit solo singles “On the Ground” or “Gone” from BLACKPINK’s Rosé? After her fame with BLACKPINK, Rosé is exciting fans with her solo project through the single album titled R! In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you the full information regarding BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s solo debut, so stay tuned!

Rosé of BLACKPINK Announces Her Solo Debut

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BLACKPINK has become one of the most successful K-pop female groups and raised its fame in South Korea and globally as well. One of its members, Park Chae-young, known by her stage name as Rosé, has also drawn attention due to her magnificent vocal skills, ethereal visual, and powerful dance performances. Mentioning her vocal skills, Rosé’s fans have desired her solo debut for a long time.

Moreover, YG Entertainment (BLACKPINK’s agency) announced in June 2020 that she would make a solo debut in 2020, but it became slower than expected since there was a lot of preparation for it. Luckily, Rosé completed her solo album’s title track music video in January 2021 and promised the fans that her solo would be different from BLACKPINK’s usual style!

An Unofficial Solo Single Performance, “Gone”

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Before the official solo debut of Rosé, she gave a little sneak peek during The Show, a live stream concert from BLACKPINK, in January 2021! At that time, she performed a beautiful song during her solo stage. Later on, the fans were told that the song is titled “Gone!” With her unique vocals and gorgeous appearance, Rosé made the viewers get hypnotized by her!

Check out her performance here:

Rosé’s Official Solo Debut Project – R

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The wait is over! Rosé has finally released the first single album of her first solo project named R on March 12, 2021, under YG Entertainment and Interscope! It contains two singles with different rhythms entitled “On the Ground” and “Gone.” R also provides various genres of music such as EDM electropop, alternative rock, dance-pop, and many more.

Rosé explained that she is also in charge and shared a lot of input during the album making as she wanted the fans to enjoy it as much as her while making it. She said, “I attended a lot of meetings to convey my opinions for the album from its cover design to my first songwriting experience.”

About the Single “On the Ground”

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The music video for “On the Ground” released on March 12, 2021, and it received a lot of compliments from people due to the music rhythms and amazing concept! The video portrays the old version of Rosé and the current version of her.

So, what is the song about? According to Rosé, “On the Ground” matches her life the most. It also reminds her of the old days during her trainee days and those hard moments while chasing after her dream. Rosé says, “The song is kind of about looking for answers in life, for a purpose in life, and I feel like people can relate to it.”

Official Music Video of “Gone”

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After the huge success of “On the Ground,” Rosé released the music video for the single “Gone.” Through the MV, Rosé emphasized simplicity and classical vibes. Something that made it special, Rosé took part in the writing process of “Gone” as well!

The song is written fully in English since Rosé also thought that English suits it the most. From the lyrics, Rosé depicts the feelings of someone lamenting about their love in the past and how they overcome loneliness. Moreover, the fans also thought that Rosé successfully wrote a beautiful heartbreak song!

Rosé Shared Her Thoughts about R

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After the music video filming, album releases, and countless promotions of her solo album, Rosé also shared her thoughts on her solo debut. “As it was my first solo activity, I could see that I lacked a lot.” Furthermore, she explained, “Nevertheless, I’m very grateful to receive so much love. If I get another opportunity, I think I will be able to work more flexibly and enjoying it as well.”

Rosé felt very grateful for her great achievements, especially for the music video “On the Ground” that hit over 41 million views a day after the official release!

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That is everything about Rosé‘s solo single, music videos, and her thoughts on the R album! The fans are beyond enthusiastic to hear her new songs after such a long wait! What do you guys think about Rosé’s solo debut? Let us know your thoughts through the comment section, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!